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  1. I just like the pictures...

    Cool shot Bob!
  2. Lamars Buick Bugle article

    Thanks guys, it was indeed one of the greatest adventures of my life. I was truly and I do mean TRULY blessed to have been given the opportunity by the owner to buy the cars and at a price that I could turn around and sell them to others for a very fair price. See if this link works for bringing up the Buick Bugle article Barn Find Bugle final.pdf
  3. Power steering conversion

    for you, yep!! and a nice reservoir lid too....
  4. I just like the pictures...

    A few spot welds would take care of that.
  5. Missing

    I can probably help with that. Email me at 1954buick at gmail dot com
  6. Need 54 Air Cleaner Assembly

    I can help with that. Message me Buick Femme
  7. Need 54 Air Cleaner Assembly

    2 barrel or 4 barrel?
  8. manual transmission torque ball

    U-joints for 5 bolt top Special transmissions are plentiful, for 6 bolt Century and Super, not so plentiful.
  9. Super with factory air FS...

    Hell, I'm busier and broker 4 years after retirement than I ever was before. The thing is family though, tha's what matters and where you want to be sure to spend available time while "working" your way through life. Getting off topic here but how are you storing that new built engine. I had a friend once that stored a newly built nailhead for like 5 years. He filled the engine bottom full of oil, the cylinders with Marvel Mystery oil, sealed off the intake and exhaust manifolds, and pulled the rockers off to keep from compressing the springs. He kept it on an engine stand and about once every 6 months or so, literally turned the engine upside down and over.
  10. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Crap, I keep forgetting to send you that horn ring, hope nothing gets in your way.
  11. 54 century 4dr sedan

    I was thinking it was forty somethin feet. Last I bought was the 50 ft roll and only had a short piece left.
  12. Brake system overhaul

    Chris, the 54 system is pretty much an vacuum controlled master cylinder.
  13. Oil Burning When Warming

    Wheeew, you scared me for a minute there Chris!!! I know you're happy that it didn't use a drop of oil on your trip, CONGRATS!!