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  1. Talk about going down to the bare bones. Good luck . There are plenty of used parts out there . Just takes a lot of time locating. Mike
  2. welcome, That is a mighty fine looking 54 Buick. One day I would like to finish mine . but it is very slow going.
  3. Are you still parting out 48D? You can reach me at ; mikecad57@comcast.net or my cell # 267-664-2923 thanks Mike 

  4. DO you still have parts for 48D? You can reach me at ; mikecad57@comcast.net or my cell # 267-664-2923 

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      NOS, I have a left-side door spear, and a vent window regulator, lots of mechanical and some trim.  What ya need?  714-488-1664.

  5. just a little update. I finished installing R&L rear side windows on my 54 2dr.sdn. It was a little challenge to say the least. 1st was to repair the 2 lower frames that the windows sit in , then have the l/r window made (it was cracked) ,then attach the windows in the frames, then remove all the old rusted out channels , clean rust & paint all parts inside window housing including regulators , & pivots for rollers. Next was installing the glass sweepers , then new channels, then you very carefully put the glass in, after that hold the glass all the way up using a pcs. of wood or h
  6. Need 3 (2 prong fork) brkts. that go on ends of headliner rods & 2 strips of metal above doors that have teeth in them , that the headliner tucks under. please help! thanx Mike. PS This is on a 54 buick 2dr. sd. Pontiac or Olds. might be the same. I'll take anything you got I think I can even make a 4 dr. sdn work. thanx Mike
  7. On your 48D . I need a couple of parts for headliner. 3 (2prong)fork shaped brkts. that go on the end of rods, & 2 strips of metal with teeth that go above the doors. There should be one on each side. Thanx Mike

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Sorry, we're striking out, those are gone.

  8. I was told by Avg. that you might have some parts I'm interested in. 1st a nice complete dome lite. I'm not that picky for a 54 dome lite . I'm looking for one similar size & shape. With chrome bezel ,good electric socket & switch on it. Also 3 brkts. for the ends of the headliner rods & metal strips with the teeth in them that hold headliner on both sides. This is just the tip of my ice berg. I'm going to stop at a upholstery shop to also check on these items. thanx Mike  

  9. looking for a nice complete dome lite. thanx Mike
  10. I saw in parts section you had parts for sale. Do you have a nice complete dome lite?

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Sorry, sold already.  Keep me in mind, lots of mechanical and body.

  11. concerning installing rear side windows on 48D (2dr. sdn.) Would like your thoughts. Thanx Mike

  12. I may be looking for several parts. One for sure is a nice complete dome lite . thanx Mike
  13. That's not too clear . If you put the channel in 1st you might have to bend it to get the glass in . If you put the glass in 1st you have to either leave the glass all the way down to put channel in or support it with regulator & squeeze the channel past it? thanx Mike
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