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  1. Real cool, lucky to find.
  2. If someone is looking for a 48D, my car is for sale. I'm in va. 45 min. south of Richmond. . Drove her yesterday around the block, great driver car.
  3. Welcome, real nice looking buick. Love the red color.
  4. Nice looking car. Hope your can find the help you need here, welcome to the highway.
  5. Good to see your family also enjoying the car. Nice looking support group.
  6. Looks better then new, just a super nice job. Dennis
  7. Nice car, What part of Va. are you from. I live in the South Hill area.
  8. Reading this listening to my son play the banjo. We have played in a traveling bluegrass band for 9 years. Have meet Dan who is singing lead on man of constant sorrow. We have played with many of the top bands you would hear on Bluegrass radio. Murphy method is a dvd lesson that teaches to play by year, she has lessons for all bluegrass instruments. Glad to see you enjoying the banjo.
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