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  1. 54 century 4dr sedan and I think alike...just as I was scrolling through the pics I thought to myself, this needs a sepia filter Nice pics @wndsofchng06 you must be having a blast!
  2. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Just wanted to congratulate you on making it through another year, also wanted to ask....what was your special Buick gift this year? I suppose that litter of Buicks you bought earlier kinda counts eh? Happy Birthday bud...
  3. Take a lesson from me who did not listen to these guys, I did a full rebuild which I believe now was unnecessary. There are some little items that need to be referenced if a full rebuild is done, first do not have hardened seats put in the heads and secondly (and I am sure someone will chime in on the specifics) there is an oil plug that many kits get wrong and is too deep which blocks flow. Not sure if that second point is true any longer but it was about 4 years ago.
  4. headliner replacement

    Thanks for that vid link... While mine is in great shape some water got in from the bad roof repair from the shippers. Its a crime really, all perfect except the water stain at the front.
  5. "Cali" has heart again

    Yea +1 on the rims... Always fun to double back on a project eh?
  6. FS on eBay: 54 Roadmaster Riviera

    Hell of alot cheaper than the route I went....nice car for sure
  7. Just joined the group

    Welcome have landed in a great place to find support for your Buick adventures.
  8. I just like the pictures...

    Its a gif, may not work for all browsers? It shows on mine though It may be a tiny URL issue...hereis the full ver:
  9. Glove compartment

    One here:
  10. New 54' Buick Super owner

    Welcome Kevin, nice to have you here and share your 54 Buick story. So what 54 did you get, any pics to share?
  11. Time to put Almendron together

    Well done, that should really help to protect from blowing objects How high are you, is storm surge a concern for your location? Hope you, your family and all you know to make it through all this safely.
  12. I just like the pictures...

    Its official, age as taken a toll as my eyes have betrayed me...
  13. I just like the pictures...

    I agree, everyone tends to default to wide whites...that Special is real authentic.
  14. Fuel pump hose

    Dang, just saw how I missed that one... The page before it has the one up to a '53 and then the next page it looks like the next item was the vapor lock tube. I missed the small light grey picture of the '54 tube Does this mean I am getting old? eyes don't work as well anymore that is for sure. Thanks!