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  1. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Country roads+great weather+54 Buicks= a relaxing time enjoying the scenery.
  2. When I'm not working on or enjoying the Buicks.

    Thanks for posting!
  3. Rear Diff oil change

    I told ya about that smell. Worse than the north end of a southbound bull.
  4. 54 century 4dr sedan

    I always chuckle a little when others in modern vehicles do a double take as you cruise by on the highway at 70 mph. Or those that attempt to get around me on the on ramp thinking that old green 60 will be putt puttdown the road, better jumpthe on ramp lane and get on the highway ahead of that oldgreen 60. Let me tell you, that old green 60 with the 401, mash the pedal at 45-55 mph and the secondary open up....bye bye baby. I just chuckle...... Glad you enjoy your Buick!!!
  5. Rear Diff oil change

    The worst part of the job is the God awful smell of diff oil. Old or new!
  6. Rear Diff oil change

    Bob, mine was similar. Dark, thick and stank the high heavens. As Doug stated, pull the cover. Clean it out. Cut a gasket(that is what I did. ) Fill with 90W hypoid gear oil. I believe I used Valvoline. I did the service 5000 or so miles ago. No issues.
  7. I just like the pictures...

    Did a nice job if the top was cut off!
  8. Fuel filter

    Looks good. Were is the power source?
  9. I just like the pictures...

    What I have noticed is the diminishing Christmas cards each year. My wife and I will be married 24 years this April. Every year my wife sends out Christmas cards faithfully. 50 or so. The returns have amounted to next tonothing over the past 24 years. The cards are more personal in my opinion. Someone took the time to write something, seal and mail. Today is an obligatory non-feeling post on Facebook to all in under a second. Job done.
  10. I just like the pictures...

    We have lost something along the way....
  11. Fuel filter

    I got beat up suggesting the filter in the link below. But I'll offer it again. I use it on my Buick. It was there when I purchased the car. It screws in the carb like the pancake filter. Works just fine. Now, the link to a filter similar to mine. If you need me to see if I can find the part number on the filter I have and a picture of it installed let me know. http://www.carburetor-parts.com/Autolite-Motorcraft-Fuel-Filter-12_p_4459.html Can keep the pancake filter for the look but hide a pre-filter somewhere. Just a thought.
  12. Vacuum Wipers, yes they work well.

    The wiper blades are standard. This as the first time I really used the wipers since the repair of the motor and vacuum pump. There is Rainx on the windshield that was applied before the wiper system repair. One day I got caught in the rain and drove for about 1 hour with no wipers. Only Rainx. I had a major headache when I arrived home. It was the moment I decided the wipers need repair.
  13. Torque Ball Seal for standard transmission

    Bob Automobilia and or CARS should have the seal. I recommend getting the vulcanized torque ball seal. Solves a lot guess work gasket thickness, etc. You might need to send in yours for vulcanizing if they have none ready to go.
  14. Getting ready for the summer season

    Yes sir, the domestic schedule does put a damper on hobby/leisure activity. I look forward to a time I can simply putter round the garage, wax, wash, fix, improve and enjoy the cars. For now I squeeze in what I can get.