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  1. Hi, I have a 1954 Buick Special 2 door hardtop. Do you have the windshield trim molding for this model?
  2. Does anyone have experiences with vendors selling windshields? I have found 2: Auto City Classic and Bob´Classic Auto Glass.
  3. Thanks Carl, Fusick has some clips for the rear window and Restoration Specialities are looking for the ones for the windshield now. The old ones were thrown away in Poland, when I had the car for restoration there. The Polish guy said he had used clips when installing the windows, but when back in Norway I discovered (during a rain shower) that both windows were leaking. Hopefully Restoration Specialities will find the right ones!
  4. I haven’t succeeded in getting any pictures or drawings of the clips for installing the windshield and the rear window in my car. I have been in contact with several vendors about this but they don’t have these clips. Does anybody know about salvage graveyards which has ‘54 Buicks in their stock? If I can get some old clips from them I maybe can use them as templates for making new ones. Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Does anyone have pictures or something else which showes how the clips/fasteners for the windshield and the rear window in a 1954 Buick Special 2-door hardtop Riviera looks like? While on restoration the Polish guys have thrown the old clips/fasteners away, and that´s why I don´t know how they looks like. Fusick has sent me pictures of some Oldsmobile clips that cross over into Buick 40 & 60 series for the rear window (see attached file), but they haven´t any clips for the windshield. Any help will be appreciated!
  6. Hi, As some of you have seen my `54 Special Riviera has been in Poland for restoration. Finally, when back in Norway I got into a shower and found out that both the windshield and rear window was leaking! I had bought new seals from Steele Rubber Products and sent them to Poland. The workshop there had used the seals, but without any clips! Just a lot of glue under the trim, but not enough. So, now I have to get this installation to be done here in Norway, by an expert who has restored a lot of classic cars. When he looked the glasses over he only shook his head; the installation in Polan
  7. Hi wndsofchng06, These are the parts I´m still lacking: * lower windshiels garnish moldings (e.g. I only need the small center part), see picture in the attached document * temparature gauge Thanks Lower windshiels garnish moldings (e.g. I only need the small center part), see picture.pdf
  8. Hi Vindictive, Thanks a lot for your response! I went to ebay at once and I have now purchased all of the parts you informed me about!
  9. My 1954 Buick Special 2-door hardtop are in need for these partsl: * lower windshiels garnish moldings (e.g. I only need the small center part) * map light lens, located where the instrument panel is rolled over above the radio * the knob on the front seat regulator (on the left side of the front seat) * temparature gauge * oil gauge I hope someone has these parts, as they got lost/where damaged during the restoration of the car in Poland. Thanks! Map light lens.pdf
  10. Well, it had to be August before I could pick up my ´54 Special in Stettin, Poland and drive it back home to Bodoe in Northern Norway. 2000km (=1250 miles) went nearly as a dream, some small issues along the road, but nothing serious. Thanks to elpad, who gave me the address to SMS Fabrics, where I bought fabrics and vinyl, in the same pattern and color as he did for his car. Also many thanks to Fader Buick, whom I visited in LA this summer. His hospitality towards a complete unknown Norwegian warmed, and we had a nice time in his garage and also at the Newport Beach, where we got a
  11. Back again in Norway, in the middle of July, I will pick up the car by my sister and drive it through Norway, to the northern parts of the country. I also look forward to that trip! I will post pictures.
  12. Hi folks! My Buick is beginning to look like a car again. The restoration work is finished by the end of May and I am going to Poland the 23th for join with the final works and testing. So, around the 01th of June I am heading for Norway again, through the northern parts of Germany and Jylland in Denmark. From there a ferry to Norway, for there having the great pleasure to pay tax to the Norwegian authorities, even though nothing has been done on the car in Norway! Then there will be som small trips around the southern parts of Norway before I garage the car by my sister, since I am going
  13. Hi, Thank´s for your offer, but that is too expensive for me.
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