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  1. I just like the pictures...

    Don’t know if is a true convertible or not, Cubans these days are known to cut off the tops to register the cars as tourists 🚕 taxis
  2. I just like the pictures...

    Indeed we have. I was a year old when my Mom& Dad drove a brand new Chevy from my hometown in central Cuba toHavana and took a ferry to Key West diving the car all the way to Pennsylvania I believe it took them about 4 days back then. Of course I could not remember but as I grewup I saw decorative paper plates settings and postcards from the restaurants and motels they have visited and were mailed with handwritten greetings to the family. Father Buick, thanks for making me rewind.
  3. Skylark for sale on Ebay

    That was a trick on the print! I should have known better since I got a picture of the last # 836 condor YellowLark chassis sitting in a private collection in Broward County, Fl.
  4. I just like the pictures...

    Another green 54, this time a green "Coons" Buick
  5. Skylark for sale on Ebay

    Still on ebay as of today. Is this chassis #1 or one of 846 built 1954 Buick Skylark Harley Earls Custom Convertible Concours | eBay.pdf
  6. Time to put Almendron together

    It’s cloudy and have a cold front coming this way.. temp will be dropping to mid 50’s. Time to break in the parkas!