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  1. its been awhile ,Mary Jane , still driving her

    1. Zizzerman


      Still driving her ,she  has a little over 20,000 miles.

  2. Hey, Jerry, that is the larger, inner bearing, right?

    How's 20 bucks shipped for the ball cage?

    They don't make these bearings anymore and even roller-bearing replacements are hard to find.  What I have is the more durable Original Departure brand that came out of the factory, used.  Even used, they are better than newer replacements.

    You can paypall me at [email protected]

    Or mail a check to Doug Cook

    1441 west Balboa Blvd

    Newport Beach, CA  92661.

    Anything else?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 72gs455


      I think it sent! 


    3. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Yes it did, boy you are fast, thanks!

      I have a day off today, and will get those out to you, thank you!

    4. 72gs455


      No rest for the wicked.

      just waned to pay before you change your mind!

  3. Hello Robert!

    Did you happen to hear back from Jan?

    1. stealthbob


      Sorry not yet, PM here and email.


  4. Hiya Stick!

    Are you sure you don't need anything for the bulletin? I am excited to get it!

    1. Stick


      So, thats cool dude.   I've been passed good Karma on the board by many, just passing it along.

    2. 72gs455


      Thanks! What goes around comes around! I sent a guy a trim piece he was missing with the same thought in mind...

  5. Hi, It looks like you haven't posted in a while, I was just wondering if you bought the EZ Wiring Harness and how it worked for you? Which one did you buy?

  6. Hello BerkeleyBuick, I just noticed your name. are you in Minnesota? We have a dealership up here that was a Berkeley Buick,  Maybe you are part of the dealership that started in Fairmount MN

  7. Have a 54 roadmaster looking for pictures of door seals and trunk seals to replace .if anyone could help much appreciated. Living in Germany.