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  1. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Happy Birthday! Don't spend all day ropin doggies and menden fences, get out for a drive in one of them Buicks!
  2. headliner replacement

    Bob, Can it be cleaned? Steam and/or chemicals?
  3. Maybe they were using the beast to plow snow! Sorry, I didn't have anything to add... I know, children should be seen and not heard. I'll go back into the corner.
  4. Just joined the group

  5. Do Dreams come true?

    I was hoping too! As long as it doesn't come apart I will share it, Ah hell, if it comes apart ill share it too, there will just be tears and crying to be seen and heard. But im not worried...
  6. Do Dreams come true?

    I really hope so... I woke from a slumber last night and all can remember about the dream is... I was running the 322 on its first start up and it was purring like a kitten, the last things I remember is shutting it down to check fluids. The weird part is, I just finished with the temporary radiator. Wednesday I bought the break in oil and belt and hoses. I have a few things to do before the actual fire up, but this little "dream" has lit a fire under my keester.
  7. Odds and ends for 54

    message sent
  8. Radiator

    Thanks, hopefully I can work out the deal...
  9. Radiator

    Any issue using a Harrison model #3134597 radiator in place of my leaky Harrison #3131177. It looks like all the hoses are in the right place. It may be from a 56 from what I can find on the interweb... Your thoughts?
  10. while you're there, can you look to see if the drivers side fender spear is any good? Mine has a big ol dent from some jack hole forcing the rood open at some point... Mine is a model 52 More Door if it matters.
  11. Thanks again padre' it was pretty obvious once I had the newly restored hanger in hand.
  12. I'm not finding the holes for #1 on my frame. Is it mounted to the body?
  13. Thanks Padre', That is exactly what I was needing, the #3 muffler hanger I have has the same as pictured. Jerry
  14. Resurrection!

    simply BEAUTIFUL!
  15. Does anyone have pictures of the clamp and hanger locations (on a 50 series preferred) I can't find my photos from this part of my teardown. I have 4 that I have in a box that I am cleaning up to install, just need a little help! Thanks