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  1. Got it apart without any real issues(I did launch the tiny little retainer clip across the room and never did find it, but I found a suitable replacement). Cleaned most of it up in the bead blaster, and soda blasted the mechanism as I did not want to get grit down in the moving parts. The only issue I ran into was during re-assembly, when folding the tabs back over to seat the valve body to the plate I guess I didn't tap from enough of a sideways directionand it began to deform the seal seating rimof the valve body as it pushed somewhat downward. I was able to tap it back into shape from the other side and itsealed fine. I tested it by submerging it in water and blowing air through the valve body to ensure no bubbles were escaping from the sealing area.However, afterward I did find another thread on rebuilding these valves on a studebaker site (link below) where an "anvil" was cut from a dowel rod and used to support the rim of the valve body when folding the tabs over. If I ever rebuild another I'd make one of those up to support the rim. Everything else went smooth, I've just got to get or make a mounting gasket to put it back in the car.
  2. I'm going to give it a shot. I pulledit out this morning.
  3. Anybody rebuilt their own heater control valve successfully? Mine started leaking today. The how-to on the Packardsite seems pretty straight forward, but I'm guessing straightening and re-bending those tabs that hold it together without screwing them up is probably a bit tricky. The seal is available at Napa for less than $10, and I'm inclined to give it a shot.
  4. Transmission leak at front

    It's nice to be able to use the warehouse at work for working on the Buick after hours or on the weekends. I don't have space at home, and I've got young kids that I don't want climbing on or under a car that's up on jackstands. The downside is that it's gotta be out of the way by Monday morning.
  5. Transmission leak at front

    All is well so far. Haven't driven very far or fastyet.
  6. Transmission leak at front

    Got the rear end back inthis morning. Put some new bushings in the panhard bar while it was apart. Had to make up a new brake line as even using a line wrench,I still managed to round off a brake line nut when I pulled the rear end the other day.Fortunately it was a short one from the proportioning valveto the rubber hose for the rear end (I converted to a dual master cylinder and front disc brakes).Will fill the trans, bleed the brakes,and start it up tomorrow.
  7. Transmission leak at front

    Got a late start today. Pulled the torque tube apart, flipped the sleeve around on the front of the prop shaft, put a bead of rtv at the rear flange, and drilled and tapped a hole at the bottom of the tube a couple inches up from the rear flange. Put it all back together with a new seal at the front flange. Will put it back in the car tomorrow.
  8. Transmission leak at front

    Pulled the trans today. Put in a new front pump seal and torque converter o-ring. Got the trans back in too. Torque tube tomorrow.
  9. Transmission leak at front

    After coming home and searching for threads on pinion seal replacement, it seems I'm better off leaving it alone. So, perhaps I will end up pulling that torque tube apart after all and putting a bead of RTVat that rear flange.
  10. Transmission leak at front

    Well, it's underway. So far, I suppose there's good news and bad. The good...I'm not pulling the torque tube apart this weekend. The bad... what I thought was transmission fluid traveling down the torque tube and leaking at the rear is actually gear oil coming from the rear end. I don't have that seal on hand and it's unlikely I'll be able to locate one on Friday.
  11. Transmission leak at front

    On the transmission jack the spare tranny sits at 24.25'' at the highest point of the bell housing. The jack lifts to 25'' so theoretically I should be good there. Built some cubes to set my jack stands on to get them high enough to get the car way up in the air. I did a little trial run on the spare tranny to get familiar with how the torque converter comes apart. The story I got from the previous owner about the torque converter being bad was definitely true. Lots of busted vanes on the stators. One thing that caught my attention was that the additional torque converter he gave me has '54 Buick Super written on the outer cover, so I opened it up and verified that it did in fact have the 20 vane stator rather than the 12 vane that is designated for theSpecial. I'm pretty ignorant about how torque converters work, but what would happen if the 20 vane stator for the 322 was used with the 264? I don't know which is currently in my car, and don't intend to swap anything out, just curious.
  12. Transmission leak at front

    Planning to just pull the rear end back out of the way to pull the trans. However, if time permits, I'll go ahead and drop the rear. Last year during replacementthe torque ball seal I put a new rear seal in the torque tube but was on the fence about the condition of the sleeve/bushing on the prop shaft. It showed some wear but it didn't look too bad, soI put it together the way it was. I've had a bit of fluid finding it's way past that seal into the torque tube (an occasional drip of trans fluid at the rearof the tube). So that bushing needs to be replaced, and this would be the time to do it. Just need to find some info on how that's done. I'm assuming the outer sleeve of the torque tube has to come off to pull the bushing. Can anyone confirm this? Also, is this bushing available anywhere? I haven't had any luck finding one yet. Can the existing one be removed, flipped over, and re-installed the opposite way so that the seal rides on undisturbed OD on the ether end?
  13. Transmission leak at front

    Yep. It's lookingthat way. Unless it's maybe something simple like a converter drain plug backed out, but I never have that kind of luck.The car came with a transmission in the trunk that is supposedly the original removed due to an issue with the torque converter, otherwise good. There was also another torque converter and a master rebuild kit along with it. Actual condition of that trans is unknown, so I'm hoping to drop the current unit, replace front pump and tc seals then put it right back in and get everything back together in a weekend so I can do it at work and get it out of the way by Monday morning. The 4day weekend coming up for Thanksgiving is looking pretty ideal. I've got the seals in that rebuild kit, just got to figure out how to get the car jacked up high enough to get it out. I don't have a lift, so it's gotta be high enough for the transmission jack with the trans in it to roll out. Manual says 20 inches, but that seems a little low to me.
  14. Transmission leak at front

    This morning when I left the gym, I noticed a pancake sized puddle under my car, but didn't think much of it as aside from a few occasional drops I haven't had any leak issues since I replaced my torque ball seal last year. However, when leaving work this afternoonin the rain,I stopped to lock the gate. As I got to the back of the car I noticed a rainbow coloredoil slick on the wet pavement leading all the way back to the employee parking lot. I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the car to find a steady dripping of transmission fluid coming from the bell housing. Too disgusted to investigate any further,I parked it and took a company truck home. A little reading this evening has me inclined to believe it's probably the torque converter or front shaft seal..Anything I should look for that might lead to this kind of leak that can be resolved with out pulling the trans?