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  1. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    Agreed on the right look of radial tires. Try lukas Tire in Long Beach, CA. I got my Diamond Back 800s there and very happy with them. You can come look at mine if you want to save yourself the drive to Long Beach...
  2. Chasing a Noise

    Wow, nice work!!
  3. Column Harness

    It is notcomplicated, but a tight mess of wires inthere going to the turn signal switch. The only hard part will be getting it shaped just so to make it fit.
  4. Power steering conversion

    These parts don't sell too quickly. A deserving buyer will be along eventually...
  5. Need 54 Air Cleaner Assembly

    Sounds like the car is in good hands! Good luck with the project.
  6. Great article in Hemmings Classic Car

    Yikes, that has an abused engine!
  7. Oil Burning When Warming

    Nice job!!
  8. 54 century 4dr sedan

    The thief will have an even harder time figuring out why the thingsputtered outafter a half block... Don't know much about the Burbridge thing in NC. Let's stick to Buicks... :-)
  9. 54 century 4dr sedan

    If you want an extra fuel filter, run it along the frame rail with a shut-off valve on the tank side. That way you can change it out without a constant drip from the tank, and you have an extra precaution against a thief trying to drive away. He will barely get half a block on the vapors in the carb.
  10. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Oh fine, I'm stripping my 56R for a repaint... It lookedOK a 20 feet, but the paint wassome 30 years old and neededa fewthings fixed underneath. Oh and a move this last week- to Mount Carmel parish on Balboa Peninsula. Awesome community - NO GARAGE!! So I am hunting for some space to rent at the moment.
  11. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Welcome back, Bob, it is nice to have you back!
  12. Wanted to buy - Roadmaster wiper arms

    Those in the picture might not be correct either. They should meet in the middle, no?
  13. Wanted to buy - Roadmaster wiper arms

    My books are all packed so I can't look to be sure, but I believe Caddilac will work as well. They are impossible to rechrome, so nos may be your best bet.
  14. That bracket is mounted to the side of the transmission.
  15. under hood lighting accessory

    It looks period-correct enough. I like how it is mounted to light up the trans and engine dip sticks without having to take it off the base.