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  1. I forgot to mention the carpet i`m tearing out today will need a good cleaning to get the coolant out so suggestions on what to use would be appreciated. Thanks for your help...Grant in SLC, Utah
  2. Well... it finally happened! After 44years of owning my grandfathers Roadmaster something blew in my heater core and flooded my new carpeting. I seem to remember from previous posts that this is not going to be an easy fix and I had hoped I wouldn`t have to face a problem like this. All heater hoses and cooling lines that run to the tranny were replaced 15 years ago so nothing under the car or in the engine bay show any leaks. All my indy mechanics have retired or croaked soooo.. can I fix this problem myself? Don`t want to but may have to! I`d appreciate your thoughts on how to approach
  3. Beautiful 72R


    Nice photos Elpad. Looks like it might have been a bit chilly!
  4. I was just catching up on some back issues of the Buick Bugle when I spotted Lamars 1979 Buick Estate Wagon on the cover of the March 2021 issue with the title "Southern Belle takes on the tail of the dragon." It's a great read featuring Lamar, Rita, dog Elvis and their Airstream Argosy out for a fall adventure. Really makes you want to get out and travel! Kudos to Lamar for getting it in the "Bugle."
  5. Hello everyone, glad to be back on with y’all!
  6. WOW Fritz54!!! Love the cars and thanks for the pic`s!
  7. Just finished reading my May 2019 Buick Bugle and was surprised and pleased to read about Lamar's purchase of a very nice 1979 Buick Estate Wagon and a 1974 Airstream Argosy 26Foot travel trailer. He and wife Rita are planning to tow it to the 2019 Buick National meet in Midwest City, Ok in June. Great idea and very entertaining article for us '54 Buick Highway members to read. Made me wish I was towing my 26 foot trailer with one just like it!!! BTW Lamar, I have a very nice pair of vintage chrome towing mirrors from the 70's like the ones pictured in the Buick trailer towing guide on pag
  8. Just noticed your posts on Buttercup and can`t believe you ended up with it, What a low mileage beauty & great pics, Kudos to you and Lamar!
  9. Congratulations Madam Maybelle, been out of the loop for a few weeks and just saw your Pics. Your really knocking it out of the park with a "best in show" at the Atlanta Concours D'elegance! Wish we lived closer so we could get a picture of both Buicks together, I`d be like double vision
  10. wow!!! The car looks fantastic and your restoration story and pics were very entertaining. BTW, like the front plate with the V8888!
  11. Hey TC my dad used to pull a folding camper trailer with his `54 Buick Special back in the late 50`s and used a portable bumper hitch to tow it with. It worked but I wouldn`t use that bumper hitch on my new shiny chrome bumper. I still have the hitch and a picture somewhere of it pulling the trailer. It`s a heavy duty sucker with rubber backing to protect the bumper from scratching but you can`t mount it centered between the two rear bumper guards so he`d mount it offset to the left side or the right side. Let me know if your interested and I`ll send you a picture. He also pulled that tra
  12. Yup, I`d like to see any up dates and progress with the car also. It looks very complete and the body looks solid and straight. Reminds me of my Grandfathers Roadmaster when I got it in the late `70s. I just cleaned it up and kept it running and had fun with it until I did a complete refurbishment around 2008. Add some interior pic`s if you can. A 33,000 mile original car is hard to come by these days, so keep any documentation on the car you can find. Good luck and keep us posted....Grant
  13. Ha! Yup, those A/C tubes really get peoples attention. I`m sure glad that Mr. Earls HS was available to complete both Madam Maybelle and Almendron`s restorations as both are real show winners! I`m flattered that you used my cars photo as a visual reference, and yes, it was she "Stella" in Mr. Earls column in the Bugle. Don`t know how many A/C equipped Buicks like ours were manufactured but they were rare to start with. I have heard the additional cost of the $660.00 A/C option when new discouraged many buyers, but not my Grandfather as his last Buick (now mine) had every option available.
  14. Don`t know how I missed your resurrection post back in June but Madam Maybelle is truly a beauty! Glad you posted pic`s earlier as well as the Cruise-In photo as both our Roadmasters are a mirror image of each other right down to the A/C, Colors and black rims. Brought a big smile to my face, and now that your showing the car I`m wondering if your getting a lot of positive comments about the color. It`s usually the first thing I hear from the car show crowds right after the often heard my father/grandfather had one just like it! Hope you keep showing it as it`s truly a show winner!
  15. Yes Al, be sure and keep us posted on how you, your family and Almendron are doing during the hurricane...Grant
  16. Finally sat down to read my July issue of the Buick Bugle and spotted Lamars "Barn find Adventure". What a great and entertaining story of how he rescued 8 old Buicks from a warehouse 50 miles from his home. Can`t think of a better guy to pull that off that than Lamar. Had good laugh about his philosophy "that it`s better to seek forgiveness than permission" from his wife when her agreement to purchase one car suddenly turned into a chance to purchase all 8 at once!!! Best of all he found homes for most of the cars. Thanks Lamar for all you do for us old Buick enthusiasts!
  17. Just checked the part number on the extra power brake core I have and the part number is 5454834 vs the5454800 part number on the ebay unit. Don`t know if that makes a difference because they both look identical. Thanks to Mr. Earl I now have another source in Nevada for a rebuild if needed!
  18. Hi Stealthbob, There are several places I`ve found that will rebuild the powerbrake booster/master cylinder. Power Brake Exchange, 260 Phelan Ave., San Jose, California 95112 Phone 408 292 1305 and Arizona Vintage Auto Parts Phone 602 4951800 (don`t have the address). The quote I got from Arizona was the least expensive at 325.00 plus shipping and closer to me as I live in Utah. Both require your core to rebuild it. Can`t say what my experience was as I had a momentary glitch with a sticking brake pedal driving home from a car show in late fall last year that has never returned. I drive
  19. yup...like Elpad said, I remember those days too!!
  20. Lamar, I just noticed the spear you've advertised and noticed it was posted in February. I need one for my Roadmaster as it`s missing a small piece of the tail end. Hard to tell its missing at 1st glance but it bugs me enough sooo....if you haven't sold it yet I`d be happy to take it off your hands.
  21. Thanks Msgr. Doug and Al for your advice/recommendations. It will take a little time but I`ll get back to you after I`ve had a chance to try a few things and let you know the results. The wealth of knowledge on this forum always amazes me! Thanks a lot....Grant
  22. Yup...the compressor turned by hand when turning in one direction and free wheeling when turning in the other. When I had it apart I took the 2 broken pieces out and put it back together. Now it freely turns in both directions. The Caddie A/C may work after some modifications, but before I pm you I`m going to do some research on a rebuilder back east that I spoke with several year ago. They had a 55 caddie A/C on Ebay and said they could do mine but the price was close to $1000.00...oouch! Now...if I can just find their name, email/Phone number? Either way I`ll get back to you, Thank
  23. oops, new laptop is giving me fits. I`ll try again with the pic`s shortly. OK Here`s the pics!
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