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  1. Skylark Pictures

    As seen on Cuba Nostalgia fair show Miami, Fl. May 2017
  2. My other rides

    1992 MX5 that I keep around. This one I saved from the crusher about 8 years ago, all it needed was headsresurfacing,new timing belt and couple of sensors. It was then re- sprayed and I keep it around but seldom got time to ride it. Fun to drive 5 speed
  3. I just like the pictures...

    They are still out there!
  4. I just like the pictures...

    Then I would need stronger glasses cause they would be too far!
  5. I just like the pictures...

    When I purchased my 54 it had holes on both right and left fender but further out towards the front. The car has also the mirror on the driver's door. When I did the car, I filled the fender holes which I presume there were for mirrors at some point. I don't think mirrors in fenders were factory mounted.
  6. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Remember those days.....great satisfaction feeling afterwards.
  7. Skylark Pictures

  8. I just like the pictures...

    Who in the world?! A Skylark? Wonder whichchassis # that was
  9. I just like the pictures...

  10. I just like the pictures...

    Looks like the Buick Garden