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  3. Carol, I looked today and nothing you would want to put on Maybelle, sorry.
  4. first thing I always check when there are strange noises or problems associated with going into park or reverse are motor and transmission mounts. They may be split or the vulcanizing broke loose from the metal which can be hard to see.
  5. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Glad to have you back Bob, you were missed. Hope to see you pull your old threads back up and continue them. Can't wait to see Harriet back on the road with mom and kids.
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  7. Father Buick, I am not sure about correct arm length so I can't comment on meeting in the middle. My Master Parts book does say 12" blades. Now I want to know why there are no repro arms made for the 50-70 series???! I did send a note to TRICO but no reply yet.
  8. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Got the rear end seals and bearings.
  9. So...did't take long after waking up O'l Harriet from her slumber to come up to a problem. After running it for a while a sudden racket came from the trans area, sound like the parking pall is spinning around while in Park? Sound goes away when I slip into neutral and seems like drive engages with that clunk. If I put back to park the pall starts whacking again, so move to neutral and goes away but as I shut the engine down there is still some kind of momentary rotational interference sound in there as it continues to a stopbut much quieter than the in park sound There is ample fluid..also looks real clean with no burnt odour. Thoughts?
  10. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Haha...yea my stealth tech has been in overdrive these past few years, so much so I haven't been in the garage at all. I will be putting some maintenance work into O'l Harriet this summer so I suspect I will be very active again around here.
  11. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    It is..thanks for asking. Just got caught up in a work role that was consuming me...finally made the change and have suddenly woken up. I have to say it sure issweet to see all that you have done with Hometown Buick. Nice to see your vision take root and really prosper....its simply Beautiful
  12. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Great to see you Bob! Hope everything is ok! :-)
  13. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Glad to see out back Bob. You really stealthy!
  14. while you're there, can you look to see if the drivers side fender spear is any good? Mine has a big ol dent from some jack hole forcing the rood open at some point... Mine is a model 52 More Door if it matters.
  15. Thanks Jbuickman! I'm buying a media blaster tomorrow so can't wait to get the floor cleaned so I can see how estensive the rust is and then get the rest of the floor done before I remove the body.
  16. Nice job on the rotisserie and patch.
  17. When searching for cage nuts I came across weld cage nuts which is what I'm looking for and there are a ton of places I can get them from. May not be exact same size but as long as it works! Here are a few sites I found in case any one is looking for them: hehehe. Easy to find once you know the name of what you're looking for...
  18. Thanks 1953Mack. I was wondering what they were called. I checked out fastenal and they sell either a 3/8 or I can use a 1/2 inch but they only sell 25 packs. The original he said is a 11mm that I brought him. other option is I could weld on the original one back on directly to the bracket and it just won't float as it did in the casing. That would maybe work like old-tank said so instead of having to tap a new one out of stock. Thanks Old-tank! Sucks the aftermarket floorpans are not bent correctly where they meet the toeboard. The ones I bought are bent upward on an angle instead of downward so you can't spot weld like the original setup unless I try to bend them back downward. the only problem is they are slightly rounded off where they meet the toeboard so that would be a difficult bend. I'm thinking maybe just cut it the same arc as the toeboard then buttweld instead of just laying it on top and doing a semi lap with possibilities of water sitting in between. Also, is there a way I can remove the engine and trans so I have more room upfront to work on the floor pan toeboard area? Also wanted to be able to media blast the floor without the engine and trans in the car. I was about to do that but then noticed that the only think holding the rear end in place is the torque tube to the transmission. I read on another forum that I would have to use a come-along but wouldn't you have to use it on the front and back of the rearend so it is centered? or should I just leave the engine and trans in place until I get the body off?
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  20. Wanted to buy - Roadmaster wiper arms

    Those in the picture might not be correct either. They should meet in the middle, no?
  21. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Yea, he was the lead on both my Buick buys....I swear he is responsible for more 54 Buick purchases than any used 54 Buick salesmen ever. One has a calling in life, his is to save EVERY 54 Buick thereis.
  22. A Tribute and Farewell to the 1954 Buick Landau

    Ooops missed that Mr Earl posted that one, he missed this one:
  23. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Nice! I'm new to 54s. Mr Earl converted me after 15 years of 55s I bought a 54 century sedan. Hope to see more of your car on here.
  24. A Tribute and Farewell to the 1954 Buick Landau

    In memorandum....good times
  25. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Thanks @wndsofchng06.... Digging through some old media, found this...Mr Earl was very happy as well with a start up once, kinda felt the same today . Pls forgive the stupid graphics, I recall playing with some stuff before the Charlotte Nationals.
  26. What the hell happened when I was gone?

  27. Jan....holy crap, serious props to all you have some with the place! To all my Buick buddies, my sincere apologies for being away, there are many paths a man walks in life and not all are in a straight line. Please know I have never forgotten all the sincere friendship I received while banging away here in the forums. Without getting into too much past commiseration suffice to say I am "waking up" and starting to take time to smell the Buick's and am pleased to share this after 4 years of slumber: What a Beautify Buy!
  28. Or if you can't wait drill and tap some bar stock and hold it in place with a pop rivet. Or cut a hole above and use regular nut and close the hole with a suitable plug. (none of this show anyhow)
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