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  1. any leads on a vent window frame for a 54 2dr hardtop? mine broke and now I am miserable


  2. Do you have any '54 headlight bezels Mr. Earl? I also need 3 of those little slip-in studs that the bezels screw on to.



    1. MrEarl


      Sorry I don't

  3. Hello Mr. Earl!!!!!  How is Rosie doing down on the farm?

    1. MrEarl


      Hey Kelly! Great to hear from you! 

      Rosie is stil here waiting on the guy I sold her to to get her ready for the La Carrera Panamericana. The deal was that he'd drive her and I'd be the copilot? Problem is we're both too friggin old now for that much excitement 😳😆 he mentioned the other day he might put her up for sale.  I am considering selling a couple of mine too. Getting old sucks! 

      Speakin of old,  how's your old dad? 😄 and MaryJane?

    2. Kellys54Special


      MaryJane has a short in the system somewhere, we haven't been able to get her started at all this season. My dad is doing fine, got himself a girlfriend and they are like Peas and Carrots. She makes him get up and around and play golf. Keeps him active so he doesn't become part of the furniture if you know what I mean. I miss playing around on Rosie and I have Maryjane to help with I just wish I had more time. Seems like 2 months will pass before I can get to my dad's to tinker on Maryjane. Kind of like not getting on here to check my messages for 3 weeks. Hope you survived Irma without to much water! I need to visit here more often

  4. I was told by Avg. that you might have some parts I'm interested in. 1st a nice complete dome lite. I'm not that picky for a 54 dome lite . I'm looking for one similar size & shape. With chrome bezel ,good electric socket & switch on it. Also 3 brkts. for the ends of the headliner rods & metal strips with the teeth in them that hold headliner on both sides. This is just the tip of my ice berg. I'm going to stop at a upholstery shop to also check on these items. thanx Mike  

  5. Lamar, I think steering wheels are the same from 1948 to 1954, not sure. Looking for a complete assembly preferible in black for the 50 Super. Any Idea$. The previous savage cut a perfect steering wheel. Also looking for a set of original steel wheels, don't know if the 54's fit. This one take 15x6.50 wheels. Again the previous savage installed aluminum wheels. they have to go!

  6. Hey, Lamar, I'll take the hood ornament, please.  Thanks!

  7. Sir,  Ron Ballem here, have a 54 Century convertible and I have taken all the factory air & heat out.  Completely cleaned the firewall inside & out, also all the underseat heat & duct work.  All this stuff is in very good condition as I have cleaned & painted it, checked motors, etc.  All this to install a new "OLD AIR PRODUCTS" unit (shame,shame) but this Texas heat just requires more!  Any interest in someone buying the lot - don't want to part it out?  I can send pics if I can figure out how.    Thanks

  8. Hi, I´ve got a tip from Doug Cook that you might have some parts for my slightly damaged rear shock absorber. During repair them I´ve damaged the valves on the bottom. Do you have a them? I´ve got a Buick Super 1954.


    Greetings from Germany ;)