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  1. I strongly vote leave it as is! Only original once in 62 years! IMHO!!
  2. After you remove the flex hoses, look inside through the holes. There are small bolts that attach it to the firewall. The holes are "Keyholes", so you just have to loosen the bolts, and slide it to one side. It will then come out.
  3. I assume that you have a firewall pump???? If so, just fill the can up to the fill line. I don't think it matters where the top is, as the system is closed, and a large loop!
  4. Chris, You are correct. There IS insulation on both the hood and trunk!
  5. I did mine in satin black, Powdercoated the case, bell housing, and pan. Bolts powder coated in silver. Looks really nice!
  6. I have a standard push button radio that needs rebuilt complete with knobs. $75.00 plus shipping. steve apter 724.325.0000
  7. I used Classic Tube in Rochester NY. Everything was perfect. I also just bought a set of Classic Tube lines for a 1998 LeSabre. $209.00 shipped through Summit racing. Again Perfect!!
  8. http://www.1954buick.com/showthread.php/6937-The-bumper-guard-dilemma!!!!
  9. I have a pair of Genuine Skylark rear bumper guards that can be used as templates. Send me a set of LARGE body(50/70 series) guards and we will make you a set. Recommend plating afterwards. Small body(40/60) guards will NOT work. 724.325.0000
  10. I have a pair of 1954 Century hood hinges for sale. They do not have springs. I would like to have $40.00 for the pair. Please let me know if you are intertested, AND if they will fit your car, which I think that they will. steve apter imotors1@earthlink.net I also have a gorgeous pair of inner fenders that are rust frree. These were mistakenly purchased for my Skylark. They will fit a 50 or 70 series 1954 Buick. Theses are next to ompossible to find. I would like to have $400.00 for the pair.
  11. Looked cool....Even had Factory A/C!!!
  12. I am cleaning my shop, and getting rid of all of my "Extra" parts. They are listed on eBay with very reasonable(At least I think so) starting prices, and NO RESERVES. User name is imotors. Need something, just let me know. Will sell cheap!!!! I would rather help the hobbyist!!!!
  13. I preach about wiring harnesses. ALL the time. $1500.00 is cheap insurance!!! 60 year old wires catch on fire. Granted, you can probably make your own, BUT...I used YNZ's and was quite pleased. Easy install, and everything works!! Just sayin"
  14. Lookin good Terry. Keep at it. You know where to find me if you need anything!! steve
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