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  1. So sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully someone on the Forum will be interested in your project. Best wishes on recovery and keep us posted! Madam Maybelle
  2. Interesting use of a Buick on the railroad
  3. Dang, that would mean some dusting and polishing of what dust collectors I have here at the house. 😜 The AACA Grand National and some Repeat Preservation awards are up at the shop. Trying to get Mark to build a trophy case in the shop office to display all of the shop’s show wins. For me, the real trophies are the great experiences I’ve had sightseeing in the areas around the shows. #1 for me is the Gilmore Museum!
  4. Oh my goodness! Glad to hear you are on the mend. Keep us posted.
  5. Looking forward to catching up with everyone!
  6. Thank you for the compliments. It was great to finally meet Buttercup’s new owner in person. And it was great to visit with MrEarl again and pick up some more 54 Buick pointers. Looking forward to hopefully see everyone and their ‘54s at the 2021 BCA National in NC! Yes, I found my pies and train ride. Next stop, Mobile, AL!
  7. Jumping back in here a couple of years later. So sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. I believe he was a friend of some of our Music City Chapter, BCA folks. Music City is still active and would love to have you join us!
  8. Kosage, the 2020 BCA National will be in Strongville, OH. That is fairly close to VA. I probably will not make that one as Madam Maybelle has a commitment in Allentown, PA a week or so later. We have been busy with AACA and Concours shows the last 3 years and have missed too many BCA Regional and National shows. Busy having fun, I should add. The actual shows were just a small part of our adventures. Heading to Hershey, PA in October with the goal of finding some Shoo-fly pie and a train ride in Strasbourg along the way!
  9. Very good info on the A/C! I knew there were differences between the ‘53 and ‘54 systems but was unaware of the changes for ‘55. Mine blows ice cold, I am told. The guys from the shop drove Madam Maybelle to our local Cruise-In in A/C luxury one HOT afternoon as I struggled with poorly working “460” A/C in my big truck......4 windows down, 60mph. I’ll have to test Madam’s A/C myself next time I get her out for a run.
  10. Thank you! Maybe we will meet at the BCA National in Charlotte NC in a couple of years?
  11. Praying that everyone in the path of this latest hurricane stays safe!!
  12. I am also hoping to make the 2021 BCA National with Madam Maybelle. Maybe we should try for a 54 Buick gathering??
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