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  1. Roadmaster convertible that I was restoring is almost finished, but in 2020 nothing was really done to it, as I was waiting for upholstery materials from SMS Auto Fabrics that I have ordered in September 2019! Yes, 1,5 year of waiting and I still haven't received everything that I have ordered. I haven't received carpet material and here is my question. I ordered that carpet material from SMS as I was not able to find dedicated carpet from any vendor for '54 Roadmaster convertible. But ACC makes such carpet for Roadmaster 2dr hardtop. Any idea if it will fit into convertible? I assume the main
  2. Hi, sorry for being slow. Yes I bought that upgraded setup from eBay. As you can see it's mounted on the frame but car is still under restoration, so I can't tell anything elese about how it works. Installation was rather straight foreward, only one hole has to be drilled in the crossmember part of the frame. I just had to make my own brake lines as those included in the set were not useful.
  3. To late, body is already on the frame. Wheel color matches body color. This car originally painted Willow green, with dark green interier but during all those years it was repainted to dark green, like Baffin green. Because of the trim that perfectly devides the side of the body we decided that the main color will be dark green like Baffin and lower light green like Willow.
  4. It has all power options, including power windows, power seat, power antenna, power convertible top.
  5. I'm looking for hinge pillar trim for '54 Roadmaster, there should be something mounted where wire harness goes into the body.
  6. I'm looking for complete and correct jack with base and lug wrench for '54 Roadmaster, does anyone have it for sale?
  7. I'm looking for correct sunvisor tips for Roadmaster Convertible. Are they rubber or plastic? White, black, gray? I was not able to find them anywhere. But maybe I should just use some universal rubber tips?
  8. I'm looking for any information how to calibrate drum style speedometer, I bought NOS drum and there is a bracket on one side where the return spring is which can be adjusted.
  9. I'm in process of complete restoration of '54 Roadmaster convertible. Frame and complete drivetrain are already fully restored and assembled, everything was stripped to the ground. I'm posting several pictures. Carburetor will be replaced with a rebuild me.
  10. I'm doing complete frame off restoration of Roadmaster Convertible (76CX) and I'm looking for body mounts. Shop Manual says that convertibles are using special composite mounts. Any idea where I can find them or what kind of material should I use to make them?
  11. I'm looking for original and correct jack with base and lug wrench for '54 Roadmaster or at least picture of how it should look like.
  12. Thank you very much! That's very helpfull!
  13. I'm looking for NEW/NOS knuckle support 1161910. I have found out that both have damaged threads. I have already managed to find one NOS, still I need another one.
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