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  1. My 1954 Special had a frame-off restoration from a Buick restorer (Gary Walker in Iowa) and everything works well but the heater/defroster controls are frozen (none of teh controls will move). I am also an appraiser and I inspected a 1955 Roadmaster last week and when I checked these controls, I noticed the same thing - the controls are frozen. Is there a reason whey they won't move? I do many other cars and most at least work but is there a problem with the mid-1950's Buicks? If there is, how can I free mine up? Thanks, Bill Krieger
  2. What fluid did Buick use in the convertible top? We unscrewed the cap, the fluid is low and it is clear. We suspect hydraulic fluid but some say (on the AACA forum) brake fluid. Anybody have any thoughts?
  3. Did you replace the window glass in a four-door sedan? That's what I have and I've heard it's a miserable job.
  4. My Special did the same thing and we figured the wire was bad but all we found out is that the wire was kinked and needed to be straightened out. Try an ohm meter to the button at the end and the metal part of the steering column. If it doesn't "beep" as the wheel is moved the wire is good. Then try to make contact at the pickup at the bottom of the column. We fixed two Buicks - my 1954 and a 1955 by trial and error. Replacing the horn wire looks to be a real challenge.
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