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  1. Just joined the group

    This is my first mature Buick. I have owned a 49 Chevy and a 51 international panel truck. I think this is the coolest by far.
  2. headliner replacement

    I have had a new liner made for my 2dr hardtop. I am afraid to start. Did you use windlace too? I don't see it in your pictures. I ask because I have not figured out if it goes on before or after the trim.
  3. Just joined the group

    Hi everybody, I have a 54 Super 2dr hardtop. I will be looking for some advice and hopefully helpful pictures for replacing the headliner. She runs great and is getting her sweetness back. I live in New York near the Canadian border, about 45 miles from Montreal. This past weekend we had a 150 mile round trip run with the local club over to Burlington Vermont for lunch .