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  1. Fuel filter

    The power source should come from the ignition switch so that when the key is in the off position so is the fuel pump and on when in the on position.
  2. Fuel Pump Connections

    I run electric fuel pumps located on the frame near the fuel tank. I also have the original mechanical pump operating. The only time I turn on the electric pump is when I am starting the car after it has been sitting for a week or more.
  3. generator rebuild???? or alternator?????

    Stay with the generator.
  4. Spark Plugs

    I bought a set of autolite #175. They work great.
  5. Like the radio amateur tag

  6. Wall Hanging

    I have the same thing hanging in my garage.
  7. Spark Plugs

    Yes, I used the Pertronix coil and copper spark plug wires.
  8. Spark Plugs

    What type of spark plugs are best for my 1954 Special: Resistor or Non-resistor? I have the stock distributor with Pertronix ignition, copper plug wires and coil.
  9. Water pump bolts

    Use stainless steel bolts.
  10. The Unassuming 1954 Buick Special....

    I don't think that 1954 Buick Specials came with trim rings on the wheels.
  11. Dynaflow torque converter removal

    I have removed and replaced three Dynaflows and they're not fun!
  12. Tires

    I bought a set of Lucas WWW radials and they are starting to turn brown.
  13. Spark plug Wires

    I use the same Pertronix wires in my three Buicks and they look good and perform well.
  14. New '54 owner from central Kansas

    That's a turn signal lever.
  15. New '54 owner from central Kansas

    I have one that I'll send to you.