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  2. As you can see in the photo the top of the rockers were really bad. I cut them out, blasted the inside and sprayed with rust inhibitor.
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  5. I just like the pictures...

    Yea I am pretty fortunate...this is the place and its just 20 minutes with a Dairy Queen on the way. They do "Classic Car Night" every month, this was one of them.
  6. I just like the pictures...

    ......"Before the end of the Season"..... orthe end of the Drive in Movie theatersall but gone in the Miami area.
  7. I just like the pictures...

    Cool shot Bob!
  8. I just like the pictures...

    This just popped up on my FB page as a "memory" from 4 years goal is to get back to that drive in before the end of the season.
  9. I just like the pictures...

    Found it on FB, Australian license plate
  10. Hey guys, I have an item that is not necessarily Buick related but wanted to share with you first. I bought an inverter for my hoist a couple of years ago as the motor was a three phase and I only have single. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong one, what I got was for 380v (US single ph voltage I belive)and I required 220v (CDN single ph voltage). If you or anyone you know is trying to use a three phase machine this unit may be the answer. From the research I did as long as you double rate the drive to the HP required then you are fine. This drive will do up to a 10HP motor 3ph but if using single ph input thelimit is 5HP This drive was over$300 but all I would like is the cost of a BCA membership which is $68 (inc shipping), I have lapsed and would like to return to getting the Bugle. I was going to post this at the Garage Journal board but you need 100 posts...anyone know where else to sell this. EBay is an option but my last one frankly. Full specs here:
  11. Odds and ends for 54

    message sent
  12. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    That is where I was at. The cost and actual miles the vehicle would be driven yearly just did not add up to a smart purchase. The additional $400.00 disposable went to other items that needed attention. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.
  13. Thanks everyone for your valuable input, I really appreciate the feedback. I'll be going to Lucas in the next week or so and see what they have. I've looked online, but want to see them in person. More than likely I'll go with a bias WW. Not sure I can justify an extra $400 for the radials being that I have more to do and spend on the car. I'll repost when I get the decision made and will add some photos. Thanks again, Kirk (OCSuper)
  14. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    I really regret not being around to experience this with you in real time...what a ride man. Well Done! I really like the part of the plastic wrap, do what you have to eh? ...and the mats, well played Sir. I bought a good cover as O'l Harriet needed to move out of the garage for a couple of weeks...its amazing how it keep the water out and yet it still allows breathing of any moisture out. time by I want a ride in Tugalo Gas.
  15. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    I like the look of my Coker bias-plys. They handle well enough. Like other have said, they're a little grabby on rough or uneven road surfaces but overall I've been happy with them.I would have liked to tried the bias-look radials, but they are pricey. Maybe next time.
  16. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    Agreed on the right look of radial tires. Try lukas Tire in Long Beach, CA. I got my Diamond Back 800s there and very happy with them. You can come look at mine if you want to save yourself the drive to Long Beach...
  17. Chasing a Noise

    Wow, nice work!!
  18. Column Harness

    It is notcomplicated, but a tight mess of wires inthere going to the turn signal switch. The only hard part will be getting it shaped just so to make it fit.
  19. Chasing a Noise

    Man she looks beautiful. Glad all worked out. Nothing like the feeling when an engine is working great after working on it with your own two hands and using your noggin to get it done. Great job!
  20. Power steering conversion

    These parts don't sell too quickly. A deserving buyer will be along eventually...
  21. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    Up late eh. ...thanks so much for posting this! I am off to work and only had time to skim but what a ride that all must have been...
  22. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    Thanks guys, it was indeed one of the greatest adventures of my life. I was truly and I do mean TRULY blessed to have been given the opportunity by the owner to buy the cars and at a price that I could turn around and sell them to others for a very fair price. See if this link works for bringing up the Buick Bugle article Barn Find Bugle final.pdf
  23. Power steering conversion

    One just sold recently with that pulley. It was a $600 package deal!
  24. Power steering conversion

    I'd buy it for my special if it came with that unobtainable dual groove pulley for the 264.
  25. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    The tires are the first thing I notice when looking a at 50's era car....that fluted look is a standout
  26. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    Please do! For me, the entire package of a 50's era car truly can be diminished with a tire that just does not seem to appear correct. Now most would not notice but to lunatics like myself who worked for Goodyear, appreciate the entire rim/tire and how it functions. I never liked after market rims compared to factory rims. I know, I'm an odd ball. I once had seena 60's era Lincoln with suicide doors at a show. Although not my cup of tea the car was absolutely gorgeous to me. The reason? It had the correct bias ply tire. It just appeared correct. I considered the radial with the bias ply look. I did not go with this tire becauseI could not justify the expense for the amount of driving I do. These radials that look like bias do the trick for me. Looknice. Price turned me away. For weekend cruising(and I like countryside roads) I'm good with bias. Take a look. White in color like yours. These are radials. For me, I like the fluted look of the bias on the last picture. Hope it helps in our decision.
  27. Power steering conversion

    for you, yep!! and a nice reservoir lid too....
  28. Sold my 54 but found some extra pieces. Have a plate that covers the starterunder the frame. Have a bumper guard.front grill. Have nice super rear medallion. Starter plate powder coated and is 50 bucks. Other parts name your price. Text me or call 8509824364.
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