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  1. Elpad, I finally have seen the episode you Roadmaster was used as a taxi! That's really neat! My wife loves the white top on blue.
  2. Thank you, any and all help is appreciated.  No need to rush or go out of your way as I have all the time in the world, as I am retired.  Thank you so much for any help.  I do know that vacuum hoses under the dash for the heater, wipers and what ever else is there are going to be the real challenge.

    1. Avgwarhawk


      There is only one vacuum hose under the dash for the wiper motor.   The heater controls are cable operated.  I will take a picture of area on the firewall were the vacuum hose for the wipers is found.   

  3. If need be I can take pictures of the routing on my 48D. It is kind of crazy as some hoses go to the heater core under the dash. Then there are hoses that go to the under seat core. The run back to the water pump. Let me know. I will get some pictures probably this weekend. Snow is coming tomorrow and I have to move my 60 Electra outside to get to my 54 Special.
  4. Holy sh_t! That is awful! I hope you heal quickly!
  5. Quite often I'm asked if these 54s are reliable. There are then and now! Knock on wood, either one of mine has left me on the side of the road!
  6. The Highway is open to traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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