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  2. Did you ever get the pictures I sent?
  3. On this day in 1954.....

    Dec 11, 1954 USS Forrestal christened in Newport News, Va. Unfortunately scrapped in Oct 2013.
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  6. Baker, your email doesn't work... I clicked it and sent a message, but it kicked back as undevierable
  7. Got it apart without any real issues(I did launch the tiny little retainer clip across the room and never did find it, but I found a suitable replacement). Cleaned most of it up in the bead blaster, and soda blasted the mechanism as I did not want to get grit down in the moving parts. The only issue I ran into was during re-assembly, when folding the tabs back over to seat the valve body to the plate I guess I didn't tap from enough of a sideways directionand it began to deform the seal seating rimof the valve body as it pushed somewhat downward. I was able to tap it back into shape from the other side and itsealed fine. I tested it by submerging it in water and blowing air through the valve body to ensure no bubbles were escaping from the sealing area.However, afterward I did find another thread on rebuilding these valves on a studebaker site (link below) where an "anvil" was cut from a dowel rod and used to support the rim of the valve body when folding the tabs over. If I ever rebuild another I'd make one of those up to support the rim. Everything else went smooth, I've just got to get or make a mounting gasket to put it back in the car.
  8. On this day in 1954.....

    December 8th, 1954: AHellenic Air ForceDouglas C-47 Skytrain crashes atElefsis Air BaseinGreece, killing all 19 people on board. TheAutonomous University of Chihuahuais founded in Mexico.
  9. I did the math, I don't know exact size of the package so I had to estimate 30X40X10 and 35 pounds cost anywhere from $492.13 to $82.21 to Minnesota. I think i'm out... Sorry
  10. Convert 2 door hard top into convertible

    Wow. You sir have a vision for the old girl. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  11. Baker I will send a message when I get home tonight, I may be interested in your tank. Calculator is in need of more info than I have time for right now. (Lunch break)
  12. Hello BerkeleyBuick, I just noticed your name. are you in Minnesota? We have a dealership up here that was a Berkeley Buick,  Maybe you are part of the dealership that started in Fairmount MN

  13. Tanks inc (Makes the tanks)
  14. Hi Baker54, Do you recall what gas tank you ultimately found to fit your '54 Century? I'm about to replace mine, and hope to not have to send one back ;-) Pretty sure it'd be the B1-A, with 12.5" from middle of neck to 'fore' end. It's commonly priced at $250. Thanks! Mark
  15. Convert 2 door hard top into convertible

    Wow! That is an amazing picture, the car is completely sunk into the ground. I always wonder when I see such pictures, as to why anyone would just park up such a beautiful car and let it die. I had a trip to Cuba earlier this year. There, I saw lots of '55 and '56 Buick's (along with other makes and years) that were convertibles converted from 2 door hardtops and most were pretty good, they even made proper folding tops (some junk one's too of course). They have no spares or resource's of any kind out there but they managed it. So I'm sure you can do it, you have the advantage of having all the parts to work with. Looks like a good project, go for it.
  16. Thank you for the link, they have some interesting things. Gearhead Enterprises who advertise on ebay seem to have the best deal overall and include free shipping. After looking at multiple vendors, it looks as though all the tanks come from the same manufacturer.
  17. On this day in 1954.....

    December 7th, 1954:WPTZ TV channel 5 in Plattsburgh, NY (NBC) begins broadcasting. Also a date that will live in infamy. Remembering Pearl Harbor. A date the would take my aunt and uncle to the Pacific theater of war. Both surviving and starting a family in NJ. Prior to Pearl Harbor, Hitlers actions in Europe would see my other uncle in Kiel Germany 1943 tail gunner ofa B-17. His first and last mission as a rated officer in thatB-17 Klo-Kay.Still for me....the greatest generation.
  18. where are you ordering from? I haven't bought anything from them yet, but other guys I know use them and seem happy. At least you can compare prices.
  19. Thank you very much gentlemen, that's great information. I can go ahead an order a tank now.
  20. On this day in 1954.....

    December 6, 1954: A wonder dog named "Kid" was astounding the public with her uncanny genius. Owner H.S. Catchell claimed the canine understood more than 2,000 words and was still learning. Kid came from Omaha, Nebraska and her mother was a Labrador-Airedale cross. Apparently, the dog can point to light switches, identify certain stripes of neckties, and retrieve maps from a pile of papers. Kid's owner claims that mutts are smarter than purebreds when it comes to learning human language.
  21. There will be a few dabs of color on the steering housing. They seem to be factory assembly marks, and the guys who knew what the would signify are long gone... I left mine on the housing, cleaned up the rest with wire brushes and degreaser, and clear-coated the bare metal. It was not painted at the factory. Follow the service manual step by step, and you will be impressed with your own talents! One word of advice, fill it with gear oil on the bench and leave it for a few days to check for leaks. Mine leaked out the side plate and its attaching bolts, and fixing that on the car was no fun.
  22. I sent you a reply this morning check your spam. will send a new message check again. jim
  23. Jbuickman, I sent you a message so when you get a chance get back to me on the horn ring. Thanks!
  24. Parts around Miami/Orlando

    Talk to Russ martin at Centerville Auto Repair. You will find him on the web. He knows what you need, and likely has it on hand...
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