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  1. Did you ever get the pictures I sent?
  2. There will be a few dabs of color on the steering housing. They seem to be factory assembly marks, and the guys who knew what the would signify are long gone... I left mine on the housing, cleaned up the rest with wire brushes and degreaser, and clear-coated the bare metal. It was not painted at the factory. Follow the service manual step by step, and you will be impressed with your own talents! One word of advice, fill it with gear oil on the bench and leave it for a few days to check for leaks. Mine leaked out the side plate and its attaching bolts, and fixing that on the car was no fun.
  3. Parts around Miami/Orlando

    Talk to Russ martin at Centerville Auto Repair. You will find him on the web. He knows what you need, and likely has it on hand...
  4. WTB 1954 Buick Special parts car

    I might have a few good pieces for you in SoCal. Where are you located?
  5. '54 better than other years??

    Looks wise, you bet. Vastly better looking grill and hood ornament. Steering wheel also more impressive. A nice mix of traditional Buick elements along with the newer GM body design. But 55 had more horsepower and an improved dynaflow. De gustibus non disputanda.
  6. 1954 Super 4-door

    Welcome, and what a great car! I have been driving and working on them since high school. You will find good help here. Also jointhe Buick Club, hopefully there is an active local chapter, as guys are often happy to help out. Where are you located? Search this forum, many issues have already been discussed. Brakes first, replacing the 3 rubber hoses and 4 wheel cylinders, all locally available, and rebuild the master cylinder. Before you start the engine, do some careful prep before. This has been discussed. Have fun!
  7. Out from a long hibernation in the barn

    Wow, congrarltulations!!
  8. On this day in 1954.....

    Love that song...
  9. Weather stripping

    Not usable a second time, I don't think...
  10. I'll be up to where the fender is stored on Friday, and can send you pictures then. Can you give me a phone number and I can text them to you, please? That will be simpler...
  11. I have a very nice fender that oddly enough had a 4th porthole added. Easier to fill that in than fight rust cancer. Very straight and no rust. Fender is in SoCal, butI might be talked into a run to see an aunt in Dallas for some gas money to help get it there... Anything else you need?
  12. Transmission leak at front

    The outer tube needs too come off to replace the sleeve. What I did was pull off the original sleeve with a gear puller, then flip it around and reinstall to give a good surface for the seal. It is on there good and tight, go slow, and it moves.
  13. Trying to find...wheel centers

    Are you referring to the bolt pattern? They are 5 on 5. You might try a request on the For Sale section of the Buick Club of America forum which gets a bigger audience. And by the way, can we hear about and see some pics of the car?
  14. On this day in 1954.....

    It's something to see, especially when the Marine band is playing.
  15. Transmission leak at front

    I believe you dont have to drop the rear end, just pull it back some inches with a come-along, just enough to let the universal joint slide off the output shaft. Undo brake line at the flex hose, the parking brake at the torque tube, and the shock links at the frame. Keep the rear axle from falling down to far, or thetorque tube will bind up in the frame. To ease it back together again, make two threaded guide pins to fit where the torque tube bolts on at the ball joint. Find bolts that fit and cut off the heads and round off the severed ends Good luck!