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  1. while you're there, can you look to see if the drivers side fender spear is any good? Mine has a big ol dent from some jack hole forcing the rood open at some point... Mine is a model 52 More Door if it matters.
  2. Thanks again padre' it was pretty obvious once I had the newly restored hanger in hand.
  3. I'm not finding the holes for #1 on my frame. Is it mounted to the body?
  4. Thanks Padre', That is exactly what I was needing, the #3 muffler hanger I have has the same as pictured. Jerry
  5. Resurrection!

    simply BEAUTIFUL!
  6. Does anyone have pictures of the clamp and hanger locations (on a 50 series preferred) I can't find my photos from this part of my teardown. I have 4 that I have in a box that I am cleaning up to install, just need a little help! Thanks
  7. Where to buy exhaust system

    So the system I got from Marty is a work of art! Bolts right up (with a little patience and ingenuity). If my arthritic back would let me bend a little more it would have been easier. Ill get some pic's once I finish replacing the rubber on my original hangers. But so far, daddy likes...
  8. Have a 54 roadmaster looking for pictures of door seals and trunk seals to replace .if anyone could help much appreciated. Living in Germany. 

  9. Join us on Facebook!

    Hello El Diablo, I don't know how I missed this! I started a group on FB as well. If I had seen this I would never had... I will direct the few (8 or 9) that have to come to the link you have here! I am not wanting to duplicate what has been already started!
  10. 54 century 4dr sedan

    its a beautiful thing...
  11. Where to buy exhaust system

    I gotta walk away, I need a second set of hands... i bet it would bolt right up on the engine stand. maybe I'll have a beer and think about it. Right now it's just pissing me off!
  12. Where to buy exhaust system

    So do I need to lift the Dynaflowas well as the 322 to get the Y crossover pipe in place or just the 322?
  13. Where to buy exhaust system

    Made the call, quoted $270 plus shipping, arrived yesterday invoiced out at $265 and 2 boxes at $35 each. Stuff looks great! Gonna see if I can sneak out to the garage on Sunday.. but $335 total from manifold back is a steal! Now I gotta figure out what I haveto do to install the y pipe
  14. You keep saying super, which is my handle on other sites, well actually super duper... anyhoo! Got any good interior parts laying around for a model 52? maybe a trip through Minnesota is in order...