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  1. I have sent a snail mail letter to Alan Kriss and have not received an answer. I am really ready for my radio and really need a Selectronic one to go on my new 1954 Skylark. I would appreciate any additional info you may have gathered???
  2. Buickers: I sent my 1954 Buick Skylark Selectronic radio to Alan Kriss over two years ago. He told me to call him again in March of last year, but I have not been able to find him, the 570-376-3952 number is no longer in service. Does ANYONE knows what happened to him? Anyone has his new number? I am ready for the radio and need to find out what happened to mine. OOOORRRRRR, does anyone has a serviceable one to sell it to me? I would appreciate any help tracking him down.
  3. Mr Earl: I just realized that you are the person that writes about the forum in the Buick Bugle. I appreciate you looking for this part for my car. When I bought the car I made sure that it came with ALLLL the important parts such as tailights, bird on the sides, etc. The issues have been with the body, I bought a 54 Century and have used it as a donor car. The car is in primer now and I am compiling the other parts for the car, such as the radio with foot button, air cleaner ( hopefully yours) and I still need the bottom of the front seat which was hydroelectric.
  4. It is for a 1954 Buick Skylark with the 322 engine and a four barrel Carburetor. I REALLY would appreciate any help locating it. As a Teaser, I am including a photo of the car before I started the Reconstruction of Buick Skylark number 90 Thank You SOOOO much for any help...
  5. Looking for the complete set up for the air cleaner with the oil bath pan as well. Missed one on E-bay and I am kicking myself for not following the sale closer since it just missed my maximum bid. Please help me assemble this resurrection car from the dead. I will be posting pictures which you will not believe the state when I found it.
  6. Al: I am also restoring a Lido Green Skylark after finishing my Black and Yellow one and I need to find the correct color for the darker green. I do have the paint chip for the lighter green, but it is small can you let me know where to find the colors as well?
  7. Although I do not pretend to be an expert, even though I have two of them, I also agree that for that price, it should be in better shape, specially if you plan on showing it at our annual ALL GM SHOW in Los Angeles as part of our yearly Buick show. I hope you join our chapter, "the First Chapter" here in Los Angeles. The main beef I have with this car, is the seat. ALL skylarks came with Power seat which has a four way joystick type set up on the FRONT of the seat, moving it up, down forward or back. This seat appears to be from a Century/ Special which did not have power seats but fit in
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