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  1. WTB: Air Cleaner

    As I understand it the 54 and 55 differs, and I need one from 54 to get it right. but many thanks anyhow.
  2. Hello Anyone who have a correct 1954 aircleaner for 4-Barrel carburator, Any help very appreciated. Best regards MrPersson
  3. WTB: Brake line Splitter etc

    Thanks a lot I send you a PM, Best regards MrPersson
  4. WTB: Brake line Splitter etc

    Its the upper lenses on top of fins on the Skylark they are calledsergeant stripes. One of the threads on my block is damaged so I would expect possible leaks so I want to change it. /MrPersson
  5. Hello I wonder if anyone can help me with a brake line splitter for the front left frame Power brake ( Skylark) I also need the rubber insets in the front pulley maybe a complete pulley and the Intake manifold vaccum nipple in front of carburator. Appreciate any help. I also have a couple of new "sergents stripes" for sale if anyone is interested created from the old one, in excellent condition many Thanks /Mr Persson
  6. Skylark restoration progress

    Hello time to share some pictures of my restoration. The bodywork is soon completed and will in a month or two be sent to the paintshop. A number of parts are already restored like the generator, master cylinder, Frame and front end. I picked up all the new Crome two weeks ago everything will be restored on the car. The interior is at the workshop and will be completed in January with factory spec two tone green. Engine is also on its way . The picture of the assembled car was from before I started the restoration 2 years ago.
  7. Hello, anyone whocan help me with the right color of rear inner wheel house , should it be red primer or semi gloss black ? including inside of rear fender Thanks for any help.
  8. Body Colour

    Hello I have still not been able to find the right formula probably I need to ask my paintshop to match it from the window frame.
  9. Body Colour

    Hello I am restoring my Skylark and the paint code is 16 ie Lido Green. Is there anyone who knows how to get the correct color for the Lido Green and the upper dark green for which I dont know the number or the name. The old paint it probably not authentic so I cant use it for the formula. Many thanks for advice.
  10. Hello from Sweden

    Hello again, uploading some pictures. Some parts of the car is obviously better than others. The interior is not broken but of course very incorrect. Paint is redone many years ago but not according to my expected standard.
  11. Hello from Sweden

    Hello again I will upload more pictures very soon I dont have them available right now on this computer. Currently I am working on testing the essential parts of the car before I completely deassemble it. It will be a ground up restoration where I plan to restore more or less everything. However some parts are already in good shape like some crome parts, Clock , Wheels etc. But a lot of work in front of me but I have done it before so I know pretty well how to do it.
  12. Hello from Sweden

    Hello everyone I just joined the forum and here is little facts about myself. I live close to Gothenburg the 2:nd largest city in Sweden. Approximately one year ago I bought a Skylark that I currently are restoring. I am more or less a car geek but I have never owned a Buick. I also own a Pontiac GTO conv I restored during 4 years. I will do a complete restoration of the Skylark so it will take some time. Best regards Mats