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  1. I read some of your post. What caught my eye was the blue caddy in the picture. It looks just like my 57 Caddy? MikeĀ 

  2. That sucks I hope you get your Buick back on the road soon.
  3. Okay well we will have to get together before the weather get gnarly. What ever happened to Kevin? Is he still on the forum?
  4. Its okay the weather looks iffy for next weekend and I need to save money for registration and shipping costs for my 1940 Chevy. Want to try and plan a cruise for Labor Day weekend? I'll have either the Caddy or the Chevy if you wanna bring your Buick
  5. It wont be there in time. Are you going next weekend?
  6. Not a Buick but Earl Harley definitely had it styled after the Buick! Here is my soon to be new ride...1940 Chevrolet!
  7. Is anyone planning on attending this? Last year it was me and Kevin....Chris you going to be able to make it?
  8. Ouch hope you get it fixed soon. I have a valve that ticks every once in a while but I suspect its either dirty channels or their is a vacuum leak causing the pump to not circulate oil when I brake. It never appears when I'm driving...only when I stop and its for a few seconds then it goes away. Ah the joys of old cars
  9. In pieces?! What happened? Father Buick thats what I planned on doing I'm even wearing the suit for my car!
  10. Anyone care to do some classic car cruising this weekend in the DC area? The Shark needs to stretch her legs!
  11. Sure will...and it'll all be done in a few weekends! I should have her ready to rock and roll by the middle part of April so if you guys wanna meet up for a burger and a beer let me know.
  12. Well looks like I'm not the only one who has some repairs to make before the season starts! I have a few repairs I need to make before I do any cruise ins. Here is my list of items to take care of: Replace tailshaft seal in the transmission- This was bad when I got the car but it causes the fluid level to go down to a very low level over time. Noticed this back in November when my transmission started slipping a little at 40+ mph. I filled the fluid back up and it started working fine. Turns out the previous owner replaced the seal with a two piece seal which are problematic. They make
  13. Its been a while since I've stopped by this forum. I mainly dwell on the Cadillac forums now since I have my Shark...but I still like to drop in to see how my 54 Buick friends are doing. So has anyone been to any shows yet? Done anything new to your 54? Is anyone interested in getting together around the DC area for a Saturday lunch cruise in? -Tim
  14. This isn't that bad of a deal...looks like a really nice car! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/5408954703.html
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