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  1. On this day in 1954.....

    Dec 11, 1954 USS Forrestal christened in Newport News, Va. Unfortunately scrapped in Oct 2013.
  2. Power steering conversion

    Sorry I didn't revisit the ad sooner, the steering box and pump areno longer available.
  3. Transmission leak at front

    Ha. I too was noticing that! Glad to see another NC fiftyfour
  4. On this day in 1954.....

    Today in 1954 Patricia McPherson from knight rider was born..
  5. 1954 Super 4-door

    I think the roof line of the big body 4 door sedans works well with the shape of the 54 hood and grill. The 55s looked a lil awkward.
  6. 1st time '54 Buick Super owner - where to start?

    Are you planning to do the work yourself? If so, buy a shop manual to start
  7. Dynaflow transmision

    Lol. I wouldnt want it back. But might be a lil expensive to ship to Vegas!
  8. Dynaflow transmision

    Where are you located? I could get you a practice unit... lol
  9. I just like the pictures...

  10. I just like the pictures...

    Sooo it's a little early, but I was at the thrift store picking up lamps and saw this wreath... As for the lamps, I take them apart to make stuff like this... Don't worry, no nailhead parts here, too rare. These came off a 360 ford that some jerk poured a handful of screws down the intake.... she still ran but barely.
  11. Headlights question

    Sorry I'm sticking with my stock lights. Have you asked over on fordification forum ?
  12. 1954 2 door post..

    Welcome to the forum
  13. On this day in 1954.....

    November 16th, 1954 I was going to post that but I thought that you would come up with something more spectacular
  14. Weather stripping

    So, the weather stripping has now fallen off 2 of my four doors. I was going to order more, but feel guilty putting it on doors with the jambs and such needing paint. I really cannot afford to paint the car right now. My question is, if I put on new weather stripping now, down the road when I do paint it, will the weather stripping be reusable or am I just out 3-500?
  15. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Finally got that freeze plug changed.... damn they didn't plan on anyone ever taking off the starter did they? My fingers hurt! Also got the vacuum wipers redone....