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  1. Hey Matt, did you end up buying the brake booster from ebay and if so how did it work out?
  2. My 54 Special, Phase 2 check it out!

    That's why I just attach the photos into my posts that way they are always available. I've been to a ton of threads where the pictures are no longer accessible because they've been removed, account no longer active, or host site problems.
  3. My 54 Special, Phase 2 check it out!

    I sent him a message through this forum so hopefully it gets to his email. He hasn't been on here since 2016 so not sure if I'll get a response.
  4. Hi Old-tank! Yeah that"s why I sent them an email to find out how much a 4 barrel would be. Haven't heard back but probably around $500 I would think. I'm in no rush so I'll keep looking. Hoping to have her on the road sometime next year if everything goes well.
  5. My 54 Special, Phase 2 check it out!

    I'd like to see the pics of his exhaust since I was thinking of doing something similar. I'll send him and email to see if he responds. Thanks El Diablo!
  6. My 54 Special, Phase 2 check it out!

    I can see any of the posted pictures. Keep getting message "update your account to enable 3rd party hosting". Is there something on this site I need to enable or on the browser?
  7. Father Buick you talked me into it. I'm going to buy a 4 barrel carb for the car. Not a priority yet as I have a long way to go but have seen a few on the internet for sale. There is one place in Cali that rebuilds them, tests them on an engine at their shop so they are set and ready to go. https://www.carburetorcenter.com/catalog-2-54/io962loe236/19531955-Buick-Carter-Carburetor-1954-50-Series-Only-Remanufactured listed for $349 plus $100 for core. doesn't say if that is a 2 or 4 barrel so I sent them an email. I'll sell the other two that came with the car and the intake. No need to keep those around. Haven't had time these past couple of weeks around the holidays but this weekend I'll be back working on the car. Electric motor burnt out on the compressor so I'll have to swap that out this week. luckily its still under warranty so they sent me a new one.
  8. ahaaa.. found it! Thanks wndsofchng06. Worried there for a minute thinking I don't have the correct engine in the super. These numbers show it is a 322 so I'm good. This engine had a 2 barrel carter carb on it and from what I see at https://www.hotrodhotline.com/hammering-home-buick-nailhead-part-i#.Wka8HGdc5Hf it says that All 54's had Strombergs on them. I've been debating on whether to replace the carb with a 4 barrel but not sure if it'll make any that much of a difference. car came with an extra intake for a 4 barrel carb and a 64' carter carburetor but I'd like to stick with the starter switch on the carb so I'd have to buy a carter or stromberg with the starter switch on it.
  9. I looked up the number on the engine and I was disappointed to find that it appears to be a 40 series 264 engine. Am I reading those numbers correctly or is there another set of numbers somewhere?
  10. Jbuickman, I sent you a message so when you get a chance get back to me on the horn ring. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement rear diff pinion washer? I replaced the rear bearings and seals then when I was putting the axles back in the rear end I only found one pinion washer. I can't imagine I lost the other one but can't seem to find it any where.
  12. I bought them from Jamco so I'll give them a call and see what they have to say. Thanks for the response Old-tank. By the way, I started disassembling the power steering and when removing the horn ring I forgot the most important part you said, "spray it with wd40"! I ended up cracking it in three places. I looked around and its going to be almost impossible to find a replacement. I might have to try to make one folloiwng the instructions on yourwebsite. When I was degreasing the power steering there were several areas that appeared to be painted the same color as the engine. is that the original color the power steering should be by factory?
  13. Another question I have is regarding the rear springs. does it matter what side is up? one of the sides has the springs closer together and as you can see from my picture I have that side on the bottom. is that right?
  14. Also blasted all the suspension components and painted them andreplaced king pins. partially installed the front suspension and was just about to install the springs. I ordered replacement insulators for the springs but noticed that the old ones had a metal ring attached to them. are these needed? shown in second picture below. I looked for the second one but couldn't find it.
  15. I painted the frame with epoxy and 2k frame paint from Eastwood a few weeks ago. Turned out better then I thought it would.