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    Father Buick got a reaction from 72gs455 in Hey, Jerry, that is the larger, inner bearing, right? How's 20 bucks shipped for the   
    The top spring, correct?  I know I have some used ones, I can throw one in for a good customer...
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    Father Buick got a reaction from CasinoBeige in Hi Father Buick, Do you have any recommendations on where to purchase an exhaust syst   
    If you need a crossover pipe, I have ones for sale.  I might also have a couple of original hangers if interested.  One can be seen from the engine bay, and one a bit from the rear.
    You see the long-style muffler on ebay now and then.  Local muffler shops will not have them anywhere near the proper length.
    I got my pipes NORS out of Michigan, IIRC, but can not find a receipt.  A local shop should be able to bend ones for you.
    Post a question, and you will get some suggestions.
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