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  1. I have too many to post on this site, but can forward them to your email address. I just moved, so don't have any of the Buick Club Member lists. Attached are some pics.
  2. My son and I have a car collection at www.tipcars.us In our collection we have the following Buicks: 1917 4 Door Touring White (older restoration) 1953 Buick Skylark - Majestic White in process of a full restoration - about one year more to go! 1954 Buick 2dr. Riviera Hard Top Gray and Black - 400 Points at Charlotte w/Mr. Earl's guidance. 1956 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - off white - mint original 32K original miles. 1957 Buick Super 2dr. HTGreen - older restoration but nice. Also 3 Buick Cousins (Pontiacs)
  3. I have not been so active on this forum for the past few years, but am restoring a 1953 Buick Skylark now so am re-introducing myself. FRITZ54. I am the original founder of Tip Tools in Canfield, Ohio. I retired a few years back and the company is now owned and operated by my son Bob. I come in a few days a week, lately to work on the Skylark, which is somewhat of a difficult restoration. Luckily our prior restoration of my 1954 Buick RIviera 2dr HT has helped. I had a lot of trouble logging in, so changed my Password and it seemed to work, but continued to have login problems. Ho
  4. Both Steve (I Motors) and I use: Bill's Chrome Bill Rosko 819 Clay Avenue Jeannette, PA 15644 (724) 527-5119 Bill is really good on pot metal and has made some rough parts look brand new! If he is busy or not in the shop, leave a message and he will return your call. We have tried many platers for our car museum (40 cars) and use no one other than Bill's Chrome. You will be happy with his work. Jeannette, PA is in the Pittsburgh area.
  5. Great color combination - how long did it take to build? Very nice! Fritz
  6. Preview Here is another picture of the what appears to be the same car from my files - my notes referred to a Mecum auction. I noticed the car and really wish I had been at the auction, as this to me is better than a convertible Skylark. Fritz
  7. Here are some pictures taken of our differential when restoring "The General". According to our research at the time, this is correct (I think so anyhow). Fritz
  8. I left Wed AM and drove the 5 hours from Ohio to Hershey and the weather was great, but by Thursday the big storm came in and brought plenty of rain (about 4"). Looking at the forecast, I drove back home, leaving Thursday AM. The rest of our guys stayed, but the rains got real heavy Thursday afternoon and Friday, so they left around noon on Friday. Most of the vendors were pulling out late Thursday and Friday. Even before the rain and with a good weather forecast, it seemed as if the crowds were about half of the past two years - maybe the Internet is doing a number on flea market sales and
  9. 1930 LaSalle Convertible 1939 LaSalle Convertible 1947 Cadillac Convertible A couple of engine pictures of the Cadillac flathead V8s All of our cars are in running condition and are continually maintained. They are on display at our car museum in Canfield, Ohio, which is near the Turnpike as you enter Ohio from PA. See www.tipcars.us for more pictures. Fritz
  10. 1952 Chieftain Station Wagon (recently purchased and perfect) 1955 Safaris (2) One is an older restoration to original, the other modified drive train & wheels with air. 1963 Pontiac 2dr Bonneville HT (A near-perfect restoration by the previous owner). 1967 GTO (original unrestored car) owned by my son. My son and I own many cars, and all are on display in Canfield, Ohio in our car museum. Museum is open every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM, but '54 Buick owners can get in most any time if in the area (call in advance to be sure I am there). See www.tipcars.us Fritz
  11. Here are my other Buicks: 1917 Touring - restored 1956 Roadmaster Convertible - unrestored original with 32K original miles 1957 Buick Super 2dr Riviera HT - older restoration of a California car. 1940 Buick Special 2 dr - nice car but we ran out of room, so was recently sold. The first 3 cars are on display in our car museum in Canfield, Ohio, along with my 1954 Special Riviera 2dr HT. See www.tipcars.us for more pictures. Fritz
  12. Mr. Earl named this car "The General" Fritz
  13. I have been studying this Ethanol problem for several years and am convinced that many of the new repro fuel pumps (electric and conventional), and fuel line hoses are imported, so more than likely Ethanol resistant rubber components are NOT used at the time of manufacture. They will work for awhile, but when sitting for long periods of time, the Ethanol eventually will swell up or weaken the rubber components. This problem is a "sleeping giant" and sooner or later will take its toll on any old car. We have a car museum in NE Ohio with about 40 cars and see this all the time. ( www.tipcars
  14. I don't have a spare, but here is are illustrated instructions on how I repaired mine: See www.fzoldcars.com and then click on "Technical Stuff" Arrow down to the section on how to restore the side trim piece. You may be able to find broken one fairly cheap and once repaired, you cannot tell the difference. Attached picture shows "after" my repair. Fritz
  15. Every time I look at the pictures, the car looks better! And rare too! Good luck. Fred
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