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  1. Do you have a gravel guard?


  2. Well, Betty is now finished. Its been a fun adventure. The custom leather interior was made by Rick Seely, retired but we talked him into doing 1 last interior (who knows, maby more) The car is now ready to sell. Yes, its my favorite car but I happen to have another (go figure) and I need some funding for eclectic classics to keep my body man busy. Its fun but ties up a lot of cash! My next Skylark is Marsha and I'll be posting the build- but probably not till next year. Just been a bit too busy with work lately. The fun part is Betty has a completely stock body. I also have the orig
  3. Looks like that was the missing link. The upholstery man is retired and this is his last interior. Looks like Betty should make the all Buick show in Loveland, 30days to finish. usually the pictures look better than reality but this one you have to see in person!
  4. The dirt in the carb should be it. You want to idle between 500 and 1000 and it should be nice and smooth- 700 is a good number if you have a tach. The throttle valve is the wear item on a carb. If the float works, the carb is good to go. Now take the shaft and jiggle it. On a good carb there will be absolutely no wiggle, tight as possible. As the shaft wears, the idle goes to crap. A rebuild kit is fine for cleaning but a real old time carb shop is really the only people that can properly fix the shaft. Ive tried everything, little spring and seal kits and a host of things but ultimately if
  5. Wagons are very cool. Quite a challenging project, but you seem to have that under control. Harley is a good name- idea, get a small bike trailer with a Harley to tow!
  6. When the Skylarks were made, they took a Roadmaster seat and put it in the small body. The seat looked great but didn't really fit. Being a modified, I have had an ongoing delima, to do bucket seats or the original seat. The car ended up with a very stock look so the theme is stock appearance with old school mods. My upholstery pro is moving to Minnesota so for a final fairwell I decided to have him reproduce the original interior with the waffle pattern. The red interior is going to the 56 convertible, so it worked out great. We bought 4 hides of black leather and I can quickly see that t
  7. Betty is giving up her interior and the custom interior is now in production. I have a retired upholstery man who retired after a bad fallout with Clive Custler. After much debate, I decided to use the Roadmaster front seat. I wanted to go buckets but the car is kept pretty much "old school" so I'm staying with the theme of a stock look with a little extra punch. We bought 4 hides but the interior is going all custom. I had an old interior for the patterns and we decided to go black. The car was originally black with a black yellow interior, I went with matador red and the red interior just d
  8. No big body stuff but anything that crosses over I may have. Are the hood ornaments the same?
  9. The 65 riv rear end is definitely of interest. They usually are a 3.08, which is fine without overdrive on a 400 tranny but a bit high. That would be perfect with an overdrive tranny. I see you have a 48D under construction, let me know if you want to horsetrade, Ive got a lot of parts left over from donor cars and I'm trying to clean up. This stuff With the plasma cutter, the slicing is easy. I have a goofy idea for a Buick bar for the basement out of left over car segments. Actually doing the convertible is very similar to a skylark, but now the crossroads. I have 2) 322 blocks but the
  10. Interesting Delima. The 322 is packed with sludge, so it's got to be torn down. I happen to have a 1961 401 with a dynaflow. so, there are 3 choices. 1) rebuild the original motor, 2) use the 401 and modify engine mounts 3) use either engine but adapt it to an overdrive tranny and an open driveshaft. My question- if I use the 401 and dynaflow, will the 61 dynaflow mate to the 1956 torque tube? If it doesn't, I can rule out option 2
  11. very cool! I see you kept the low brake master. The 264 is a great motor. The only issue is the rebuild pistons are for the 322 and I have been told that you can't bore the 264 out that far. The blocks look identical otherwise.
  12. here is what is under the body. The master is way back there and there are 2 lines, a fluid feed and a vacuum line. Fill up the filler and do some bleeding. Wheel cylinders are cheap to replace if they leak at all. you can rebuild them if you prefer. When the brakes work, it will be nice and stiff. They also don't self adjust- that may be all you need. If the booster is not getting vacuum, that too will be a problem. Most likely a vac leak. There is a seal in the booster and that can be $500 to have rebuilt. The brake will be firm but take alot of pressure. Last, there is a small electric vac
  13. the heat riser has a flapper valve in the exhaust manifold. It has a spring, so as the manifold gets hot the valve opens. You may have to take off the exhaust manifold to fix it. The manifold bolts have a lock tab, then hit them with PB blaster. Most should pop right out but if any stick, drink a beer and be careful as you don't want to break the head off the bolt. They should not be over tightened but they can rust into the head.
  14. Looks like you have quite a bit going on. VW's have become very collectable- why, I don't know but they are. The chrome is problematic for 50's cars and getting worse every year. Bumper boys in LA is about the cheapest I can find. I suspect they get them done in Mexico but they are quick and reasonable compared to everyone else. The pot metal is getting worse. The few places that do pot metal are backed up 6 months or more. The cheap outfits can do lousy to worthless work. I'm starting to use some chrome paint but its very expensive and every step has to be done perfect or it just looks like
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