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  1. Don't hide the details by putting the body back - very nice! What about wheel color, your choice?
  2. I think these holes are for blinding this hole, if the car don't have power windows
  3. I appreciate the comments - and the cap goes green. TomP BCA#8163
  4. my 1956 Master parts catalog lists this number as correct for 1953 -70, and 1954-55.
  5. Hi, thanks a lot for the effort in helping me find out. I stick to green, and don't regret removing sticker and prepared cap for new paint. (A new AC cap for replacement, I guess they did not have to take parts out of the boxes at assambly line). TomP
  6. I didn't count, but a lot of black too.. I would say green myself, but my Buick friend here, who owns 53, 2x54, 4x55, 57 and 58 says black. I need more facts!
  7. I think I have read that it should be green - but not able to confirm that.
  8. I have read the information on Engine bay color specs- not able to find out if the oil filler cap is green or black. I bought a NOS, it is black with sticker Tom
  9. Or you have one camshaft shipped to your address in FL from CARS in NJ. Good luck with your 54-72R, Tom P from Norway.
  10. Thanks, but still wonder. On each side; one lower lamp with a single bulb, for directional, and one upper with tail and stop lamp (two wires). The Master chassis catalog lists different lamps for the 40/60 and 50/70. The lens is the same. Do they interchange? Tom
  11. Tail lamps have different part number on 40/60 and 50/70, but what are the difference? TomP
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