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  1. Our 54 Buicks continue to loose value. I love my Buick but it seems no one else does. Everyone who sees my Buick loves it. The problem is that they don't love it enough to offer a decent price. Right now I have more than twice as much in the car then I will ever be able to sell it for. As every year goes by it becomes worth less and less. On Ebay right now there is a beautiful Super for sale. Asking price is $11,500 or best offer. You can buy the car for less than $9,000. Not that I am planning to sell my Buick soon, but it does make you wonder who in 5 to 10 years will have any inter
  2. On my '54 Super Riviera the flipper on the drivers side will not fully come down. The right side of the car window flipper works fine. Does any one have any idea how the flipper can be repaired? Thanks
  3. At one time I was going to change my 322 two carb to a four carb set up. I also have a correct 4 barrel carb and manifold set up for sale or it goes to the junk pile. Here is another picture. The air cleaner will be junked out July 1 if not sold.
  4. Have an air cleaner off of a '54 Roadmaster. Cleaning out the garage. If you need it, let me know what you will pay. I am just looking for a fair price. If I don't sell it, it goes in the trash heap.
  5. After searching all summer, I found someone who would repair my leaking transmission. It was so bad that I could not drive more than 5 miles without putting a quart of fluid in the transmission. If you live in the Midwest, contact Phil's Transmission in Marion, IN. Phil's knowledgeable and fast. I had the car towed on a Wed. ,and it was completed the following Wed. Phil's removed the transmission and found that the leak was coming from the transfer case. While out he went through the whole unit to make sure there weren't any other problems. He took the car out on a couple drives and put
  6. I have the stainless steel trim pieces that go across the top and sides of the front seats on the Roadmaster Riviera. I do not have the clips to attach the trim pieces to the seats. Does anyone know where I can get the clips? Thanks
  7. My Super has 43,000 miles. I have been adding a quart of Lucas oil with each oil change of 10 w 30. My Hudson mechanic uses this ratio of oil in my '51 Hudson. My Buick is garaged six months out of the year. Recently, I have read that the Buick engine has very poor oiling properties and the proper weight should be straight 20 w. I have had no problems with this combination in my Buick. According to my Hudson mechanic, the slippery Lucas makes the internal parts wear less and creates a coating so that valves don't stick after sitting awhile. What is the general opinion about the lucas oi
  8. There is a chrome piece that attaches to each of the front seats across the top and side of the seata. There is one hole in the trim piece for a screw. Is there any other additional info needed to attach these trim parts?
  9. An Ebay seller has a silencer air cleaner for a '54 Buick. I have only seen this type of air cleaner on a 322 - 4 carb. The seller says through his research it will fit either the 2 carb or the 4 carb. Is he correct?
  10. I am in the process of restoring my Buick Super Riviera. At the trim shop, a piece of chrome trim from the rear seat is missing. This piece is at the bottom of the arm rest where the vinyl meets the rug trim piece. It is very thin. Maybe 8 inches long. I need the piece on the left side. The attached picture will show it at the bottom right side of the picture. Thanks for your help.
  11. I am putting new carpet in my Super. A couple of questions: 1.D o you glue down the carpet? 2. With the carpet down, how do you get to the master brake cylinder without cutting up the carpet? Anything else you might add would be appreciated.
  12. I have a near NOS stainless trim piece for sale. It fits on the rear left side fender of a Super Riviera. Price $75 plus $15 for shipping. Check out the picture.
  13. I am redoing the seats on my Super. I plan to put the chrome pieces that fit on the top and sides of the front seats from a Roadmaster on my seats. I noticed that there is only one screw hole to attach to the chrome piece and that is way at the end of the chrome piece where it attaches to the inner part of the front seat at the top. There is not any other factory screw hole in the piece I would have expected a screw hole to be located at the bottom of the front seat. How was the chrome piece originally intalled? I would hate to have to drill another hole to secure the piece. Please lo
  14. I am preparing to order a headliner for my Super Riviera. The one in it was vinyl. The way it looked when I took it out, it appears to be one that was put in several years ago to replace the original. I have called a couple places about a new headliner. They say that the original headliner was cloth. Is that true? Is it better to replace with cloth or vinyl?
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