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  1. I am in California and in need of a super or roadmaster. Unfortunately, I think shipping would kill me on touching these... rats!
  2. NOT MINE--- good looking car... I'm not jumping on it, so you should! http://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/4578834291.html
  3. WANT! I'd rather a drop top than AC car... I never noticed the lower (steel?) interior trim that goes around the bottom of the door panels/kickboards, is that stock for Roadmasters? My hardtop does not have it... I think I've seen them on Skylarks as well?
  4. Anyone pick this one up? Just saw it, the listing has been removed though. Mr Earl, any chance you might have a contact for this one if it did not sell?
  5. Holy cow, thats an amazing collection! I love all the old photos, so cool!
  6. I'm sure most have seen these great photos taken on the roof before, could not find them in a thread, so thought I'd share, enjoy!
  7. Pretty neat, compares 54 Buicks to other cars! Has anyone ever seen or have this literature piece? on ebay- (not mine) http://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-BUICK-MATCH-BOOK-/290993635380?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c0928034
  8. Not mine, thought I would share, I have seen advertised for a couple of weeks. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/3912989789.html
  9. Hey, Fabian, a very fun show at the shop last weekend. Thank you for the invite! I met some neet people - Dad always saaid you meet the best folks in this hobby...

    I saw this and thought of you - Not a bad price, for the momeny at least. Time to start gathering things for the job ahead, and let me know what I can do.



  10. Just doing some shopping on CARS Inc website, check it out! http://www.oldbuickparts.com/catalog/fan-belt-1954-60-buick-gm-reproduction-p-8238.html
  11. Checked out your roadmaster, very kool! Like that color combo too! here's some more pics of mine!
  12. Thanks guys! Yes, I do get quite a few comments driving around SoCal, it;s funny, sometimes people who aren't familiar with them ask if it's a 57 or 58 buick! White is pretty rare for this car? I really like it in white, I thought about painting it a different color when I first got it, but now I don;t think I could see it in any other color. I looked up the trim tag and it was originally all white as well. My plans for it are to keep it pretty much as is and stock, I eventually want to do a new interior gut, get rid of the tweed! For now just doing little by little and enjoying it. Can't
  13. Hi all, Happy New Year! Just thought i'd do an update on my roadmaster, a while back I got the engine all back together after doing head gaskets, and since then have been putting a lot of miles on, it's running pretty nice at last! Next on the agenda is to take the carb back off and clean it again, as well as replace a few gaskets like on the valve and valley covers with cork gaskets. I also got some correct parts for 54 roadmaster like valley and valve covers and will be putting them on. (Thanks for helping out Father Buick!) Looking forward to taking more steps to get everything working
  14. Father Buick, Thanks for stopping by today, It was nice meeting you and cool to see the super and roadmaster together! Really appreciate the scanned copy of AC manual, it will be a great help to me! Thanks again!, Fabian Chopit
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