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  1. I just like the pictures...

    I guess some folks have their memories whether in the garage and mechanically sound or rusting away in the yard. Shame for this 54. The body looks very sound.
  2. I just like the pictures...

    found at the HAMB forum:
  3. I just like the pictures...

    Quite a few folks upset on FB with this Buick and the current resting place. Owner not selling.
  4. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Wonderful! Glad it has worked out!
  5. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Steve, Any news with your lifter replacement?
  6. On this day in 1954.....

    Like to start a new thread. On this day in 1954 this happened: Nov 3 Nobel for physics awarded to Max Born & Walter Bothe Please add forthcoming days as they occurand what happened on that day in 1954.
  7. my 54' super

    Purple passion.
  8. I just like the pictures...

    I'm not one for hot rodding and modifying the body but the bumper and grill on this 54 is a piece of work. Coolest I have seen on any custom.
  9. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Even though I pulled the pistons and replaced the rings as well as the heads I did not need to prime. I guess the prime in the pump was still there. I never dropped the screen or pulled the distributor. Of course there as some cranking to get fuel up and I suspect some oil pressure built up. Oil pressure kicked right up after she fired. She rattled and got quiet fairly quickly I could hear the lifters pick up one by one. Call me crazy.
  10. Schneider cams / EngineTech lifters?

    I purchased 56 lifters from Rockauto and CARS. Both appear to be from the same manufacturer. They all work just fine in my 54 264 application.
  11. What oil for lifter break-in?

  12. What oil for lifter break-in?

    In my situation, I threw caution to the wind. I went for it and let the cards fall as they may.
  13. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Concur. My replacement lifters could be made of who knows what. The cam could be made from who knows what. Mine runs just great after replacing the lifters and heads. As Willie said, lifter and push rod overall length must be correct.
  14. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Willie...a plethora of the most useful information concerning Buicks you will find.
  15. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Maybe sell to Steve! I think he could muster up one older lifter to rebuild.
  16. What oil for lifter break-in?

    I do have a receiptshowing lifters, rods and new cam(purchased from CARS 2006). Determined my lifters are 56 after the broken head issue. It does not mean the cam is 56 and made of a different material. Then again it could be a 56 cast iron alloy. It is a guessing game. I order lifters in 2016 for a 54 and sent 56 which by the grace of God was correct. I order 2 push rods for a 54 and get exactly that. When I pull top apart to replace lifters I find the shorter rods are 56. Again, WTH? So, I'm assuming your cam is the original. If so, then I would have to agree they can not mix and match per the experience of Willie's hole found in a lifter after 20k miles. But, I'm a person who would believe all the lifters in Willies application would have shown some significant wear. Let's have Willie chime in on what all the lifters lookedlike.
  17. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Steve, Sorry, I screwed that up. I'm running 56 lifters(shallow pocket) and rods(shorter rods. 8.25). Your choice using the longer rods when your heads were done was the correct choice for the deeper pocket lifters for 53-54-55. Yes, the shorter rod in my picture is about 8.25 and what I pulled from the rebuilt 264. It was obvious after investigating and talking with Willie my rebuild was done with 56 components. I corrected my posts above to shows 56 rods and lifters are shallow and shorter.
  18. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Thats it!!! Thanks Willie. I'm running 56 lifters and rods in my 54 264!
  19. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Yes, make sure the lifters match(pocket depth) with what you pulled from the engine as this will work with the rods you have. Concerning the cam, anything is possible when replacing a lifter. If I remember correctlythe manual states one can rebuild the current lifter and reinstall. Or, replace the lifter. Therefore we can assume the cam would not get wipedif a lifter is replaced. Also, the springs are not heavy and should not wipe the camIMO(as per Willie noted above).
  20. What oil for lifter break-in?

    These are the rods I was dealing with. The 54 is the longer of two and will use the deep pocket lifter. This was a rod I ordered from CARS to keep on hand. I pulled the shorter rod of the 2 as seen in thethe picture. It is determined to be a 56rod. So, don't mix the lifters and rods.
  21. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Wait for Willieto come along.... The 54 lifters haddeeper pockets for longer rods. When I switched mine out, before installing the lifters I laid each rod side by side finding the 54 rod I ordered to keep on hand was longer than what was pulled from the rebuilt 264. Closer look at the lifters I received from the suppler and the lifters I pulled from the rebuild both appeared to be the same. It was at that point Willie and I determined the top end was rebuilt with 56components. The cam was also replaced at that time and I suspect the metal different from the metal make up of the original. Looking at the pictures of the lifters, the lifter on the left is shorter yes but the pocket is shallow. This is a 56lifter IMO. I never physically held a 54 lifter to compare. Oddly enough, of the 2 vendors I ordered lifters both sent me 56lifters(even when asking originally for 54 lifters). It was all very odd since I got 56components for a engine what was rebuilt with 55 components yet I ordered components for a 54. Push rods not withstanding. That was the only component I ordered that was actually a 54 rod(and longer than the 56rod). I used the shorter rods that were already in the engine. Anyway, the geometry will work if 56lifters and rods are used. The geometry will work is 54 lifters and rods are used. Can't mix them. This brings us to the cam metal make up. Willie can answer that.
  22. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Looking forward to hearing how it worked out!
  23. What oil for lifter break-in?

    This was after start up and letting the lifters fill with oil. It tapped like mad. You would have thought the rods were coming through the oil pan. Eventually the lifters quieted down one by one. Did not take long for the lifters to quiet. End result:
  24. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Concur. My situation, I replaced some suspected lifters for tapping. Used the cam lube and oils, etc.Reassembled. Ran engine for 50 miles or so. Tap continued even with new lifters(found a head has failed). Disassembled the top end again. Cam was fine. New lifters I installed were fine. I then removed the heads and replaced with a rebuilt pair. Installed with new, the remaining lifters and push rods not replaced before the second tear down. Same cam used. Cam lube used again. Cam survived a second introduction of new lifters and rods. I too did check the oil canister after 500 miles for tell tale flakes of disintegrating engines. All looked well. Replaced filter and oil. Drove the ever living crap out of it through parts of the Appalachians. 300 miles in one day. I would say the mating of old cam and new lifters was a success.
  25. What oil for lifter break-in?

    Willie, if the questionwas directed at me...no sir. The cam was replaced on a prior crappy rebuild. Give or take 10K miles on that cam I left it alone. I only replaced the lifters and rods. I have about 1200 miles on the engines since then.