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  1. Finally got a lift. I love it. The Buick had no leaks till I put her on top. Now she wants to drop stuff on her brother. I believe it is a case of sibling rivalry.
  2. Summer in Houston is brutal. Only way I can drive my baby is with top up. Here is one last pic with her red top. The boot and well are same color/material. The color is a close match to red in interior. I will have to invest in ac to enjoy summer cruses. I already got a heavy duty radiator. It holds temp at idle during 95 degree days.
  3. I have bumpers in trunk and they are round. Thanks for idea.
  4. close but mine do not have the flange with holes. there is only one hole and it is in center.
  5. Can someone tell me where these go. There are two of one kind which have a metal plate with a rubber top. One is shown as one piece the other is shown with the two pieces separated. The other two bumpers are just diagonal rubber. I think they might be for convertible top. Thanks in advance Terry
  6. Sorry to say just the temp, oil and gas cluster. but I would love to see the dance!
  7. cudaman82 has a sharp eye and pointed out this cluster is for a 55 not a 54.
  8. I have an instrument cluster. Its in pretty good shape but temp gage does not work (think line is ruptured) . Don't know about the other gages I expect gas and oil work. Free to good home (first come)
  9. CARS INC PARTS (New) g464 Gas Pedal Power Brake cover (it has white raised lettering "POWER BRAKE") the part is PC535P it is not listed online. I did not use these parts free to first taker. PM me your mail address.
  10. There is a bracket that holds steering column to dash. The dash has two slots to use to attachment. I had attached by fishing two bolts through these slots and putting nuts on the bracket to secure assembly. I feel sure this is not the way Buick intended. The bracket is counter sunk (looks like should use a round Phillips head bolt) but I can't imagine how to get a nut under the dash. How should this fasten? Thanks
  11. I have master parts book with some good detail pics of various assemblies. Let me know if you need more info,
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