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  1. For what it may be worth.....and I am far from a skilled mechanic....I with the help of a skilled friend made the switch to power steering. I believe that Father Buick wrote a series of posts detailing the project..those would be helpful for anyone to read a couple of times along with the information in the service manual before jumping in. I was able to purchase parts from a outfit in Arizona, when they arrived they were coated in dirt and sand. With the initial purchase and having the gear box and pump rebuilt, I had a small boat load of money invested in parts. I agree with others here
  2. If by chance you are not up to the task of rebuilding the gear yourself, I know that several folks on this site and the BCA site would be able to help you. Because I wanted to stay local, I had Red Head Steering Gears in Seattle rebuild my power steering and pump before I made the plunge to replace my manual gears with power. Good luck.
  3. Edith has conditions same as those described by Father Buick in this old post. I've messed with the wires some, no luck. A local shop said that I needed a new gas gauge, but I am not sure that I can take that advice for absolute truth.....and I am not prepared to tear the dash apart right now. Para 10-57 of the service manual gives the tests with some test equipment I don't have. I thought that I could buy an inexpensive fuel gauge and sending unit from Ebay or someplace....but I do not find the resistance specifications for the Buick in the manual. As always...I bet somebody can
  4. Edith is in need of a new headlight switch. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks,
  5. Thank you all for your input and advise. Edith has power steering and what a nice change!! Here are some miscellaneous notes that may or may not be helpful to the next person(s) making this conversion. Edith is a 1954 Special. I could not determine what year and model the donar car was, but I now believe it to be a 1955 Special. Due mostly to the power steering pump that matches the description by Professor Nailhead. Based on the available information, I expected that the shaft would be usable as is, or it would have to be shortened if the donar was a larger model.....but. The dona
  6. For the record, Father Buick was correct, the air duct did not need to be removed to make this conversion. So, next time (RIGHT...LIKE I AM PREPARED TO EVER DO THIS AGAIN!) I'll know better. So will all of you. Thank you all for your support. Not done yet....hope everything works when I don't have any more parts left on the floor to reinstall.
  7. Thank you Father Buick and Old-Tank for your advise. I'll take a look at that.
  8. Thank you Father Buick for your response. I am puzzled, and a little concerned that something is going on here that will hit me hard on down the line. I still think the steering shaft will need to be lengthened. When I put the end of the tape measure on the steering wheel end of the steering shaft and measure back to the stop you mentioned on the side of the gear housing of the MANUAL STEERING BOX it measures 35.5" Measuring back further to the center of the Pitman shaft housing it measures about 45.4" Measuring from the stop to the center of the horn contact bearing it measures 9
  9. If I did not do so previously.....thank you Old-Tank for your response.
  10. Thank you Father Buick for your input to my previous post...you were correct that the air duct did not have to come out to make the steering box change. Thank you to imotors, I found the screw holding the air duct to the fire wall, and with a couple of turns, the duct came out with ease. Following previously posted advice from Professor Nailhead and others, we were able to get the standard steering box out today. Based on previously posted advice, I expected that the new power steering shaft would be the same as what we removed from our Special.....or longer. But the new shaft seems to
  11. Father Buick: Thank You. I am sure you are correct......BUT. A good friend has offered his shop, tools and assistance in making this conversion. He does not have specific knowledge about this car, but has a good deal of general knowledge and experience. From our perspective, lying on our backs on the floor of the car, we don't see any way to get the job done, but to remove this air duct and some other stuff as well. I really don't want to get into an argument with my friend over something I have no first hand knowledge. So if someone can provide some advise as to how to remove t
  12. We are making some progress in our "taking apart" mode....on the road to install the power steering unit. I sure hope we can figure out how all this stuff goes back together????!!! Our current dilemma: Under the dash there is a black metal air duck. Looks like that needs to come out, so that we can get the cardboard/rubber piece out to expose some of the hole that the steering column will be removed through. Does this make sense to somebody?? We have disconnected the flex hoses....but the metal seems to be attached to something at the firewall on the passenger side of the car. Any
  13. I am about to attempt the manual to power steering swap. I've read the available info here and am still scared to death. If this does not go well....you may see a "54 parts car for sale next month. My question: Is the Pitman Arm the same for manual and power steering? Thanks !!
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