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  2. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Some pictures just take to a color change to set the mood or era. This was one of them. Older home and American flag. Bingo.
  3. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Happy Birthday, Sir!
  5. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Happy Birthday! Don't spend all day ropin doggies and menden fences, get out for a drive in one of them Buicks!
  6. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Thanks guys! Just another day of upkeep at Buick Gardens, cutting trees off of and replacing fences. I guess my trip to Hershey this year was my "special Buick gift" this year Bob where I bought a set of old wood Buick wheels fro display at Buick Sales and Service and few NOS pieces. Thanks my friend!
  7. 54 century 4dr sedan and I think alike...just as I was scrolling through the pics I thought to myself, this needs a sepia filter Nice pics @wndsofchng06 you must be having a blast!
  8. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Yeah, happy birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Just wanted to congratulate you on making it through another year, also wanted to ask....what was your special Buick gift this year? I suppose that litter of Buicks you bought earlier kinda counts eh? Happy Birthday bud...
  10. headliner replacement

    Bob, Can it be cleaned? Steam and/or chemicals?
  11. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Thanks for the photo edit Chris. This is now my laptop background....
  12. 54 century 4dr sedan

    I can assure you this is exactly what the previous owner would want to hear.2 doors, 4 matter....a blast from the past.
  13. 54 century 4dr sedan

    The family Buick back in 54.
  14. 70,000 is not a lot. I would bet a hone,new rings and clean up the heads. Concerning hardened seats, my 264 was rebuilt prior to my ownership. The heads had hardened seats installed. One seat failed with very little mileage on the motor. Lot of dollars later she has a new set heads without seat.Anyone who looks at your heads and recommends the This ain't a Chevy motor. The manual is thorough on head work.
  15. Avgwarhawk, The speedometer shows 70,000 miles if correct. I'll open it up and see how it looks and hopefully it doesn't need a ton of work. If I can get by with just a hone, rings and gaskets to put together that would be great. the full rebuilt kits are expensive. Stealthbob, Thanks for the info. I ran across some information on the hardened seats as well and they mention they would ruin the heads Where did you buy your rebuild kit from? I saw some that said they were deluxe kits with everything needed and they were over $2000. Hopefully I won't need to use one of those. I dropped off the frame at a body shop this weekend, emailed them the specs from the book so hopefully I get it back by the end of the week.
  16. headliner replacement

    I can't wait to redo mine!
  17. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Been driving her as much as I can.... Love this car. Here's some Sunday afternoon shots:
  18. Take a lesson from me who did not listen to these guys, I did a full rebuild which I believe now was unnecessary. There are some little items that need to be referenced if a full rebuild is done, first do not have hardened seats put in the heads and secondly (and I am sure someone will chime in on the specifics) there is an oil plug that many kits get wrong and is too deep which blocks flow. Not sure if that second point is true any longer but it was about 4 years ago.
  19. headliner replacement

    Thanks for that vid link... While mine is in great shape some water got in from the bad roof repair from the shippers. Its a crime really, all perfect except the water stain at the front.
  20. "Cali" has heart again

    Yea +1 on the rims... Always fun to double back on a project eh?
  21. "Cali" has heart again

    Coming together! I like the red rims as well!
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  23. "Cali" has heart again

    One more photo (from 4 weeks ago - on its way to my shop to start the brake work)
  24. "Cali" has heart again

    I pulled off the poverty caps and trim rings when I did the brakes. First off, LOVE that factory original Matador red rim. I love it so much, I am seriously considering just cleaning the rims and running without caps and rings for a while. It looks mean doesn't it? I have some Coker wide whites to go on those rims before I take it on the highway. Looks sharp ;-)
  25. "Cali" has heart again

    2 years? How can 2 years go by so quickly? Okay, Cali got zero of my time last summer. But this summer was a different story. It got it's first bath in years, followed by all new brake shoes, hardware kit, cylinders and 1 rubber hose. (I ordered all three rubber hoses, but they were all 2-3 inches longer than stock. I will have to re-order.) I then topped up all the fluids, and took it on a nice drive around my friends 4 acre yard. With that done, returned to the shop, and checked all the fluids. All was still good. So I added more fuel to the temporary tank, and took another drive - this time 2 miles down a back road. It was sweet to have it running under its own power. I have now dropped the tank, and will soon order a new pickup. The tank is full of sludge, but I am well armed with instructions and will do what I can. Being a California car, the top of the tank is dirty, but rust free. The bottom outside has a little surface patina. The inside is sludgy. I will clean it up over the winter, and start to work on the interior. Enjoy the pics.
  26. FS on eBay: 54 Roadmaster Riviera

    Hell of alot cheaper than the route I went....nice car for sure
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