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  1. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Thanks for taking the time to take and post your latest pics. Some of your previous exterior pics got me thinking it was a lower-mileage survivor.These are the Buicks that I prefer . . . . . the ones that are not overly restored and get a lot of people scratching their head trying to figure out whether it's the real McCoy or not. They draw the crowd too. The under the dash pictures with the yellow insulation I agree with. Your picture of the under the hood insulation pad color, I question. Does this pad look original 1954 issue with the correct cut-outs and other dimensions to you or do you think that its been replaced well before it was parked in the 1990s? I question that because of the info on Classic Buicks website information andposts on the BCA Forum Thread addressing 1954 and 1955 colors. The trunk inserts look original but look like they got part of there-spray juice. https://classicbuicks.com/shop/body-rubber-hood-pads/hood-rubber-hood-pads/e-hood-insulation-fiberglass-pads/
  2. 54 century 4dr sedan

    Thanks Jan for your latest pictures. It a good start for addressing 1954 insulation details. By chance, would yourlow-mileage Gracie's under the hood insulation pad be original 1954 issue, and if so, would you be willing to post a picture of it and confirm the color of the insulation?I'm also looking for Buick literature or factory photos for 1955 Buick OE insulation colors. I'm in good shape for 1953s. Thanks for your time.
  3. 54 century 4dr sedan

    You got a cool ride going. I checked out your complete Thread and couldn't find my answers. How many miles on the clock? I'm putting together a lengthyarticle on insulating a 1950s-era Buick. Would you be willing to comment and maybe post a picture or two of what you have for ORIGINAL fiberglass insulation and note theCOLOR. I would be mainly interested in (1) the underside of the hood,(2) the underside of the upper instrument panel,(3)fresh-air intake areas, and (4) any other areas that you might have found fiberglass insulation. A picture ofthe underside of the trunk lid's textured tar paper inserts, painted or non-painted originals, would help also.Thanks for your time. Al
  4. Red reflectors needed

    Just a couple of ideas. Until one of the parts houses start reproducing the 1953-1954 rear reflex, you might have to be creative and re-use your OE stainless steel base by removing the usually faded or chipped reflector to expose the threaded stud and then install a new stud and plastic reflector. The outside diameter of the OEreflex base measures 1.75"and the red reflector measures± 1.25"diameter plus the lip that gets tucked-inunder the rolled stainless steel base. You might have to trim down the lip of the new reflector and just glue/calk it in and forget about the tuck-in portion.TheOE reflex measures .375" high. Check out this link for some other options: http://taillightking.com/50-60BUICK.htm The slightly smaller LED lighted ones might be another optionif you're not concerned about originality. C5606-2 53-57 Reflector Red Plastic Reflector Lens Only, Olds 1 3/16" reflector with 1 3/8" base, 3/16" high, New for most GM and Ford Products in the 50's and 60', Says Guide SAE B64 and Guidex. (In Stock) $10 ea. $15 pair C5606 53-57 Reflector Reflector Lens and Stud Assembly for Taillight Assembly, fits All Buick models, 1 5/16" total diameter, New (In Stock) $20 pr. CTL5606LED 53-57 Lite/Reflector Red Plastic Reflector Lens Assembly with 5 super brite LED's, 1-7/16" total dia., Fits all, new 2-wire (In Stock) $30 pair
  5. You might have better luck re-wording your ad to read 1954 Buick knuckle support. There's no difference between a Roadmaster knuckle support and allother 1954 models according to my BUICK MASTER CHASSIS PARTS BOOK.
  6. Skylark for sale on Ebay

    Try years, not months. Just a few possible reasons: ♦ The prices for rebuilt 1953-1954 Skylarks peaked out years ago. One is lucky to realize a return of 75¢ on a dollar spent nowadays. ♦ Current owner trying to recoup close to what they paid for it that might have been an over-priced Skylark. Prior ‘high-test’ owners do not necessarily mean it’s worth more dollars. ♦ Too many Skylark barn-finds have been ‘restored’ recently resulting in an over-supply. ♦ People finally woke up and realized that they are not as rare as everyone thought they were. ♦ High-rollers are more willing to spend their $$ on a 1960sor straight-off-the-showroom-floor muscle car today rather than an older collectible car. You can buy matching his and hers new Corvettes for about the same $$. ♦ According to my records, the restoration was completed around 2010.There could be issues. ♦ Too nice to get it dirty and putmore miles on it. ♦ It's not painted RED. There are a few noticeable details and authenticity issues that haven't been addressed but nothing major that can be picked up from the pictures. Missing pictures of the underside might reveal additional items. For ±$175,000 you would think that you would get the$150 hubcap (not shown)for the spare tire wire wheel. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint” https://classiccars.com/listings/find/1954/buick/skylark
  7. Convert 2 door hard top into convertible

    ♦ If you are comparing the frames for all models within the40-60-100 Series,I do not agree based on a picture in the 1954 Buick Shop Manual.That picture shows the number and locations being the same for all 10top-railand 10 outer bracket body supportsfor all 40-60-100 Series models. The trunk/floor pan conversion or swapping framesshould work. ♦ If you are comparing the 40-60-100 series narrower frames withthewider 50-70 Series frames,I agree based on a different picture in a 1954 Buick Shop Manual that shows two more top-rail body mount locations(12) and two more outer bracket supports(12)for just the 56C and 76C Convertibles. In 1953, 50-70 Series Convertible and Estate Wagon frameshad .250"-thick reinforcing (stiffener) plates welded to the underside of the X-member only. Hardtops and Sedans didn't. I doubt it but could you verify ifyour195446C Convertible frame has these reinforcing plates? A BUICK MASTER CHASSIS PARTS BOOK shows a different part number for 40-60-100 Series Convertible frames than it shows for the 40-60 Series hardtops, Estate Wagon, coupes, and sedans and I'm trying to find outwhy. Buick probably changed this detail in 1954 and just went witha heavier than the side rails X-member like Mr. Earl mentioned above. There is a local 1953 Skylark owner here who is converting a 1953 Roadmaster two-door hardtop tub into a Skylark convertible tub by salvaging the bottom of the hardtop body (that has good floor and trunk pans) and welding inthe top beltline of the Skylark convertible tub from the doors back, along with the pockets for the convertible top cylinders and the supports for the top bow hinge's operating mechanism. Therear seat is wider in the hardtop than the convertible too due to the back seat side quarter panels that hide the stacked convertible-topside rails when the top is lowered.Lots of work and fine-tune measurements before final welding and expensive if you don't do your own sheet metal fabrication and welding.Good luck. EDIT:Is there anybody else out there that would be willing to measure their 1954 Buick hardtop, sedan, or convertible side rail and X-memberthicknessand comment? Thanks. Al Malachowski / BCA #8965 / "500 Miles West of Flint"
  8. Trying to find...wheel centers

    I came across this ad in a 2016 magazine. The center cap pictured was the style that I remembered back in the 1970s. Anything with crossed flags was popular back then. TRUERAY was one of the wheel designs made by TRUESPOKE.
  9. Trying to find...wheel centers

    Google TRUESPOKE. They still might offer new center caps for these wires.
  10. Trying to find...wheel centers

    Adam, They look like the old aftermarket 60-spoke TRUESPOKE wheels.We used to call them TRUE JOKES and don't ask me why. You might also want to post a wanted ad on the H.A.M.B. forum for used ones. Good luck. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  11. Trying to find...wheel centers

    Your 5 1/4" dimension is confusing. The original 1953-1954 Buick Kelsey-Hayes 40-spoke wire wheel hubcap opening is only3" in diameter.Aftermarket wheels? Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  12. Judging from your first picture, your Super looks like it took a hardhiton the passenger's side front bumper corner to buckle the top frame rails.My guess is that the bumper most likely wasreplaced along with other parts.Did you compare theleft and right bumper brackets for straightness? For a rough estimate,drop a plumb bob down from the four outer corners of the frame and mark the points with chalk on the concrete floor.Roll the frame out of the way,measure the diagonals to see how far yourframe wasracked from where the diagonals meet at the center point. Plenty of dimensions in the 1954 Buick Shop Manual, page 432, for reference. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  13. Super with factory air FS...

    Not enough doors.
  14. The nuts you are looking for are knownas CAGE or CAPTURED nuts. Check out Fastenal or similar supply houses. https://www.fastenal.com/products/fasteners/nuts/cage-nuts?r=~|categoryl1:"600000%20Fasteners"|~%20~|categoryl2:"600072%20Nuts"|~%20~|categoryl3:"600074%20Cage%20Nuts"|~ Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  15. Your Atlanta-built Car Serial Number A6022602 isof the early format used byBuick until approximately April 1, 1954. If your Roadmaster had the late-1954 C.S.N. format, itwould read 7A6022602. Unless the C.S.N. tag was changed out,your Roadmasterwas built closer toApril 1 rather than in late June. The change point on Atlanta-built 1954 Buick wiper arms is a higher number . . . A6026378 . . . as shown in the pic's footnotebelow. You might want to try and do an internetsearch using either theBuick numbers or the TRICO numberslisted in the pic or finding an old TRICO catalog.Unfortunately, my Buick parts book does not give any information on the part numbers for these wiper arms after the change point. I do not know whether the early vs. late wiper arms had coarse/fine thread differences since my Buick parts book only goes up through 1954. It might be addressed in a later-than-1954Buick parts book though. Could the suffix 9X after the TRICO heavy duty arm part number stand for9" long? If you or Mr. Earlcan't locate any, I will be visiting a salvage yard again in about two weeks that I know has at least one Super thathas wiper arms still on the car.I took this pic two weeks ago. Do these look close to what you're looking for? Maybe you have a better pic. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"