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  1. The control cables are a push/pull type Bowden Cable with a solid metal wire inside the flexible coiled outer casing, like an old choke cable. If someone wasn’t careful with them at some point during the restoration they could have bent the inner wire which will make them difficult to operate. However, it’s more likely that there’s some rust/corrosion inside the cable that has the inner wire frozen. You can pull the cables off and soak them in a good penetrating lube and it should free them up. It worked well on mine which were frozen when I got my Special. Or, you can replace them with lawn m
  2. Glad to see the Highway is back.
  3. It was pretty crusty in there. Looked like dried up old lithium grease that wouldn't allow the discs to seat properly on the sealing surfaces down inside the body. Used a high tech pencil eraser with a little piece of 800 grit sand paper stuck to the end to get down in there and get at those surfaces. Cleaned everything up real good and greased the discs. Seems to be holding vacuum well. Will get it back in the car and see what happens.
  4. Thanks Doug. That's the info I was looking for.
  5. I'm looking for some education on how the windshield washer system works on my Special. Nothing was there when I bought the car. The fuel pump and wiper motor were in a parts box, the port on the manifold plugged off, and a little electric fuel pump supplying the carb. I installed an electric wiper motor when I figured out that the vac motor was in need of a rebuild. Maybe a year and a half ago, I rebuilt and reinstalled the factory fuel pump but still have the electric fuel pump, though it is now wired to a switch and only used occasionally for priming purposes. I don't have any i
  6. I've been wondering the same thing. It has been pretty quiet here lately. I spent most of my spring/summer getting my house ready to sell, moving, and then projects around the new house. Haven't had much time for the Buick.
  7. Here's a shot I grabbed off of eBay of the original style retainer. I figured these would be next to impossible to find, was hoping somebody had found a retainer like a speed nut that would work with those rectangular posts.
  8. What do you use if you don't have the little rectangular inserts that go into the holes in the fender? I recently found a good fender script for my Special that has all the mounting studs intact, but I haven't got any of those retainers. Found a couple of old threads on here for the same issue, but didn't find what the solution was. I'd rather not use the adhesive tape if I can avoid it.
  9. Are you parting out the Century that was rear-ended?
  10. I got them in for now, but I'm not real happy with it. The studs on the bottom drop down into the holes in the frame just fine. The issue was that I couldn't get both holes on the top plate of the rubber mount to line up with the holes in the brackets on the engine. One would be dead on but the other would be blocking the bolt from dropping through. It's more like holes in the top plate aren't indexed correctly in relation to the location of the studs. Seems off a few degrees. The driver side wasn't too bad, they were close enough that I was able to drop a screwdriver through the hole and wig
  11. I got a new set of motor mounts from CARS but I’m having a hell of a time installing them. I thought it would be a quick job I could knock out in an hour, but I spent two hours crawling around under the car pushing and pulling and prying and raising and lowering the motor to try to get the bolt holes lined up before I gave up with lots of profanity. Are these mounts poorly made or is there some trick to it that eludes me? I know that you’re supposed to disconnect the torque tube and loosen the trans at the thrust pad to allow the motor and trans to settle into their natural alignment. I haven’
  12. Six months of pretty much endless rain in Charlotte. Wettest in recorded history. Probably not much different up your way. At least we’re getting a break from it now. We’ve had some really nice days lately. Id have to go get it if I was you. The anticipation would eat at me. A nice big garage is at the top of my list of must-haves now that we’re looking for a new house. Or the space and leftover budget to build one.
  13. I cut a gasket out of a sheet of neoprene rubber when I had my speedo apart. Worked great. Haven’t tackled the cluster gauge yet, but I need to, since the speedo looks so nice and clear now.
  14. Nope, I pulled the old one off and put a brand new one on.
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