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  1. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Yeah, happy birthday!
  2. Neutral safety/reverse switch

    Funny you ask, I was just sorting through some parts and ran across one for you. I think you have my contact info? If not, PM me...
  3. With the frame so bare, it should be reasonable. Be sure to get the whole thing measured for squareness.
  4. Just joined the group

    Hey welcome, and you have a nice looking car!! We are happy to help with her care and feeding. Your first Buick?
  5. 54 century 4dr sedan

    One of the easier ones, all you have to remove is the starter... Get yourself a good plug driver with a driving shaft that is long, heavy and has a slight bend below the head. And use silicone sealer around the edge.
  6. Column Harness

    The horn sweeper screws are innthere duper tight. Try vice grips to turn them from the side. The neutral safety switch also needs to come off for to kerp it fromdamage. Maybe when you get the column loose, you can rotateit down to get these both off...
  7. 54 century 4dr sedan

    One of your three hoses may be going bad. Remove the starter splash pan and inspect. Slso inspect the freeze plug behind the starter and snother at the pack of the head. It is hidden behind the throttle linkeage brace. If leaking there, i have a handy fix for you - two plates to bolt over the two head blugs... 30 bucks shipped.
  8. New 54' Buick Super owner

    That's the one, I had one in high school. Welcome!
  9. Time to put Almendron together

    Reminds me of a line from an old movie, "Let me slip out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini!" Glad to hear all is well
  10. Girls on '54 buicks

    Now that is one humorous way to make good out of a broken hood ornament!
  11. Fatman Fab Stub Kit

    You might have better luck on the Buick Forum for such a question. If you are grtting rid of tge rear end, please let someone take it home, as good ones are getting a little scarce. Are younearsocal? I may gave parts to help you...
  12. New member 54 Super Convertible, Orange County, CA

    Agreed on the right look of radial tires. Try lukas Tire in Long Beach, CA. I got my Diamond Back 800s there and very happy with them. You can come look at mine if you want to save yourself the drive to Long Beach...
  13. Chasing a Noise

    Wow, nice work!!
  14. Column Harness

    It is notcomplicated, but a tight mess of wires inthere going to the turn signal switch. The only hard part will be getting it shaped just so to make it fit.
  15. Power steering conversion

    These parts don't sell too quickly. A deserving buyer will be along eventually...