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  1. Well, I vapor locked for the last time. I figured that new valves and diaphram in the fuel pump would do the trick. Mechanical fuel pumps look neat, but they just won't quite cut it in the summer. Going uphill, the car sputtered out- fortunately I managed to glide off the road. Then I drained the battery trying to restart it.:dash1:The fuel also leaks back down the pump if it sits a week or two, and the carb will loose prime. I figure the starter fluid was just standard equipment if the car sits a couple weeks. Facet has a nice little fuel pump at NAPA that doesn't need a pressure regulator.
  2. Here is a 46R that is for sale on craigslist in the DC area. Might be worth a look if you need parts and are nearby. Looks like an extra door leaned up on the passenger side. Seller is asking 600. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/cto/5000731340.html
  3. Hi guys, if there is anyone in the MD area needing an engine or trans, this might be a good lead. Asking 350 for both. http://frederick.craigslist.org/pts/4964372141.html
  4. https://goodguysclassifieds.com/classified/6762/1955_Buick_Special.html For 4k it seem to be a good price for a solid car. Joe
  5. Guys: I have a mint 1954 Buick Special dash plate with all the turn signal lenses intact up for sale. I originally bought it for my Special but after a good cleaning I found the one on my car to be in great shape. I have this along with a 1954 Buick horn ring. These are extra items and they're sitting around collecting dust. If you're interested let me know. Here's what I'd like to get for them Dash plate- 60 bucks Horn Ring- 25 bucks -Tim
  6. Want to buy headliner trim. I'm missing the upper 4 sections of headliner trim that goes above the side glass on both drivers and passenger sides. I have the 4 lower pieces. Just missing the upper ones that overlap the lower sections. Must be for a Super or Roadmaster 2 door hardtop. If you have any for sale or any leads on this trim or a car being parted out please let me know I've been looking for about a year now. Thanks, Jon 719-963-1785
  7. http://www.coyoteclassics.com/classic-cars-for-sale/vehicle-detail.aspx?vehicle=b2d8f615-bee2-4b70-b49b-121e8a75719c
  8. Here is another one up for grabs. Seller claims it is a solid west coast car. Like the saying goes, "Let your money buy you happiness!" http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/4975793188.html
  9. For any potential Buick buyer out there...found this tonight when cruising the web http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/cto/4870615149.html
  10. I had heard some where that the 54 Skylark was at least partially hand built. Is this true? Was the rear section of the Century cut off and the Skylark attached? Does anyone know of any photos of the building process? Thanks
  11. i have a olds 88 4 door hardtop whe customized it a little but i think its a good looking what do you think ,let me know thanks racepoint
  12. Heres my 54 its getting a face lift now so it wont look like this for long
  13. anyone have new crossover or "Y" pipes for sale? Im looking for one for my 54 322...
  14. The garage does not have enough room for another car and I have the opportunity to buy a 1937 Buick Century Model 61 four door sedan. I have wanted a 1937 Buick four door sedan for over 30 years. It is on my list of cars that I plan to own some day. Some day seems to have finally arrived. My 1954 Special 41D is for sale. It is currently at a local used car dealership owned by one of my friends. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I would really like to see this car go to a good home. Here is a link to some photos of the car. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bwkvul_TyYjS
  15. For sale on Australian Ebay. 2 X 4 Edmunds aluminium intake ( it's not mine ) I don't know whether it a bargain or not ? Item # 191414011273
  16. I have 2 quarter panel Special script's for sale. $25 bucks good chrome. PM me for picts and details
  17. I can't believe it, I've been dreading it, but I just buckled up and jumped in. I took the wiper motor out of Mary Jane and took it appart. Cleaned it all up and regreased the edges of the vaccum paddle to help with the vaccum. I was going to put an electric motor if I couldn't it to working. But what do you know, it works as new. (Which isn't saying much) So don't be afraid you-all, just jump in and get-her done. Took the pics as I took her apart.
  18. Only 2 54's (no 3) so far come on guys, get moving! anyone have a 54 5 or 6 2 door century drivers side inner door moulding, bring it and I'll buy it!
  19. Well its sad but it has come time to sell my Super. I have spent the last 3 years restoring it and i really do hate to see it go. Im gonna open a business and need some start up cash. Check out the link below. Thanks to everyone that gave advice and parts!!! http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/4643296514.html
  20. Does anyone know about the upper hood hinges for a 54 super? Specifically if they are unique to that year and model? Now that my new hood is ready to go on, I've realized that i dont have the upper part of the hinge that bolts to the hood!! Anybody Know if they are the same on other years or other GM cars? Anyone have some hinges that they would part with? A little more help from buick peanut gallery plzā€¦.
  21. I seen a thread that everyone said the car was too rusted out on the floor. Mine has about half of the driver floor board rusted out. From the door to the middle of the driver side. Seat to 6 inches from pedal. Is that too much corrosion to try and fix with new floor pan?
  22. Been a long time since I was here...Just wanted to Post Black beauty for those who have not seen her,,,
  23. Did anyone else see or perhaps buy the gray and white 4 dr Roarmaster that was on eBay this morning. It was an 85K mile, very nice, clean looking car with from what I could tell original interior and AC!!! It had a Buy it Now of only $5000 or Best offer. It had 3 offers when I saw it. I got off ebay to check my online bank account to see if I had enough to buy it and when I went to get back on I could not find it and still have not found it even in the Completed Listings. I noticed it was for sale by a first time ebayer so perhaps it was a scam.
  24. I am looking at a 54 Special 2 door hardtop with NO TITLE in Iowa. (See Buy/Sell section). It is supposedly a car with a rust free body (subject to my inspection). In Minnesota there is a long time seller on here with 2 1954 Centurys for sale. Even at $800, no sale, which shows maybe how cautious folks are being taking on major projects. I just spoke with Roger who has the 54 Special up in north central Iowa and he sure was a nice fellow. Bought the car to help restore a 54 Special with 3 speed manual. I need to go look at the car BUT what is the practical ownership difference between
  25. As my truck project is getting closer to finish, I'm planning the next build. I have access to a 425 out of a mid sixties Wildcat. My question is, are there manual transmissions that will bolt up to the nailhead, or would I need an adapter? I really don't want to run the auto that is attached to it. Any thoughts?
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