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  1. I just like the pictures...

    Yea I am pretty fortunate...this is the place and its just 20 minutes with a Dairy Queen on the way. They do "Classic Car Night" every month, this was one of them.
  2. I just like the pictures...

    This just popped up on my FB page as a "memory" from 4 years goal is to get back to that drive in before the end of the season.
  3. Hey guys, I have an item that is not necessarily Buick related but wanted to share with you first. I bought an inverter for my hoist a couple of years ago as the motor was a three phase and I only have single. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong one, what I got was for 380v (US single ph voltage I belive)and I required 220v (CDN single ph voltage). If you or anyone you know is trying to use a three phase machine this unit may be the answer. From the research I did as long as you double rate the drive to the HP required then you are fine. This drive will do up to a 10HP motor 3ph but if using single ph input thelimit is 5HP This drive was over$300 but all I would like is the cost of a BCA membership which is $68 (inc shipping), I have lapsed and would like to return to getting the Bugle. I was going to post this at the Garage Journal board but you need 100 posts...anyone know where else to sell this. EBay is an option but my last one frankly. Full specs here:
  4. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    I really regret not being around to experience this with you in real time...what a ride man. Well Done! I really like the part of the plastic wrap, do what you have to eh? ...and the mats, well played Sir. I bought a good cover as O'l Harriet needed to move out of the garage for a couple of weeks...its amazing how it keep the water out and yet it still allows breathing of any moisture out. time by I want a ride in Tugalo Gas.
  5. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    Up late eh. ...thanks so much for posting this! I am off to work and only had time to skim but what a ride that all must have been...
  6. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    The tires are the first thing I notice when looking a at 50's era car....that fluted look is a standout
  7. Safety at home

    So it happened, my first injury since back in the garage....busted toe! Theirony is I am a very conscientious and vocal safety person at work, I wear safety boots and shoes all the time...even at home. I was setting up to get a large nut from off the top end on my hoist (unit was laid down for this). It was rusted on and is an acme thread so lots of rusted surface area to lock on to the shaftI suppose. I had fabricated a tool the day prior so I could grab it better and so I was test fitting it. The plan was to stop there go in and have dinner then come back out and give it a solid go. I started to test it to make sure it would all hold right, knowing this was going to take a lot I had a 2" x 4 foot long pipe on the end of my 36" pipe wrench. LOTS of torque as I didn't want to hurt my back by over exertion. I got a little carried away I suppose and started to giver her the beans...BANG it broke loose and the pipe slammed to the floor right on top of the supporting device used to carry around the dumbest man alive. ....and for perfect irony I tripped over my safety shoes as I hopped into the house. sigh
  8. I just like the pictures...

    This one was pulled from Hometown Buick FB page... As was mentioned, this car must have had some serious enemies.
  9. I just like the pictures...

    Buick lawn mower anyone?
  10. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    Wow, that sounds like a great story..also one I am not surprised to hear about. Cant save 'em all but you can sure try eh?
  11. Need 54 Air Cleaner Assembly

    Wow...that is one hell of a project you got there...any progress pics? I assume you have a lock down on some of the more unobtainium parts like the tail lights?Just wondering as an air cleaner will be the least of your worries for a Skylark. Others that have done this type of restoration have had to use multiple donor cars to make one good one. Certainly beautiful when done....wish you all the best, keep us updated please.
  12. 54 century 4dr sedan

    So close you can feel it eh?
  13. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Nice....I have similar fortune but the foam underneath is all rotten and falling away leaving the upholstery on the metal framework. Also the fabric is brittle as hell.... Best way to save imo is to keep them covered when using I suppose, pull off covers when showing. Perhaps contacting an upholstery shop for advice for treatment? Not much that can stop time though
  14. 54 century 4dr sedan

    There are threads all over on this trans fluid issue... Frankly I have run Dex VI and never thought any more of it.
  15. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Trucks eh?