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  1. Seriously?! That is so cool. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Btw I have some convertible top bows and parts if needed
  3. I’m thinking the frame of the convertible is of thicker steel and x brace reinforced but not sure. Ihave seen conversions done however. so is the frame rusted or just the floor and rockers etc. Floor replacement would be easier than top replacement I would thank. Willie on here restored a 55 convertiblethat had no floor to speak of, hopefully he will check in and can answer any questions you have
  4. I just like the pictures...

    Is that a breather element? Cool!
  5. 1954 2 door post..

    Wow, look at that nice interior, and sorta rare to have bolstered tops in a Special sedan. And that radio delete plate iscool! Look forward to following.
  6. Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard, look forward to following what sounds like a cool custom build. Check out our forum dedicated just to customs.
  7. Happy Birthday MrEarl!

    Thanks guys! Just another day of upkeep at Buick Gardens, cutting trees off of and replacing fences. I guess my trip to Hershey this year was my "special Buick gift" this year Bob where I bought a set of old wood Buick wheels fro display at Buick Sales and Service and few NOS pieces. Thanks my friend!
  8. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Russ Martin has a complete and correct size set
  9. I just like the pictures...

    See the difference now? Hint, it is above the beltline. And you're right re the back vent, it doesn't open on the Special, does on the Century. This is BlueBird by the way, Seriously considering selling.
  10. I just like the pictures...

    There's another way (on the exterior) to tellit is a Century, who knows what it is.
  11. Fuel pump hose

    You''re lucky it's jus your eyes
  12. Time to put Almendron together

    and the occasion was? Let me know if you need sanctuary for Almendron during the hurricane.
  13. 54 century 4dr sedan

    She's looking great yungmi!
  14. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Check the fuel filters and the coil. I chased a similar sounding problem onceforever. Swapped out the coil early on with no change. Did a complete tune up and carburetor rebuild. Finally, tried a known gooduse coil. Problem fixed.
  15. Hello Mr. Earl!!!!!  How is Rosie doing down on the farm?

    1. MrEarl


      Hey Kelly! Great to hear from you! 

      Rosie is stil here waiting on the guy I sold her to to get her ready for the La Carrera Panamericana. The deal was that he'd drive her and I'd be the copilot? Problem is we're both too friggin old now for that much excitement 😳😆 he mentioned the other day he might put her up for sale.  I am considering selling a couple of mine too. Getting old sucks! 

      Speakin of old,  how's your old dad? 😄 and MaryJane?

    2. Kellys54Special


      MaryJane has a short in the system somewhere, we haven't been able to get her started at all this season. My dad is doing fine, got himself a girlfriend and they are like Peas and Carrots. She makes him get up and around and play golf. Keeps him active so he doesn't become part of the furniture if you know what I mean. I miss playing around on Rosie and I have Maryjane to help with I just wish I had more time. Seems like 2 months will pass before I can get to my dad's to tinker on Maryjane. Kind of like not getting on here to check my messages for 3 weeks. Hope you survived Irma without to much water! I need to visit here more often