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  1. Baker, your email doesn't work... I clicked it and sent a message, but it kicked back as undevierable
  2. I did the math, I don't know exact size of the package so I had to estimate 30X40X10 and 35 pounds cost anywhere from $492.13 to $82.21 to Minnesota. I think i'm out... Sorry
  3. Baker I will send a message when I get home tonight, I may be interested in your tank. Calculator is in need of more info than I have time for right now. (Lunch break)
  4. Hello BerkeleyBuick, I just noticed your name. are you inĀ Minnesota? We have a dealership up here that was a Berkeley Buick,Ā  Maybe you are part of the dealership that started in Fairmount MN

  5. where are you ordering from? http://www.autocityclassic.com/ I haven't bought anything from them yet, but other guys I know use them and seem happy. At least you can compare prices.
  6. mine are not power windows and I don't know if they were before, I only opened up the drivers door so far..
  7. my model 52, more door super had similar cuts and welds, (Welds may have been a little better). Ill share some pictures if I can find them...
  8. Transmission leak at front

    You have way too much space to do this work efficiently... OK i'm jealous!
  9. 1st time '54 Buick Super owner - where to start?

    Consider adding a signature! Name and general location is all that is needed
  10. 1st time '54 Buick Super owner - where to start?

    Welcome, That is Beautiful! Model 52, same as mine. Oil Change, plugs and wires, hoses... the list can go on. It would be good to drain off the old gas. like mentioned above, get a manual and familiarize yourself with the vehicle. I wouldn't try to start it until your sure its ready. (Ignore what you may have seen on tv...)
  11. Headlights question

    Sorry , I couldn't tell you... mine still in pieces
  12. Hello everyone

    Welcome! share some pics when you get chance. Where you located?
  13. I had mine sand blasted for $200, then I epoxy primed the entire thing...