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  1. Hello again, did my reply not go through? Thank you for your response. I am in Las Vegas.
  2. Evening folks, I have an appeal for help from those of you who have a '54 skylark in your family. I am about to have my interior restored. I have all the embossed and died leather ready to go, but what I don't have is a pattern to work from, as my seats are so weathered they nothing more than a bare frame. My upholsterer is asking for various measurements, so I am wondering if some king soul could measure their seats for me please. What he needs is: Back seat base: The distance from the edge of the waffle panel to the side panel/armrest. And the width of the waffle pat
  3. Wow! That is an amazing picture, the car is completely sunk into the ground. I always wonder when I see such pictures, as to why anyone would just park up such a beautiful car and let it die. I had a trip to Cuba earlier this year. There, I saw lots of '55 and '56 Buick's (along with other makes and years) that were convertibles converted from 2 door hardtops and most were pretty good, they even made proper folding tops (some junk one's too of course). They have no spares or resource's of any kind out there but they managed it. So I'm sure you can do it, you have the advantage of h
  4. Thank you for the link, they have some interesting things. Gearhead Enterprises who advertise on ebay seem to have the best deal overall and include free shipping. After looking at multiple vendors, it looks as though all the tanks come from the same manufacturer.
  5. Thank you very much gentlemen, that's great information. I can go ahead an order a tank now.
  6. Good video clip, thank you. Now I need to find someone with the test gear. My car had been stood for 30 plus years, so unfortunately it's not possible to test it and of course the motor needs a complete rebuild (that's the easy bit). I did approach the old sage of transmissions here in Vegas but after a half century in business he has now just retired. I asked who he would recommend to rebuild/test it and sadly he said 'no one in this town'. I suppose I could always treat Mrs B to a weekend in LA and find a competent re-builder there.
  7. Well done Brian, a bit of a fiddle but you got it out. Now, could I ask you for help as your car looks complete. I need to buy a fuel tank for mine (it was missing), all the suppliers I have approached do not know which of the four tanks they supply fit which 1954 Buick model. They need to know the distance from the filler neck to back of tank. The options are; 12.5", 11.5", 13.5" and 10" Would you please be able to measure yours and let me know which one to chose. Many thanks, Paul
  8. I have happened upon a spare Dynaflow to practice on. I will order a kit and keep you informed as to the progress and ease of rebuild.
  9. Welcome. Great history to go with the car. Good luck and have fun with your restoration.
  10. Hi Brian Sorry to say, those are not factory cuts and welds. I suspect it was a lazy man's attempt to access the window mechanisms back in the car's history. The parts do all come out without having to make cuts but they are a real fiddle and take some grazed knuckles in the process but everything does come out. Top tip; take lots of photos and jot down a few notes as you go, so you can remember which bit goes in first and in which direction you had to twist and pull things to get them out. It makes installation a lot easier, though still a PITA. The hydro-lectric system on the
  11. Interesting thoughts there. The vendor has a lot of inventory sitting around then, which can't be good for business. Still, the car must surely be worth more than the $66,000 max bid, even with the points highlighted by 1953mack. Maybe ebay is the wrong place to sell and doesn't attract serious buyers.
  12. Check out this listing on ebay for a '54 Skylark - auction item number: 391934980120 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Buick-Skylark-Harley-Earls-Custom-Convertible-Concours/391934980120?hash=item5b41253018:g:w0gAAOSwwGRZz4hv&vxp=mtr I've been watching this one for a few months now and have noticed that hardly anyone bids on it. It reached the mid/low 60K a couple of times but mostly ends unsold with bids about 25K. Anyone have any thoughts as to why bids are so low? It looks like a nice car, though the 'buy-it-now' price of $176, 000 is high I would have thought there would hav
  13. Thank you for the offer anyway. pity about the distance. I'll have ago myself but the trouble is I won't know if I built it correctly until I put the car back together. Hey ho.
  14. Thank you old-tank, that is something I didn't think about; someone having a go before. I guess the only way to find out is learning by doing. Now, wndsofchng06 if you can get your trans to Vegas I could indeed have a practice. You may end up with 3 reverse gears and only 1 forward gear though. lol
  15. Good evening all. I expect this question has been asked before but........... Has anyone rebuilt their transmission themselves? If so, did you need to purchase or make any special tools? I would like to have a go at rebuilding my transmission myself and I have heard that the 54's are a little easier than earlier models. The car has been rescued from sitting for several decades and thus I have no idea what the state of the transmission is. The engine was stuck, so I'm expecting the worst. The kits I have seen for sale are in the $270-300 range and are labeled 'Master' k
  16. Sadly there is nothing of the original seat coverings left. The door cards and rear side panels do exist, these are the same as in the picture earlier in the thread of the yellow lark.
  17. Thank you for your advice. You're right of course, leather would have been a status symbol, so a special order fabric combination may have been unlikely. I will have to mull this one over for a while before I commit to a re-trim. It won't be the original color though, the black/yellow (what's left of it) really doesn't match turquoise paint. I wonder why the original owner chose that combination. Again, I suppose it's all about personal taste.
  18. Thank you for the link. That was what is wondering, if perhaps the dealer could have a had a special order at the factory. I would like my interior to be as correct as possible for the day, yet practical. Out here, from about May on wards, leather seats in an open car get so hot you have to cover them with a blanket, which kind of defeats the object of buying a $20K replica of the correct original leather interior.
  19. Hi folks, This question follows on from my previous one about the dash. Back in day when you went to order your new '54 Skylark, could you order it any way you wanted? You would have to have been pretty wealthy to have bought a new Skylark and thus had influence in your community and over the dealer. Having worked in a Jaguar dealership many many years ago, I know the boss would bend over backwards to work out a sale and satisfy the customers whims. Now my car needs the interior re-done. Here in Las Vegas a convertible with leather seating from spring to fall is pretty uncomfo
  20. Thank you gentlemen. Dash color it is then. Next question is all about interior, so I will post a new thread for that one.
  21. Thank you for the info, though to further confuse things; on one page of the owners operating manual it shows chrome bases and on another page painted bases - though these are illustrations rather than photos. The paint code on my car is 19 - Gulf Turquoise and the trim code is 69 - black/yellow. To my mind this was an odd color combination to order. If I were buying the car back in '54 I would have chosen trim option 66. My interior is shot, so I intend to go for the 66 code color combination when I re-trim it, as I think it will match the turquoise body color much better.
  22. Hi Folks I wonder if anyone out there knows the correct factory finish on the heat/vent lever bases on the Skylark dash. I have studied many photos of restored cars on the web and they seem to be either chrome, painted black or painted the color of the dash. I have an original sales brochure, but it's not clear in that either. The same seems to apply to the steering wheel, some are black and others match the dash color. Which is factory correct, OR were all these options when ordered back in 1954. Thank you.
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