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  2. Do you happen to have the complete interior rearview mirror.. If so price and pics please?

  3. its been awhile ,Mary Jane , still driving her

    1. Zizzerman


      Still driving her ,she  has a little over 20,000 miles.

  4. any leads on a vent window frame for a 54 2dr hardtop? mine broke and now I am miserable


  5. Hey, Jerry, that is the larger, inner bearing, right?

    How's 20 bucks shipped for the ball cage?

    They don't make these bearings anymore and even roller-bearing replacements are hard to find.  What I have is the more durable Original Departure brand that came out of the factory, used.  Even used, they are better than newer replacements.

    You can paypall me at [email protected]

    Or mail a check to Doug Cook

    1441 west Balboa Blvd

    Newport Beach, CA  92661.

    Anything else?


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    2. 72gs455


      I think it sent! 


    3. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Yes it did, boy you are fast, thanks!

      I have a day off today, and will get those out to you, thank you!

    4. 72gs455


      No rest for the wicked.

      just waned to pay before you change your mind!

  6. I have your exhaust hanger, in nice shape.  Rubber strap is still extant, but broken.  No bolt or nut for the closing of the clamp, though.  40.00 shipped?

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    2. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      The hanger went out this morning, and should be there Thursday.  Best wishes for the new year!

    3. Vindictive


      Got it today. Looks good. I already replaced the rubber strap. It will go on with my new exhaust this weekend.

    4. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      It was the nicest one I have ever seen, hope it helps!

  7. I'd buy your Roadmaster but need contact information.  Thank you

    Bryan Moran   

    Des Moines

    1. Jake



      I see you visited on December 20th.  Please just let me know if you have sold the car and if not, what price do you need?  Please?

      Thank you

      Bryan Jake Moran
      BCA 28571
      [email protected] 

  8. re: 54 Roadmaster

    If the car is still for sale can you tell me how much is the price and where is the car located?  

    Jake Moran

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