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  1. Best summer ever with Harriet, she was my true daily driver....did over 4000km's this year!
  2. Did some yard changes and opened up this area, figured I would line up all the vehicles. Can you spot the darling of the fleet?
  3. so much to update... For days ahead
  4. Surely one of them is @MrEarl place right?
  5. Thanks Maybelle, truth be told I am driving it around anyway (still requires safety for tag) Mechanic said its all good but wont safety it with the cracked glass, the rust holes in the rear fender and believe it or not the washer sprayer. I asked around and it seems nobody wants to safety this old car...one guy told me I had to upgrade the brakes to disc brakes So I take it on short runs here and there, its only a fine and a tow if I get stopped. I have continued my search for glass but can easily get some locally but not exactly what I want for originality. I have also fixed the washer s
  6. Uggggh, what a sickening sight Truly the intrinsic value far out reaches the monetary one...Matt so sorry this happened. I feel your pain in some way, my totally unmolested all original low mileage Roadmaster had its roof smashed by a neglectful shipper. Sure it was repaired but they stole the whole untouched vibe. I say "in some way" as I was able to at least repair it, hopping you can salvage this one, you certainly have your heart and soul put into it. I assume you are physically ok?
  7. Hello Robert!

    Did you happen to hear back from Jan?

    1. stealthbob


      Sorry not yet, PM here and email.


  8. I took a look at the approval page and its empty...that being said I believe it is typically set for auto approval? Sometimes there are bot issues where it may have to be locked for a while but not sure. I messaged Jan to see what is up....
  9. Wat? Please forgive my ignorance but...why would the Colour of a car make any difference?
  10. Maybe this may help? https://www.thefoamfactory.com/closedcellfoam/polyethylene.html The specs seem to fit he applications...especially the temp and chemical resistance: https://www.thefoamfactory.com/tech/PolyethyleneTech.html
  11. Simply awesome! Love the pic with the great shirts, I still use the mouse pad with the image from Father Buick's shirt. Nice to see these meetups and congratulations on such a wonder job on the restoration!
  12. Harriet came with what I presumed to be a new battery, Interstate brand....5 years now and no issues.
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