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  1. Curt, Do you know about this company in the US? http://www.oldbuickparts.com/index.php Contact them and they can help with that hose. They will ship it to you as well. Richard
  2. Looking for direction on who out there makes the 54 Skylark convertible top kits. I have installed tops before on many other cars so am confident that I can do the project. There seems to be a few different makers out there. Any advise is appreciated
  3. Maybe she would prefer to be in the driver pole position. She knows that the sibling will most likely get driven more frequently.
  4. I agree with Vindictive on the cable issue, most likely they are corroded along the length of the cable. You may have to soak or grease the cable along its length from lever area to end where it connects to venting flapper. You can try with WD40 to start and then maybe once free, coat the length of the cable with a light grease to keep it lubricated and rust resistant.
  5. We should talk, I have extra parts from two other Skylarks that were stripped to rebuild another. I also have a mostly complete Skylark that i am putting together. Maybe we can barter and trade. I also have a complete top frame that is available.
  6. It really depends on where you are state wise. Here in California my auto parts store can custom make the lines with fittings and hose at any length. Check with your local auto parts store with hose in hand. If they do not do it then ask if they know of a hydraulic hose parts store that makes them. Usually servicing tractors and forklifts.
  7. Where did you get your embossed leather for your Buick Skylark? Thanks, Richard
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