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  1. Power steering conversion

    One just sold recently with that pulley. It was a $600 package deal!
  2. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Got my radiator, heater control valve, and horn button parts! Now all I need is tires! (Provided i dont break anything else)
  3. Power steering conversion

    Well after I've seen what two other similar units have sold for and I cant give mine away for less than half with more stuff? I'm thinking the universe is telling me to. You have a center cap for the steering wheel that says "power steering"? Lol
  4. Power steering conversion

    Back on the market. Now the steering box and a pump with brackets but a bent pulley and cracked reservoir lid. $225
  5. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Wet sanded and polished..... does anyone know which tube nuts I need for the "buick" letters on the hood and the century emblems on the side?
  6. I just like the pictures...

  7. Safety at home

    I know the feeling all too well. Hope it feels better soon
  8. Radiator

  9. empty trailer, NC to NY

    Marathon trip! Emtpy uhaul car trailer and partially empty truck bed leaving Durham, NC to DC Aug 4 at 8pm. On to Philly morning of Aug 5th. Morris Plains NJ early morning of Aug 6th then to Horsehead, NY. Trailer will be full from Horsehead to Durham, NC from Aug 6th to 7th. Anyone need anything hauled for some gas money?
  10. Need 54 Air Cleaner Assembly

    You're a special, patient person!
  11. 54 parts for sale

    Sold except the master cylinder
  12. Need 54 Air Cleaner Assembly

    Mr Earl might have one
  13. manual transmission torque ball

    I only know two people that have them!
  14. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Yes. Got her good and warm, gen is charging correctly, trans took a quart but I didnt see any massive leaking. Had to keep adding water since the rad has a hole in the top. Runs good, brakes good.... can't wait to paint the top, finish heater hoses and get the new radiator in!