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  1. Need replacement trim 72R

    Yep..beautiful! Perfect Thanks!
  2. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Mr Earl...always with the details. Agreed tho, that horn is a true beauty. Nice drive by shot hope to replicate that myself soon
  3. When I'm not working on or enjoying the Buicks.

    Reminds me of my little row of Buicks
  4. Rear Diff oil change

    Just cause everyone likes looking at rear ends Gasket cutter work tomorrow A nice old vid for explaining the differential...I used this with my boy to teach him on what we were working on.
  5. Rear Diff oil change

    Yea no doubt, the smell alone made me think I better plan this one. I have the cover off and a thought came to mind. You know when your going through an old Buick and you keep coming across issues, mods or botched repairs. I see it all the time on the forums. I am reminded time after time when working on this car that I have a real clean Buick here. The gear teeth are perfect, the witness marks centered and true. I should not be surprised...this is after all a Harriet Wilkinson's car of Wilkinson Buick in Utah. A one owner car that was in a Buick dealership family and only has 48k miles on it.
  6. Rear Diff oil change

    Well considering my climate 85w-140 may be the better route.
  7. Rear Diff oil change

    Perfect...all good news then! Looks like an easy job to do as well. Thanks lads, not used to seeing oil like that.
  8. Ok so when I first got this car I checked the rear for trans fluid contamination and found nothing..only a thick oil. After years of sitting I am now going through everything properly to put this car on the road and into regular service, I drained the oil out of the diff and got a very thick black result which I believe is a good thing. My "might as wells" tells me to open everything up and flush clean and restore, new me says ask (and listen to) the ones that know better. Do I simply just refill the diff fluid with 90wt and be done? Note that I have zero indication of any issues, from the little road time this car had I did not have any rear end problems or noises.
  9. Getting ready for the summer season

    Wow, that's a tough result right there...thanks for the heads up on that. My motivation was that it was kinda disappointingwhen I saw how much this thing looked out of place with the rest of the bright and shiny looking. Also that and like you said the two piece thing.
  10. Getting ready for the summer season

    Thanks man, that is an awesome write up. Thanks for reposting it, I guess my search skills are diminishing as I looked for that but for some reason I thought it was in video format? After reading through all the other posts and watching videos around the interweebs I was not confidantthat I would get a long term trouble free result which is why I went new. The new tank has a ceramic finish inside so it should be trouble free for many years, even though this car sits for long periods of time (hopefully less moving forward) All that notwithstanding, after reading your procedure I think I will try it anyway, cause why not
  11. Getting ready for the summer season

    While I would still like to see it and archive it, you should know I went new anyway. $250 was about the right amount for me to not borrow any trouble. New one fit perfect with the only exception to being arubber coupler for the filler neck connection which is to be expected.
  12. Need replacement trim 72R

    Thanks man...I figured you would be the guy but dint feel right to only ask you. I will contact you directly.
  13. Looking for replacements for the left front two sections, the fender and the driver door.
  14. Fuel filter

    I haven't landed that yet, wanted to look at the wire diagram to see if I can pull from the main wire block rather than run ugly wires to the battery. It has a low draw so I am pretty sure there is a point I can tie into. I would prefer a non switched source as I have a dedicated one for it, also have an inline fuse to protect it. Just need to do the research....good thing the Shop Manual is very detailed in that regard.
  15. Fuel filter

    Yea, a pic should have been there...what was I thinking. I still have to install the shut off valve which I am picking up today.