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  1. I have worked with Alan over the years and find him very reliable, so I assume all is well with your radio. I will send you a private message with his snail-mail address.
  2. Have you seen this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-1955-1956-BUICK-SUPER-EMBLEM-EMBLEMS-54-55-56/163959650983?hash=item262cc1baa7:g:G20AAOSwwMxd2ucR
  3. Best to be more specific - I have this car, so what else fits? Hardtop or sedan? Two or four doors? There should be some interchange, but the devil is in the details.
  4. Some progress to report. I'll just say that my cars have been happy with COVID... I took a break from body work, and put the engine bay back together, and hope to have the Nailhead running again soon, and the car running around the parking lot for a bit of exercise. It's been very gratifying to put painted and zinc'd parts back together again. You might note a lot of AC stuff going on in here...
  5. Thanks! Just so happened to have things between all apart and all back together - and for the moment clean - for some good pics of the topic.
  6. The vacuum line goes behind the dash and radio to the washer buttom. From the washer button to the washer pump on the vent cover, not installed here yet, passing here. The washer fluid from the washer jar passes back inside through the same grommet and goes to a split and to the squirt nozzles at the wiper arm bases.
  7. Then to a y split, going up to the wiper motor one way and the other inside the firewall for the washer pump.
  8. Then through the hose clip beside the battery to the water manifold, and you're home!
  9. Then from core along the outer frame, avoiding moving parts, with your choice of zip ties, and up past and outboard of the steering gear.
  10. There are two hose clips under trans hump. One mid right, one rear center, above the torque ball.
  11. Then from the valve lower tube, down the firewall and over the transmission.
  12. Here we go. From lower radiator, along right inner fender to defroster core.
  13. Good to see the old gang, and thanks, Jan!
  14. Of all the dangerous things to do in life - and we have all done plenty - falling out of the Lazy Boy has got to be "one in a quadrillion"!! Glad you are on the mend!
  15. Looking on behalf of Mat in Poland who is doing awesome work on a Roadmaster convertible... The valve operating rod can be seen in the service manual, illustrations 5-31, 5-74, 5-96 and 5-97. If you have the back housing already off a spare Dynaflow, it would be super easy to grab, and we would both appreciate it... I just hate to dig into a Dynaflow that deep for one little part.
  16. Funny, I was just farting with this lately... You have to remove the switch from the dash, no way around it, to clean and seal it up again. The shorter tube on the unit goes to the vacuum source, the longer one to the pump. First, undo the headlight switch from the dash, and it will set to the side without removing any wiring. It will lay off to the side, just enough. To remove the wiper/washer control, disconnect the cable at the wiper motor, and feed it back under the dash. I connected the loose end to a piece of vacuum hose so as to keep the original routing around and under
  17. Try cleaning and lubricating the hinges.
  18. The 55 will work better than our 54's because of how the condenser is designed. The 55 benefits from the radiator fan and catches more air through the grill. The '54s are plenty big, but located on just the lower half of the radiator, so only good direct air from the car moving forward will get you much AC. But at highway speeds, it does just fine.
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