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  1. These images are from a dealer training filmstrip, maybe they can help, too...
  2. I wonder what the guy in the background is doing...
  3. JUSPASSINTHRU is using Photobucket for his photos. It looks like as if he needs to update his Photobucket account.
  4. Dream car, anyone? :-) Located 235 miles away from Athens, Georgia. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Buick-Roadmaster-2-dr-ht-/322796645517?hash=item4b282dec8d:g:ayYAAOSwOeVZzpGJ&vxp=mtr
  5. Great to see you Bob! Hope everything is ok! :-)
  6. Well, there is a difference. I've created a fanpage, where only admins can post. In your group, everybody can share content!
  7. For those who are not on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/1954buick/ I love this picture!
  8. Leather was the only "standard" option for the Skylark. https://www.hometownbuick.com/portfolio/1954-buick-skylark-convertible-model-100/ But maybe the dealership helped buyers with individual needs.
  9. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true - especially the 54 Buick ones. ;-)
  10. The online literature section was made with Flash, a technology that is not supported by Apple, and therefore it was discontinued. Subscribers can read the books here: http://www.1954buick.de/content.php/12-literature Thats the old forum which was replaced with the new one a couple of months ago. You need to login to access the literature. I have an original of the Fisher News for sale here: http://www.hometownbuick.com/shop/1954-buick-fisher-body-news-5070-series-sedans-original/
  11. See here: http://www.hometownbuick.com/1954-buick-wiring-diagrams/
  12. Wow, that is art!! I thought you'd only sell the ornament insert, not the whole set. Looks like a lot of chances to make a bargain!
  13. " 1954 Buick Roadmaster, built at GM's now defunct Lakewood Plant in Atlanta, lived its whole life in Georgia. Doesn't even show 60K miles, believed to be correct based on the overall condition of the car. " " Asking $12,500 and will entertain offers and partial interesting trades. " http://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/cto/5650303970.html
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