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  1. Resurrection!

    No doubt, AC tubes #1 topic in all shows.
  2. Time to put Almendron together

    All good, Almendrón good 2.. thank you all for concerns
  3. Time to put Almendron together

    I'm 14 to 17 feet above sea level don't think I will experience any storm surge or flooding but took the car to higher ground was concerned about wind damage. Family and home are secured and the system moved westand we are no longer on direct path. Better news
  4. Time to put Almendron together

    Thanks... thoughts and prayers welcome replaced ratchet straps with shrink wrap to minimize any loose hooks that can damage the car by dangling around due to wind. Hopping for the best... Irma is near!
  5. Time to put Almendron together

    Amendrón dressed for Irma.... was hopping to dress for Maybelle. Just hopping clothes will hold!
  6. Time to put Almendron together

    Nothing like resurrecting an old post! Almendrón has been together for quite sometime now, seem some shows, trophies and weddings.... these were last night
  7. I just like the pictures...

    Another down under fiftyfo One of my favorites Roady Ragtop nice color combo
  8. Chassis # 310 asking $140 Not mine