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  1. jan


    question is a 1/8 - 6 ft oilpressure line the right size for my buick ? thanks jan
  2. this is ruby she is a 72R roadmaster I bought her on a vacation in ftPierce florida in 1992 I took her apart and due to healt reasons and life I am now in the progres of restoring her folow my topic on this site
  3. I found it ..this dynaflow came from a 53 oldsmobile.
  4. Congratulations with your trophy elpad
  5. you are looking great in that car andre the car is a beauty
  6. I have a extra dynaflow laying around my question is what year is this one and are the internals the same as one from a 54 buick
  7. jan


    question... today I took the oilpan from the dynaflow. is it normal that there is a grey sludge in the bottom with a sort of sand in it when I drove the car years ago it worked fine. is there something that I can use to clean the trans ?
  8. jan


    today I made a new wiring for the steering collum first sort out the spare 63 buick loom now I have the right colors then use ducktape to make a new one and put it in the collum job done and it saved me a lot of dollars.
  9. like mr earl say's where did the like button go ???
  10. jan


    today I made a bracket for the oil cooler because I use a 53 buick cooler her Original one was broken I also try to create a bracket for the aircleaner can someone please mesure how high the airclean bracket is
  11. jan


    thanks I have a compleet wire setup from a 63 skylark laying around I am gonna use the different collors from that to create a new one for the steering colum pic's follow later
  12. jan


    what to do about this mess ? the wire's from the streering colum are all broken should I try to repair or buy new and where can I buy this ?
  13. jan


    with my homemade parts cleaner and the ultraconic cleaner I cleaned the carburetor now with the 54 buick bible I have to reasemble it . I also put the frame on 4 wheelstands so it's easy working undeneath
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