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  1. I have your exhaust hanger, in nice shape.  Rubber strap is still extant, but broken.  No bolt or nut for the closing of the clamp, though.  40.00 shipped?

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    2. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      The hanger went out this morning, and should be there Thursday.  Best wishes for the new year!

    3. Vindictive


      Got it today. Looks good. I already replaced the rubber strap. It will go on with my new exhaust this weekend.

    4. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      It was the nicest one I have ever seen, hope it helps!

  2. DO you still have parts for 48D? You can reach me at ; [email protected] or my cell # 267-664-2923 

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      NOS, I have a left-side door spear, and a vent window regulator, lots of mechanical and some trim.  What ya need?  714-488-1664.

  3. Hi Father Buick,

    Do you have any recommendations on where to purchase an exhaust system for my 54 Century (4 door)?  I need pretty much the whole thing.  Thanks!


    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      If you need a crossover pipe, I have ones for sale.  I might also have a couple of original hangers if interested.  One can be seen from the engine bay, and one a bit from the rear.

      You see the long-style muffler on ebay now and then.  Local muffler shops will not have them anywhere near the proper length.

      I got my pipes NORS out of Michigan, IIRC, but can not find a receipt.  A local shop should be able to bend ones for you.

      Post a question, and you will get some suggestions.

  4. On your 48D . I need a couple of parts for headliner. 3 (2prong)fork shaped brkts. that go on the end of rods, & 2 strips of metal with teeth that go above the doors. There should be one on each side. Thanx Mike

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Sorry, we're striking out, those are gone.

  5. I saw in parts section you had parts for sale. Do you have a nice complete dome lite?

    1. Father Buick

      Father Buick

      Sorry, sold already.  Keep me in mind, lots of mechanical and body.

  6. Hey, Lamar, I'll take the hood ornament, please.  Thanks!