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  1. Dynaflow transmision

    The kits will have common wear items like gaskets, seals, clutches, bands... There almost alway will be other hard parts that need attention like thrust washers, pumps... The only one I did was just disassembly of a low mileage, functioning, but slobbering unit and with the help of some manuals it was not that hard. If someone has"been in there" before, you might be in trouble since there will be part substitutions orwrong assembly. Even a long time dynaflow mechanic missed the previous substitution of a 56 clutch drum which has 6 clutch pairs instead of 5 (it did not work with 5).
  2. Transmission leak at front

    Probably would not notice any difference. Usually differences like this was used to match the torque output of the engine.
  3. Weather stripping

    Or paint just the door jambs now. Tedious, but not necessarily expensive.
  4. Transmission leak at front

    Mine needed over 30" at the frame. To be sure put your spare tranny on the jack and measure.
  5. Good idea to do the steering box now since it is a "beach" to get out later. The other parts can be reused if tight especially if the the car will be used sparingly on local roads. But if you anticipate lots of miles driving all over the country, then replace or rebuild all components. When I did my convertible 20 years ago, I replaced and rebuilt everything...got a total of 5.000 miles now (stupid, stupid, stupid!!!).
  6. headliner replacement

    Dye or paint?
  7. I don't know about the standard tranny cars, but the dynaflow cars have a special drilled bolt holding the universal joint that supplies lubricant to the the universal and bushing.
  8. Voltage Regulator Issue

    Or change the regulator...looks like it is inevitable anyhow.
  9. Voltage Regulator Issue

    Tightening the screws may distort the regulator to cause this condition. Make another gasket out of thicker cork/rubber material and try that.
  10. manual transmission torque ball

    The vulcanized seal was introduced in 1957 and is backwards compatible with for sure dynaflow and probably 3-speed, especially since Chis has one on his. The boot is not needed with the vulcanized seal.
  11. Or if you can't wait drill and tap some bar stock and hold it in place with a pop rivet. Or cut a hole above and use regular nut and close the hole with a suitable plug. (none of this show anyhow)
  12. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Yes. And to fill the carb before attempting to start. A side benefit is the points will last up to 30K miles since the prolonged cranking that sends full 12v to the coil and points in minimal.
  13. Norwgian Buick Special under restoration

    And there is a bracket at the top of the tunnel underside to hold the hose...fun to deal with.
  14. Where to buy exhaust system

    Just detach the idler arm (passenger side frame) and let it drop...no lifting needed.
  15. Interior

    Don't confuse leather with past experiences with vinyl. Leather does not get near as hot. On my 55 Century convertible the seating surfaces are leather, but the top panel is vinyl; the red leather is warm and the vinyl will blister you!