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  2. 54 century 4dr sedan

    The car is mostly untouched other than the respray . Original seats in good shape, original headliner in tact, etc. But the 56 hood I showed you came off a 56k mile car and my last two 55s both had grey under the hood. Not sure any of this helps but just putting it out there.
  3. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Thanks for taking the time to take and post your latest pics. Some of your previous exterior pics got me thinking it was a lower-mileage survivor.These are the Buicks that I prefer . . . . . the ones that are not overly restored and get a lot of people scratching their head trying to figure out whether it's the real McCoy or not. They draw the crowd too. The under the dash pictures with the yellow insulation I agree with. Your picture of the under the hood insulation pad color, I question. Does this pad look original 1954 issue with the correct cut-outs and other dimensions to you or do you think that its been replaced well before it was parked in the 1990s? I question that because of the info on Classic Buicks website information andposts on the BCA Forum Thread addressing 1954 and 1955 colors. The trunk inserts look original but look like they got part of there-spray juice.
  4. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Thanks Jan for your latest pictures. It a good start for addressing 1954 insulation details. By chance, would yourlow-mileage Gracie's under the hood insulation pad be original 1954 issue, and if so, would you be willing to post a picture of it and confirm the color of the insulation?I'm also looking for Buick literature or factory photos for 1955 Buick OE insulation colors. I'm in good shape for 1953s. Thanks for your time.
  5. 1954 Super 4-door

    Yup, I`d like to see any up dates and progress with the car also. It looks very complete and the body looks solid and straight. Reminds me of my Grandfathers Roadmaster when I got it in the late `70s. I just cleaned it up and kept it running and had fun with it until I did a complete refurbishment around 2008. Add some interior pic`s if you can. A 33,000 mile original car is hard to come by these days, so keep any documentation on the car you can find. Good luck and keep us posted....Grant
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  7. 1954 Super 4-door

    any updates?
  8. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Previous photos all of my 54. Here's what's left under a 55 dash I have out back.... appears yellow Here's what's left under a 56 hood I have, appears grey like my 54...
  9. 54 century 4dr sedan

  10. 54 century 4dr sedan

  11. 54 century 4dr sedan

  12. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Tomorrow is supposed to be less rainy than today, I'll see what I can do. 115k on the clock, but the last 25 years it was locked in a barn and had not seen daylight.
  13. 54 century 4dr sedan

    These images are from a dealer training filmstrip, maybe they can help, too...
  14. 54 century 4dr sedan

    You got a cool ride going. I checked out your complete Thread and couldn't find my answers. How many miles on the clock? I'm putting together a lengthyarticle on insulating a 1950s-era Buick. Would you be willing to comment and maybe post a picture or two of what you have for ORIGINAL fiberglass insulation and note theCOLOR. I would be mainly interested in (1) the underside of the hood,(2) the underside of the upper instrument panel,(3)fresh-air intake areas, and (4) any other areas that you might have found fiberglass insulation. A picture ofthe underside of the trunk lid's textured tar paper inserts, painted or non-painted originals, would help also.Thanks for your time. Al
  15. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Today's ride
  16. I just like the pictures...

    I guess some folks have their memories whether in the garage and mechanically sound or rusting away in the yard. Shame for this 54. The body looks very sound.
  17. I just like the pictures...

    I've run across many ppl that do that... it is kinda sad.
  18. I just like the pictures...

    Agreed, what a negligent decision
  19. I just like the pictures...

    Quite a few folks upset on FB with this Buick and the current resting place. Owner not selling.
  20. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Wonderful! Glad it has worked out!
  21. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Everything good so far. Tapping is gone. Been driving it to work everyday and a little running around town as well. It was an awful racket when I first fired it up, but they quieted down pretty quickly as they pumped up.
  22. Drop coil search

    Did you get the info I sent you re Eaton Spring.
  23. my 54' super

    54's look good in purple.
  24. my 54' super

    Good to see all the pictures all in one place Seth. Guys, I have been following Seth on Instagram and must tell you, this guy loves this '54 Buick. I've watched the journey and seen some of the good times and some of the not so good. Even sitting on side of the road during a wedding. I've tried to help by furnishing some parts but one piece still eludes us. I'll let Seth tell what it is as I forget which side it is. Again glad to see ya here Seth and thanks for sharing the great pictures.
  25. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Steve, Any news with your lifter replacement?
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