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  1. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Glad to see out back Bob. You really stealthy!
  2. I just like the pictures...

    This model looks to be boat tail Rivera. 57 Buick front bumper. 53 grill. I'll take two!
  3. I just like the pictures...

    The headlight structure looks 57 Chevy. Clean looking custom!
  4. under hood lighting accessory

    It is odd the things previous owners did with their Buicks. Mine has the antenna on the passenger side fender. It also has the original radio. I venture a guess the radio was dealer installed as well as then antenna. The mechanic took the easy route for the antenna. Just conjecture.
  5. headliner replacement

    Looks great. I did mine as well. I would say I would not want to do it again. Back breaking.
  6. Resurrection!

    Great looking Buick. Love the green! I hope you enjoy the heck out of it.
  7. 54 century 4dr sedan

    I would think a local small gas stationthat has a bay or two for performing repairs would turn your drums.
  8. Norwgian Buick Special under restoration

    Nice! Keep us posted on your progress!
  9. 54 century 4dr sedan

    The body of the car does all sorts of weird things when suspended on anything other than the designed suspension.
  10. I just like the pictures...

    Oh my...the white tires and wheels make it look like a demolish derby car!
  11. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Got your work cut out for you!
  12. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Looking great! Have fun with her!
  13. Pushrods

    Been a few posts lately on push rods/lifters!
  14. Pushrods

    I tell ya, when I was chasing down the tapping problem in the 264 the push rod comparing threw me for a loop. I could not understand how the purchased 54 push rod was longer than what I pulled from the rebuilt engine. For me....itching my head...how was the darn thing running at all with shorter rods???? Thankfully Willie cleared that up by stating the engine had 56 lifters and rods! The 56 lifters are shallow pockets were the rod end sits. 56 had a change in lifter and rod. So, I replaced the the lifters already installed withnew 56 lifters(CARS). Made in China.....I guess. Rods were good and reused. Sadly....the issue was a damn hardened seat installed in the head that was tapping. It was an expensive learning experience.
  15. Pushrods

    54 up top. 56 on the bottom. I have 56 in my 54 and also have the 56 lifters in my 54. As well as the cam. CARS does list two different part numbers for the rods. 53-55 are the sameand 56 has a new part number. The push rod on top in my pictureI purchased from CARS. Ordered the part# for 54. Later on after doing head work Willie and I discovered the rebuild of my 264 had 56 parts used for the valve train. Since yours is still all 54 have CARS sent you one. Make the comparison.