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  1. Lowering!!! Wow i like it so far

    Yeah I have been quite happy with it since. Back in May 17 I changed the wheels and went with 57' cad caps and wide whites 29" tall... they are taller thanId like, but they were a great deal. Now Im wondering whats next as I would like to have a nicer ride???
  2. Ballast resistor.

    Unfortunately Father Buick I am in Australia, I wish I had a tri 5 shop near me... Just a hopeless bunch of know nothing Auto electricians that like Laptops to plug into a little adapter under a seat
  3. Ballast resistor.

    standard 264 with stock ignition... what ohm resistor is required? please help
  4. Dynaflow still leaking

    u r spot on its out of a 53 super. so is it worth to upgrade to from my 264? i would end up rebuilding it so could i change and update those oddities??? or look for a 56 322? and with the tranny would it b a dynaflow, this i wouldnt have a clue about
  5. 1954 Roadmaster radiator swap

    i dont have my shroud on atm... wen i got the guy to weld the tabs on for it, i didnt do a pre fit and make sure they didnt need to be moved slightly, and they did as the radiator sits a little higher the shroud hits on the bottom of the fan.
  6. Dynaflow still leaking

    Can anyone enlighten me to what this transmission in the pic is? its for sale, its the only pic as its for sale with engine, But owner doesn't know what it is. Regards
  7. 1954 Roadmaster radiator swap

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aluminum-Radiator-for-Ford-PickUp-F350-F250-F100-F350-250-100-53-54-55-56-/191876117369?hash=item2cacb53379:g:t-QAAOSw41xXPVUZ Here is the link to what is in my car.
  8. is it a 264 or 322???

    OK Got ya, Big job yes but I love a challenge and a bit of power. So first of all, that 3.9 rear end, can I just change the centre or is a whole diff required? Secondly Mr Earl, Leave it with me, I will have a chat to the other half and see what I can do, Shipping is the killer for us Aussies Regards Rob
  9. is it a 264 or 322???

    Mr Earl, what would that be worth though? i would need to start saving a few $$$, but sounds great, I am interested possibly though Thanks
  10. is it a 264 or 322???

    Mr earl i will have to find the title again.... could be a while lol. Bark the tyres, none of that happening. this baby doesnt even think agout doing that. I do wish it would though. i have never been in another Buick, so i am unsure of how much power should be available. What i can say is there is not too much at all and i wish there was. Car runs and idels smooth. seems to be revving fine. But as i say it doesnt evwn think about spinning a tyre even in the wet. Should it???
  11. is it a 264 or 322???

    Here is a link to when the car was freshly built to its current state... re the engine being freshly built. hmmm https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail/KC1209-87799/0/1954-Buick-Rivera/Automatic/
  12. is it a 264 or 322???

    Thanks Mr Earl. V6380124 is all the digits that are there. so that seems to be the same amount of numbers as what is in the pic you posted. My car is a special and i am in Sydney Australia regards
  13. is it a 264 or 322???

    ok guys... if u r all stumped.. i have no bloody hope hahaha. unless some sneaky person has decked the 322 and renumbered it as a 264.... ahhhhhhhh i dont know. hmmm so u guys are going with 322 yeah?
  14. is it a 264 or 322???

    Thanks father buick... so in the pics below this is the engine, the engine number ends in 4 if thats the stamped number ur looking at... and as for the crank pulley. hmmmm i would have thought steel not cast iron??? help please
  15. the special was born with the 264  2 barrel, the century, super, and roadmaster were born with 322, the super with a 2 barrel and century, and roadmaster with the 4 barrel.