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  1. hi Al soon i will be back here on the highway and i will share the whole story its almost 4 years now so its time I'l be back
  2. hi guys happy to be back greetings from the netherlands to you all
  3. From the netherlands and for all my buick friends
  4. from the Netherlands Happy Holidays
  5. nice car Al what do you think of my 53
  6. look what i find on the net never seen these taillights vbefore looks original to me
  7. thanks Al nice pictures where did you all go to looks on the picture the weather was not so good yeh its a little different than that warm and sunny weather in Florida to bad i didn't catch up with you maybe next time i'm almost ready in the house so in time i will be starting again with harley you will see thanks again Andre
  8. well guys racepoint is back in busines not from germany but still in the netherlands in our old house we had some big problems with selling the house it was a struggle and it cost me a lot of money and stress so finaly i had to sell miss caroline to pay the bills because we did not want to to court my wife could not mentally take it any more so she was close to a breakdown and i love here to much to see that happens my vision is health and wellness goes above money so we make a new start in our old house and in a couple of weeks i will start with harley
  9. i think with some small adjustments it will fit is it a used set or a rebuild set i would pay about 500 to 750 euro but only for a rebuild complete set
  10. finally were going to move in three weeks i have to be out of my house so thats a short time to pack all the stuff but were going to get it there keep you guys informed when were setlled down
  11. rob i will look into it and make some pics of the altenator brackets we make them ourself its not a big job so i will let you know very busy with moving to germany thanks
  12. thanks guys know i hope he can find the right one anyone else who knows good shippers in the us from abeline to sumas WA Let me know
  13. guys i need help i bought a set of bumpers from buicknut Jeff 2 months ago but he can not find a shipper to send it from Abeline to sumas WA does anyone know a shipper who can do it please let us know because Jeff can not find one so HELP IS NEEDED thanks
  14. yes Al one day we will meet up in miami you bet
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