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  1. I have some stains on the seats in My 1954 Century, see attached photo. What can I use to remove them??
  2. Where would I put the trans fluid, or 3 in one oil in the vacuum motor?
  3. Is this spring the correct one? It seems to be a wee bit tiny to be used for a throttle return spring
  4. It idles perfectly at 750 RPM, So I'm gonna finally enjoy it now!
  5. Maybe the speedo just needs to "work loose" from sitting for 39 years
  6. I have no intention of using that one I found in the trunk, will use My floor jack
  7. Will look into that. Speedo gear in trans is the original,never touched it when I had trans out.Original cable was broken and I replaced the cable with one that was in the trunk needle moves smoothly with no jerking or bouncing
  8. Here is the jack, that came with My '54 Century
  9. Had My '54 out for a test run yesterday, passed a speed sign, that showed I was going 30, but speedometer is showing 25. I am running P225/70R 15 tires. Speedo gear in the dynaflow is the original. Do I have an issue here? What tire size is best for these cars?
  10. Replaced all the vacuum hoses and fired it up, idles nice and smoothly now, a BIG difference
  11. Dealing with same thing on My 54, all the vacuum lones to the motor were stiff, and found a couple breaks in one.
  12. I am curious, are there any factory electric choke caps that would work with My WCFB?? If so, which ones would work?? Guy who cleaned My carb has a bunch of old ones of various makes and said I could have one to use
  13. I removed the damaged hoses, and capped the openings.
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