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  1. Are you still parting out 48D? You can reach me at ; [email protected] or my cell # 267-664-2923 thanks Mike 

  2. DO you still have parts for 48D? You can reach me at ; [email protected] or my cell # 267-664-2923 

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      NOS, I have a left-side door spear, and a vent window regulator, lots of mechanical and some trim.  What ya need?  714-488-1664.

  3. On your 48D . I need a couple of parts for headliner. 3 (2prong)fork shaped brkts. that go on the end of rods, & 2 strips of metal with teeth that go above the doors. There should be one on each side. Thanx Mike

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Sorry, we're striking out, those are gone.

  4. I was told by Avg. that you might have some parts I'm interested in. 1st a nice complete dome lite. I'm not that picky for a 54 dome lite . I'm looking for one similar size & shape. With chrome bezel ,good electric socket & switch on it. Also 3 brkts. for the ends of the headliner rods & metal strips with the teeth in them that hold headliner on both sides. This is just the tip of my ice berg. I'm going to stop at a upholstery shop to also check on these items. thanx Mike  

  5. I saw in parts section you had parts for sale. Do you have a nice complete dome lite?

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Sorry, sold already.  Keep me in mind, lots of mechanical and body.

  6. concerning installing rear side windows on 48D (2dr. sdn.) Would like your thoughts. Thanx Mike

  7. I'm working on several things at the same time . I posted earlier where I'm at with my rear side windows . I was reading how you did your headliner. Very impressed how you did it. Mine was taken out prior to getting this car. All the rods were in trunk. Some were marked for position. Some of the 2 prong fork shaped brkts. are mia & all metal strips with the teeth are also missing. I am going to try & get these items when I order headliner & windlace. I would not have known about the teeth strips if it wern't for your pics . thanx Mike   

    1. Avgwarhawk


      Glad my thread has helped.  Its not an easy job working overhead.  But worth it. The strips with teeth and brackets can probably be gotten from Lamar.  He has a bit of Buick graveyard. 

    2. mikecad


      How do I get in touch with Lamar?

    3. Avgwarhawk


      PM Lamar on this forum.  Lamar is MrEarl on this forums.   He should have what you need or at least a strip of metal from another Buick that can be cut to length, etc.      

  8. I read some of your post. What caught my eye was the blue caddy in the picture. It looks just like my 57 Caddy? Mike