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  1. 1954 selectronic radio. No foot switch. Seems to seek channels. Power wire modified (see pics). Just bought this and didn't need it. $200 plus shipping
  2. Glad to see the site back up. Buttercup was started up. Gotta replace the water pump and heater core then try again. Also need to adjust shift linkage as reverse is going forward. Now that the forum is back up I'll get some pics/videos loading...
  3. Welcome back home from the beauty shop....
  4. Body panels and grill are in and lined up!
  5. A bit more progresssorry. It keeps saying upload failed.... I'll try tomorrow
  6. Well. Its much harder to put back in....
  7. oops. I meant 2021 BCA nationals. I have zero intentions to attend the charlotte show other than the swap meets.
  8. Yea. 2020 Charlotte. Planning to drive to the show. I'll change the fan in the hotel parking lot I reckon! LOL
  9. I was wondering when someone would call me out. Shhhhhh...... Lol if I'm forced to I'll put the 4 blade back on, but this is a 54 buick fan, just an upgrade to help her stay cooler.
  10. A little more progress left the oil filter housing 100% original..
  11. Getting there. Yes the plug cover is on the wrong side, just setting up a photo op at 10pm. Lol
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