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  2. I was just catching up on some back issues of the Buick Bugle when I spotted Lamars 1979 Buick Estate Wagon on the cover of the March 2021 issue with the title "Southern Belle takes on the tail of the dragon." It's a great read featuring Lamar, Rita, dog Elvis and their Airstream Argosy out for a fall adventure. Really makes you want to get out and travel! Kudos to Lamar for getting it in the "Bugle."
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  5. I just bought some glass from autocityclassic and its thinner than the original but it works. hopefully seals properly in the rain still getting the car together.
  6. Just saw this in HMN. States power steering, brakes,, seat and windows, plus factory AC!! Might be worth a call - Eldon at 801-489-8101.
  7. Posted on the Buick 54,55, 56 forum on FB but no luck maybe someone here has some parts here and can help me out. I've been searching on ebay and the net for awhile no luck. Anyone parting out a 54 buick super? I have hardtop looking for the following if you have it: - Guide F4-53 front park light housing - Door latch release left and right smaller diameter splines if springs are good. mine have broken springs. I bought the first one black in the picture on ebay and the splines are different. the third one said it was for 54 buick super as well but the angle is off. I need one
  8. I took apart my vent window frames so I can get them chromed and took several pictures of how the seals were on it but didn't take one when I removed the window guide. I know the top is held in place by a screw but the bottom two holes, are they fastened to the vent frame using rivets?
  9. I have worked with Alan over the years and find him very reliable, so I assume all is well with your radio. I will send you a private message with his snail-mail address.
  10. Buickers: I sent my 1954 Buick Skylark Selectronic radio to Alan Kriss over two years ago. He told me to call him again in March of last year, but I have not been able to find him, the 570-376-3952 number is no longer in service. Does ANYONE knows what happened to him? Anyone has his new number? I am ready for the radio and need to find out what happened to mine. OOOORRRRRR, does anyone has a serviceable one to sell it to me? I would appreciate any help tracking him down.
  11. Confirmed, i only see pictures through mid page 6
  12. anybody else seeing this ? I just hate when pictures disappear to the extent that I've maintained paid subscriptions to Photobucket, Image Shack and a couple other photo imaging sites for years just to keep pictures viewable in some old forum posts.
  13. Elpad, I finally have seen the episode you Roadmaster was used as a taxi! That's really neat! My wife loves the white top on blue.
  14. about halfway through page 6 the albums are there but no pictures. Several of the missing ones happen to be mine.
  15. Hi yes i did.thanks.i have been in Contact and he has the regulator.thanks for the help.
  16. Hi Lamar, I think they are there, if you click gallery's, it pops up as recent, but click the top picture (members gallery's) and it will take you to all gallery's. Jerry
  17. First show of 2021. At the Deering Estate in Palmetto Bay , Fl. Due to COVID-19, space was limited to 23 cars.
  18. Hello Mr. Earl!  Long time since I dropped in to say hello. Is Rosie still resting in the Buick Garden?

    1. MrEarl


      Hey Kelly, no ol Rosie has been gone from the Gardens a couple years now, a young guy and his dad ended up with her. I've sold several of my '54s, only have the 3 speed Century and a 2 dr Roadmaster and will probably be selling it soon. Getting old sux. Speaking of...how is your dad and MaryJane?

    2. Kellys54Special


      Glad to hear Rosie found a home. Do they post here on the forum? Would love to see pictures of her and talk about some things with them.


      My dad and Mary Jane are doing fine, his girlfriend is not a "car" person so he doesn't get Mary Jane out as much as he used to. She has him playing a lot of golf again which is really a good thing as it keeps him moving. I have always thought you selling my dad Mary Jane probably saved his life. He was starting to become a really old man, didn't play golf because of the aches and pains and sat around all day. Then he started crawling around Mary Jane every day and that gave him something to do every day. Then when Sharon passed unexpectedly he had Mary Jane and he drove her everywhere and that became his life until he got together with Marylin. Yea, he doesn't hang out with the car folks, but he is more active which keeps him from sitting in a chair all day and just fading away. So its a fair trade.  One of these days I will get back into a 54 Buick, I sure as heck had a lot of fun with Rosie and wish I had the space to get back into it again.

    3. MrEarl


      Wow Kelly, I never knew Mary Jane had such a positive impact on your dad, that she was such a blessing in a sense. Thank you for sharing that. BTW how old is your dad now. I'm 70 going on 98 it feels like LOL. Would love to see you with another '54, the work you (and your dad) did on Rosie was awesome.

  19. All I'm seeing are the newer posted ones, all the old albums don't show. Also when I go to post a new photo it asks if I want to use an existing album and if I select yes I can see all my old albums but that is the only place I can find them so thankfully they are still here....somewhere.... Can you look in to this for us @El Diablo
  20. Looking great Doug! Haven't forgotten about the hood latch clip, coming....
  21. Are you sure it's not just the cable? I've had two repaired here but many years ago. https://www.bobsspeedometer.com/1/120/index.asp
  22. Hello everyone, glad to be back on with y’all!
  23. Glad to see the Highway is back.
  24. At least we know you still around! Happy New Year
  25. hi Al soon i will be back here on the highway and i will share the whole story its almost 4 years now so its time I'l be back
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