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  1. and the 55 has a red pointer while the 54 is white, but I'm sure you knew that 😀 and @Buick Femme what's the status of the radio, hopefully you got it back
  2. For a while I seriously considered adding the McCulloch supercharger and swapping a 3.9 rear end into one of my Roadmasters at the time but decided to go with something a bit newer. We are really enjoying it .see if this link works for the read https://issuu.com/buickclub/docs/march2021bugle?fr=sMzFlZTc3NTc5NA
  3. anybody else seeing this ? I just hate when pictures disappear to the extent that I've maintained paid subscriptions to Photobucket, Image Shack and a couple other photo imaging sites for years just to keep pictures viewable in some old forum posts.
  4. about halfway through page 6 the albums are there but no pictures. Several of the missing ones happen to be mine.
  5. Hello Mr. Earl!  Long time since I dropped in to say hello. Is Rosie still resting in the Buick Garden?

    1. MrEarl


      Hey Kelly, no ol Rosie has been gone from the Gardens a couple years now, a young guy and his dad ended up with her. I've sold several of my '54s, only have the 3 speed Century and a 2 dr Roadmaster and will probably be selling it soon. Getting old sux. Speaking of...how is your dad and MaryJane?

    2. Kellys54Special


      Glad to hear Rosie found a home. Do they post here on the forum? Would love to see pictures of her and talk about some things with them.


      My dad and Mary Jane are doing fine, his girlfriend is not a "car" person so he doesn't get Mary Jane out as much as he used to. She has him playing a lot of golf again which is really a good thing as it keeps him moving. I have always thought you selling my dad Mary Jane probably saved his life. He was starting to become a really old man, didn't play golf because of the aches and pains and sat around all day. Then he started crawling around Mary Jane every day and that gave him something to do every day. Then when Sharon passed unexpectedly he had Mary Jane and he drove her everywhere and that became his life until he got together with Marylin. Yea, he doesn't hang out with the car folks, but he is more active which keeps him from sitting in a chair all day and just fading away. So its a fair trade.  One of these days I will get back into a 54 Buick, I sure as heck had a lot of fun with Rosie and wish I had the space to get back into it again.

    3. MrEarl


      Wow Kelly, I never knew Mary Jane had such a positive impact on your dad, that she was such a blessing in a sense. Thank you for sharing that. BTW how old is your dad now. I'm 70 going on 98 it feels like LOL. Would love to see you with another '54, the work you (and your dad) did on Rosie was awesome.

  6. All I'm seeing are the newer posted ones, all the old albums don't show. Also when I go to post a new photo it asks if I want to use an existing album and if I select yes I can see all my old albums but that is the only place I can find them so thankfully they are still here....somewhere.... Can you look in to this for us @El Diablo
  7. Looking great Doug! Haven't forgotten about the hood latch clip, coming....
  8. Are you sure it's not just the cable? I've had two repaired here but many years ago. https://www.bobsspeedometer.com/1/120/index.asp
  9. Good for you @Uncle Richie I'm close behind you at 70. Wish we were closer, would be great fun helping each other........get up off the garage floor. 😆 Tell us more about that Special and what we can help you with over in the Technical Questions forum. https://www.1954buick.com/forum/15-technical-questions/
  10. Back at ya Bud. I just checked back in on the 1956 Buick site and see that family, work and life in general must still be getting in the way of the '56 Super restoration. Thats OK though, believe me I can empathize. 🙂 Good to hear from you Bud!!!!
  11. Back, and with what appears to be the latest Invision software version!!! Really liking the new Gallery format and the displaying of members Albums etc. Also like the Recent activity side bar where you can get a quick peek at ALL the post on All the different forums. @Admin El Diablo This has got to be costing some bucks!!! There use to be a donation link at the top of the page, is that going to return.
  12. Oh my God Jerry, how am I just hearing this?!! Man I can empathize with you somewhat as I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back and pain with every move but MAN nothing like I know you must have gone through and possibly are still having. So sorry to hear this and hopefully your condition will improve so you can get back to the Super. Hopefully your nephew will be able to return to help sometime soon. Thoughts and prayers for you brother.
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