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  1. Still waiting for the masterpiece!

    1. maybelle


      Silly little things slow us down.  Found out my replacement interior door handles and window cranks don't work for a 72R.  Just sent off the originals to be redone.  Oh well, good things are worth waiting for.

      love all the pics of your car at the shows!

  2. Hi Carol 

    Either tomorrow or next Monday, I'm sending the old ashtray that I got from the Buick Gardens, straight to Graveyard Run. I took the roll door out to use on my ashtray housing. It was difficult to disassemble since I did not have the proper tools and boy!, this thing was made well on the good old USA. Lamar called me asking if I have anything left over. I think all you need is the roll door which I have in pieces from Almendron. All slats are, I counted 11 plus the one with the solid handle which is missing the two miniature bolts. I think Mark can work with these pieces by laying and affixing them to a sturdy, yet flexible material. The complete door can then be polish and installed or worse case scenario, they could make a pattern to make a new one.

    Looking forward to see her doubt shel will be an award winner.

    Best Regards.

    IMG_0556 (1).jpg

    IMG_0558 (1).jpg

    1. maybelle


      You are a prince!  Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  Too busy working for a living right now!

      Mark is down to the nitpicky little details.  We did not know that there was such a difference in interiors depending on what options were on the car.  The power seat out of High Society has different side panels and includes the medallions on the sides.  Mark has been working hard to repair the cracked plastic.  I think he is putting in some metal reinforcements at key stress points.  Just about ready to paint them.  Now Mark is trying to figure out how those medallions should be painted.  Madam Maybelle was originally a standard trim level with no power seats so the medallions weren't installed.

      I'm enjoying Almendron's show pictures!

      Best to you,