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  1. 1954 Super 2dr Hardtop for sale on facebook marketplace. Just posting in case anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/367325627185254/
  2. I have recently started trying to research about how to update the front brakes on my 54 Century, and I came across this thread. I also would like to get away from having wheel bolts and going to a more modern wheel stud w/lugnuts. I am thinking from what I have read in this thread, I could just swap the newer aluminum drum and hub assembly as is without swapping the hub which should already have the newer studs attached. My question is what bearings would work? Has anyone every tried a swap like this? As a side note, I also have a 56 Oldsmobile parts car that already has hubs with a stud
  3. Photo caption - "Charlie Crawford and Bob Baize (buying a car with dimes - in bucket)" This is a historical photo from Lawrenceburg TN where I live. Bob Baize was the local Buick dealer in Lawrenceburg back in the 50s and 60s. Charlie Crawford was the owner/editor of one of our local newspapers - hence paying with dimes! I thought you guys would enjoy seeing this photo as much as I did!
  4. Just thought you guys might be interested in this one. It is for sale near where I live. You sure couldn't buy one and restore it for this price. https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1954-buick-model-76r-riviera/6580744288.html
  5. Should fit and work the same if the side brackets are the same. Also much easier to repair or re-core in the future as it has the current type core and not the old "honeycomb" core that the original 54 radiator had. If it is a 56, just be sure to plug the holes for the automatic trans cooler since they added the cooler in the radiator in 56.
  6. Oh NO! That is terrible! If that guy knew what his car would be worth today he sure would feel stupid. But at least the 54 Skylark won that dirt track race.....
  7. Glad to see you will be taking care of your dad's cars. So sorry to hear about his passing though. I knew he had been having some health issues, but had no idea they were that serious. I also live in Lawrenceburg and have a couple of 54's. Your dad sure loved those wagons. Ironically, we also shared the same birthday, June 30th. What are the odds of having two 54 Buick guys living in the same small town with the same birthday. Anyway, good luck with all those sweet rides. If you ever need advice on them, this is the best place I know of to find out how-to stuff from the best car guys ar
  8. My Prestone fan belt is #15525. Hopefully those part #s will get you what you need or at least a cross reference to whatever brand is available to you.
  9. Radiator hoses are Gates #20226 and #20364. Don't have the number for the fan belt tonight, but I will try to get a number for you from a Prestone brand that is on my car tomorrow.
  10. I do see that now that you mention it. I also realized today while looking at mine that the previous owner has sprung them out at the top to fit in the peep mirrors, so I would hate to get nicer ones for now just to have to mess them up to keep mirrors on the car. I wish there was a way to fit the ones from my 56 4dr hardtop parts car because they are stainless on the outside and won't corrode like the pot metal does.
  11. Is the glass included?? I might be interested as mine on Fireball are terribly pitted.
  12. Thanks Doug, PM me and let me know what you want for it.
  13. I am still working on swapping my car over to power steering, and would like to find a replacement rubber insulator that goes between the clamp that holds the column to the dash and the column itself. I have tried searching the internet for a reproduction one of these, but have had no luck. Maybe I am not using the correct search term for the part. If anybody that has restored a car on here knows of a place that sells them, please let me know.
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