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  1. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Only if a new complete rebuild.
  2. Schneider cams / EngineTech lifters?

    Get as close to stock as possible on the cam. The mildest Schneider cam will give good high rpm performance but unless you have a standard transmission with 3.9 rear gears the car will be sluggish at low speeds in normal driving with stock gears (3.4) and dynaflow. Buick engine rebuild 6-5.xlsx I made that mistake a few years ago.
  3. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Find the link to that page and I will amend the diagnosis. The 56 lifters on the 55 cam worked fine for 20K miles. That was when one cylinder head was removed and rebuilt because of a burned valve. The reason the cam and lifters on that side were destroyed was because the machine shop installed shims under the outer valve springs that covered the recess for the inner valve springs causing valve bind and extreme pressure at the cam/lifter interface. I then rebuilt the engine with new cam, lifters, pushrods, rocker assemblies and upon startup it ran for 2 minutes and clanked to a stop. Findings: bent pushrods, broken rockers, broken rocker shafts, bent camshaft and cracked block around the cam journals; the same &*%$#@ machinist installed the same shims under the outer valve springs! After a lot of crying I got a good engine out of them. Don't worry about the "theoretical" incompatibility. With light valve springs, and modern lubricants it will outlast you. There are many rebuilt 53-54-55 nails that have possible incompatibility with different metals. Just be sure that the overall length of lifter/pushrod is correct.
  4. What oil for lifter break-in?

    53-54-55 lifters and pushrods are the same...56 are different.
  5. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Ok, the 'break in" is mostly for a new cam and lifters to mate together. If just lifters then just use some cam lube and usual oil and drive it like you stole it. Keep an eye on the oil filter and canister when serviced for steel particles. With the light valves springs on nailheads, you should be fine with or without added zinc.
  6. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Did you replace the cam also?
  7. Leaking Valve Covers

    Straighten the covers, glue the gaskets to the cover with weatherstrip cement, either use anaerobic sealer or cured RTV on the other side. Anaerobic sealer: https://www.permatex.com/product-category/gasketing/anaerobic-gasket-makers-flange-sealants/ ..this only cures where compressed and any that squishes out can be wiped off after assembly; you will have to scrape some if disassembled. RTV: use black high temp and let it cure (use red or blue if you want it to look like a chevy engine); completely cover the gasket except the outside edge to seal the gasket from bleed through.; very little scraping if disassembled.
  8. Don't get too excited. You linked to a WCD 2-barrel original for Super carb. The needed WCFB is listed elsewhere for $500
  9. If you have a tank for an outboard motor use that...eliminates open containers that will make a 'crispy critter' out of your project.
  10. Tanks inc (Makes the tanks)
  11. Dynaflow transmision

    Not possible, but it is always best to do a performance test and do the pressure tests as outlined in the service manual BEFORE removing and rebuilding. That way you know where to focus your attention. Alternately:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12bIgQsIklg ...but forget the stator tests...
  12. Supposedly those are shims. Mine had those on the compressor side of my factory AC cars. Always wondered how much 1/8 inch would matter. Since the stock springs are uniform, you probably need to ask the supplier of the new springs.
  13. Just do it. I have done at least a dozen. Only problems I have encountered were clamping too tight and deforming the body affecting the coolant seal;working on one that was previously rebuilt ( those brass tabs will not stand up to second time around); if the disc with the tube is flat, it will not work right. I have solution to the problems except for deformed body, check back if needed. Just do it.
  14. Skylark for sale on Ebay

    With a high 'buy it now' price one would assume that the reserve is similar, so why bother bidding.