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  1. Thank you, any and all help is appreciated.  No need to rush or go out of your way as I have all the time in the world, as I am retired.  Thank you so much for any help.  I do know that vacuum hoses under the dash for the heater, wipers and what ever else is there are going to be the real challenge.

    1. Avgwarhawk


      There is only one vacuum hose under the dash for the wiper motor.   The heater controls are cable operated.  I will take a picture of area on the firewall were the vacuum hose for the wipers is found.   

  2. I am sorry, I was a little remiss in my intro. I live in Sparks, NV. My wife and I purchased the 54 sown in Fillmore, CA in 2010 and I have been slowly working on getting it back together. I am 73 and the only good cars are the reliable classics and oldies as far as I am concerned. I am retired from the Federal Govt and retired from the military reserves with 36 years. I tell every that I am a 73 yr old man in a 16 yr old body with a 6 yr old mind, and I don't get many arguments which is ok with me.
  3. Yes, I have gone through the Shop Manual I have and there is nothing showing where connection are, or the routing of Heater and Vacuum hose for the Heater and the controls or Motors, vents and vales are.
  4. Does anyone have any diagrams, pictures or drawings showing how the heater hoses, and vacuum lines are routed on 54 Special 2dr Hardtop, Model 46R. I purchased the vehicle in partial restoration, the seller did not have any idea either on how to connect everything back up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Uncle Richie
  5. Hello, I have a 54 Special 2dr Hardtop 46R that is requiring a lot of work to get her back on the road. With some help from members and owners I hope to find information that I have not yet found online. I have had the vehicle for ten years and taking my time to fix her right.
  6. Before the wet and cold weather started back in October I was trying to finish the headliner installation and get the front windshield and rear windows in, needless to say the rear window is still not installed and the front windshield went in real easy, just to discover that it does not fit! I had not noticed any problems before taking it out and have now found that the top edge of the glass is about 3/8" to 1/2" short across the top. Do not know if it is the wrong one or not. It was in place when I bought the car and I never checked it out until I reinstalled it. Does anyone have any ideas about the dimensions for the 54 Buick Special 2Dr, Hardtop 46R windshields or how do I make sure I get the right one if needed? Or have I done something wrong on the install?


    Uncle Richie

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