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  1. Hey, Jerry, that is the larger, inner bearing, right?

    How's 20 bucks shipped for the ball cage?

    They don't make these bearings anymore and even roller-bearing replacements are hard to find.  What I have is the more durable Original Departure brand that came out of the factory, used.  Even used, they are better than newer replacements.

    You can paypall me at [email protected]

    Or mail a check to Doug Cook

    1441 west Balboa Blvd

    Newport Beach, CA  92661.

    Anything else?


    1. 72gs455


      Hiya Padre’

      yes the large inner ball bearing, I’m wondering if you have a spring for one of the shoes? I have one that is bent where it goes into the shoe. I heated it up and bent it back. No too happy about leaving it in place.

      $20 is no problem for the unit. Let me know if you have a spring and what you want for it and I will PayPal you.



    2. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      The top spring, correct?  I know I have some used ones, I can throw one in for a good customer...

    3. 72gs455


      Ok I’ll send you the funds through PayPal 

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