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  1. Thank you for the kind words guys, most of today's exhaust guys would not even attempt it.It takes someone not only skilled, but someone who understands the soul an old car has...I am lucky and have that guy local to me. It doesn't hit the torque tube even with 4 people aboard and on a 3 hour drive.
  2. This is nothing short of a work of art hahaha my exhaust guy spent all day on it, he used a Y pipe on one side, with 2 12" glasspack mufflers.we ran them backwards for sound these type have the lifted scale type baffles and when fipped give it the perfect growl. I did not want straight pipes and obnoxious, just a nice classy 50's rumble. I am very pleased with it.
  3. yep we had a flat over an hour from home at 3am... tow truck lifted it up to swap the tire, back in business.
  4. Ok, now she's lowered, has functional lakepipes and12" glasspack mufflers, wheels painted red and new 50's style flying saucer hubcaps.custom flame paint coming soon! Still drives like a dream!whatcha think fellas?
  5. I put lowering springs in the rear but want to adjust my rear shocks. Has anyone done this?
  6. what shocks did you switch to in the front? also anybody have any before and after pics after lowering?
  7. yeah elcamino rear springs.

  8. Yeah, I have the part number for the shorter front shocks you'll need somewhere on this site. Thread should be under customs/mods. You mean elcamino springs right, not shocks? These Buicks used lever action in the rear.

  9. i want to cut 1.5 coils off the front and put a set of elcamino (gbody) coils on the rear. what is needed to adjust the rear shocks? anyone have before and after pics of their lowered 54's?
  10. I ordered some elcamino/ gbody rear shocks.

    And plan on cutting 1.5 front coils.

    Did you lower yours?

  11. I have owned many cars being in the hobby for over 20 years, I have owned Hotrods, Kustoms, Roadsters, Gassers, Lowriders, and more. Currently I own a 64 Impala ss, 62 f100 patina shop truck, and a BONE STOCK 54 Buick Special 2 Dr post. Just picked it up and it is very original. 264 3 speed Black on Black. Very nice car..... My intent is to go the mild custom route. Give it a stance, kustom Watson style flame job etc. Etc. My problem is I'm conflicted. I'm not a stock guy, I get too bored with a stock car. But this car is as original as it gets and has only 40k or 140k miles. I have
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