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  1. Carol, I looked today and nothing you would want to put on Maybelle, sorry.
  2. first thing I always check when there are strange noises or problems associated with going into park or reverse are motor and transmission mounts. They may be split or the vulcanizing broke loose from the metal which can be hard to see.
  3. What the hell happened when I was gone?

    Glad to have you back Bob, you were missed. Hope to see you pull your old threads back up and continue them. Can't wait to see Harriet back on the road with mom and kids.
  4. The Great Race

    Name the starting line!
  5. I just like the pictures...

    If you're funding it, I can build it. Will need to changethe name from white to Brown though.
  6. Can't promise anything though as they may be too pitted. I assume you've looked for repros? I see nos ones ever once in awhile but they are rediculously priced.
  7. Out of 11 big body fittyfo's,surely I can come up with a pair. I'll check and see.
  8. So, the gentleman I sold this to traded this back in as part payment on a '54 Century. So it is back available. $600 for all. At this price anyone with a 3 -speed could buy this tranny as a spareand make most if not all their money back selling the rest of the parts. I've seen the Ansen shifter alone sell for $300 on eBay. Flywheels for a couple hundred, same for bell housing. I need it out of my way. If I end up putting it back in the barn loft it will probablystay there until the kids sell it in the estate sale.
  9. #3 is sold. #2 is still available. Has dent but solid, would make for a good core for replating. Reduced to $40
  10. exterior molding

    I've got you covered, will pull them this week.
  11. 54 century 4dr sedan

    From what perspective do you need a picture?
  12. Resurrection!

    She is absolutely gorgeous! and certainly rates those Concourse shows! Will you be taking her to this years Buick Nationals? I can't wait to see her in person. Congratulations! It has been quite a journey!
  13. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Cool! So where did you get the drums turned? And where did you get the shoes? And the wheel cylinders?
  14. rear axle ratio 54 century 3 speed manual

    If your '54 has a 4:11 gear rear, then it was transplanted from an earlier Buick. The correct rear end ratio for a '54 3spd would be 3.9. 4:11 is pretty low for street use, you'd be happier with the original 3.9. You may want to pull the inspection plate off the pumpkin and check the gears, it should be stamped in the metal of the pinion.
  15. I just like the pictures...

    No,but they shoulda been?