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  1. its been awhile ,Mary Jane , still driving her

    1. Zizzerman


      Still driving her ,she  has a little over 20,000 miles.

  2. the special was born with the 264  2 barrel, the century, super, and roadmaster were born with 322, the super with a 2 barrel and century, and roadmaster with the 4 barrel.


  3. Mary Jane, 2dr hardtop Century/66r I own her because Mr. Earl gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. I restored her and I drive her every where and when ever I can.
  4. Merry Christmas to all!
  5. I am not able to save login info, I have to log in every time I want on our site. Can you help me pls?

  6. That's what makes her legs go all the way up to her a--. mmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
  7. yes, the top comes off fairly easy, you can reach most if not all.
  8. You could drive over here in Independence MO and pick one up. No charge cmcbragg@aol.com
  9. OK Mary Jane under lights.
  10. This 37 Ford owner, I think he was wishing he had a Buick, see if you see what I see. The sweep spear caught my attention, but this a beautiful car.
  11. World of Wheels Car Show- Kansas City ended Sun the 15th of Feb. The lighting in Barttle Hall makes the cars POP in appearance, this is just a few of the 600+ cars there. Mary Jane got a lot of attention. And the owner of the 55 Gray and Black buick, is a very good friend of mine, Dan Wheeler. The 41 Buick only has 17,000 original miles, even the interior is all original.
  12. Marry Christmas everyone, from Mary Jane and family. Here is just some of the notable places in West Plains, MO, "the avenue theater" "the Howell County courthouse" "Murells Drive-in" and Don Stien's Buick Dealership"
  13. El D I can no longer post with the smiley faces and I have to log in each time to get on sight.

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