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  1. From 1954 Century coupe. The car was not running when I acquired it so I have to assume the transmission needs a rebuild. Because I am installing a 1970 Riviera drive train, I do not need this dynaflow trans. Don't want to scrap it. Great for someone who is trying to keep their '54 original or would like to convert from a 3 speed on the column to one of the early automatics. Relocating in a few months so it will need a new home before the summer is out. Let me know if you have any interest. Jim C. 206 724-7290 buzzcrone@hotmail.com
  2. I'm a new member and also new to the Buicks so I'm learning. Trying to find REAR brake shoes for my '54 Century. Lots of the parts stores (NAPA, Auto Zone etc) have a 12" diameter shoe in the 2.25 width for only about $20/set. My shoes are 12" but only 1.75 inches in width. I'm sure these are stock drums and shoes but the only shoes I'm finding are not cheap (about $60/set) and I would need to have them shipped all the way across country. I'm in the Pacific Northwest. Anybody know a source for the 1.75" width rear shoes? What about converting to the wider drum as an option? Probably to
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