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  1. It was just a plain bolt and washer, I was just looking at the torque ball that I received from wndsofchange today that I was going to use if things didnt work out, looking at the dynaflow one the cup on the torque ball looks offset,it cant be but IThink the bottom part of the cup has more material than the top the manual one is the same top and bottom Im not sure if they changed the design later or if its a difference manual/ dynaflow.
  2. So after stripping down the torque ball to repair a leak and finding a load of worn parts u/joint yoke and torque ball bush, I managed to find some new old stock parts, the u joint I found turned out to be the smaller special one, mr earl pointed out they are easier to come by but i had already purchased it so just had to wait and see,although it would fit it is smaller,the casting and the joint would probably work if you took it plan b if any of the parts didnt fit would be to regrind the u/joint yoke then make an undersize torque ball bush to suit, which is what I ended up doing, I machined the u joint yoke after machining a mandrel to mount it on, the inside of the universal has to be ground out , I used a die grinder the smaller inside diameter of the u joint wont allow the whole u/j to go on otherwise, I thought the yoke would be case hardened,it isnt, I turned down the shaft took off about 40 thou, (1mm) I then re cut the oil slinger grooves with a dremel. The torque ball bush was made from leaded bronze and I cut the oil grooves on a cnc lathe with a screw cutting program with a 1 " pitch.I put the car back tobgether today and after the test drive not a drop of oil.feeling very pleased about it at the minute, I will update any problems when I get them.sorry about the long blog. I was going to post photos but they wont load up for some reason. ,
  3. Voltage Regulator Issue

    Mine was the same charge one day then wouldnt, cleaned everything thought it was sorted, same thing happened again.i replaced it.sorted. I have had same thing on a 55 buick years ago.used to be able to pick those unitsup cheap at most suppliers.
  4. manual transmission torque ball

    I have managed to find a nos u joint, and the bushing I sourced from bobs automobilia, so getting there now.
  5. manual transmission torque ball

    No the yoke has taken a beating along with the bearing, I dont know what the original size was on the bush. I could go by the opposite end of the u joint but who knows if thats the same? Thanks for the lead on the bushing.i checked the sizes with a vernier the o/d of the bush in mine is 1.850 the universal yoke is 1.470 where it isnt worn,and 1.5" longits larger on the o/d than the bush on ebay.thanks for your help.
  6. I am looking for a good used torque ball parts and universal joint, not sure if they are the same for manual trans. Its for a 54 century with manual ,any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. Does anyone on here have or know where I can get the torque ball parts I need.I have removed the torque ball and the bronze bearing is shot.which also means the rear u/j yolk is as well.I have the outer retainer coming in a seal kit with the vulcanised seal but the inner retainer is scored and so is the torque ball, hoping someone may have some good used parts so I can get it back together.thanks.
  8. manual transmission torque ball

    So the vulcanised seal is for 55 and up? Or is that a later retro fit? I looked for the kits some people saying they dont have the lip for the boot seal, any suggestion for suppliers of good quality parts? Dont want to do this twice, thanks.
  9. Are the torque ball kits for dynaflow the same as manual trans? I replaced 2 over twenty years ago on a 54 super and a 55 road master, but they were dynaflow.looking at the outside of my 54 manual trans looks the same.but it was a long time ago, mine has a leak.any advice on where to get parts? I replaced the transmission in the 54 super with a used unit, dont know what year it was but remember the splines where different on the universal joint, but one interchanged with the other.think I remember an internal seal on the torque ball, any help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. under hood lighting accessory

    I didnt think IT was factory fitted but ITs from the 50s thoUgh right? Although I cant see any photos on the net of this particular one.
  11. under hood lighting accessory

    I have been interested in the under hood light thats fitted to my century , it looks as if its been there since new.the wiring to it has suffered more than the rest of the car and although it was working it needed rewiring someone had spliced a piece of wire in to close for it to short out, I removed it from the inner fender and opened the case, it has an extendable spool inside for reaching all over the engine bay, the wire is in sound condition and to repair it only means pulling some wire out.I looked on the case and imprinted it has john hobbs springfield, a google search brings up john w hobbs corp. An auto accessories manufacturer. 1938- 2009
  12. headliner replacement

    The main thing was to have an extra pair of hands! my long suffering wife did her best.:-) I think the 2 door hardtop probably a bit easier than a 4 door, this was the cloth material so easy to get dirty, plenty of disposable gloves is a must. the other thing is not cutting material off until you are sure all the trim will cover, stapling is easier with a manual type stapler, I tried an electric one but it was a bit aggresive, I dont have an air powered one.any questions about this ask, not too difficult if you have time and patience. oh and make sure the sun visors go back in before the side pillar trim I have to take mine out again now, not an easy job to get them back in.
  13. I finally tackled the replacement headliner job I was dreading. The trimmer who does the cars at work kept me waiting fo 8 months so I decided to do it myself.he had told me to take out the old one and although sound it was very started to bother me when spring arrived and I didnt want to use the car with all the interior trim removed.i have posted a few photos, its not quite finished currently hand stitching the sun visors using the original trim, this was time consuming but satisfying once done.
  14. decipher vin plate please

    Would like help with codes for 54 century.
  15. rear axle ratio 54 century 3 speed manual

    Thanks al.